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ASSET for Schools ASSET for Schools is an award-winning evidence-based assessment evaluation system which evaluates attainment and progress to achieve educational excellence. Our Educational Achievement Performance & Measurement Evaluation Analysis System is to empower: • Governments • Inspectors • Schools • Teachers • Pupils • Parents to transform educational standards and reaching The highest potential regardless their background. 2

SUPPORT How We Support Governments to be in the top 10 performing countries in Education ASSET for Schools provides reports for Governments identifying strengths and weaknesses to achieve educational excellence by measuring and evaluating progress and attainment. The reports identify areas of underachievement across Schools, Students, Student Groups and Subjects. ASSET provides readily available e-resources of worldwide educational policy, practice and systems. Benefits to Governments Trusted Secure Hosting • Unique evidence-based progress analysis tailored to your country • Identify strengths and weaknesses across Schools, Students, Student Groups and Subjects • Produce like-for-like comparison and analysis per school type • Provide separate progress measurements for disadvantaged pupils • Raising attainment and progress of the country • Using the current resources more efficiently • Monitor and evaluate school attendance and exclusions • Improving skills and knowledge of all students to raise their employability • To achieve excellence in Education 3

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