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• Quick data entry and

• Quick data entry and editing features • Easy to identify underachieving and high ability pupils • Ability to filter by pupil groups across attainment and progress to identify gaps • Ability to compare subject progress and attainment across three years against city, region and national averages • Identifying weaknesses to assist in school improvement and reaching Pupil Potential • User-friendly assessment platform specifically designed to analyse achievement by classroom and subjects • Access to a wealth of e-resources and over 3,700 education videos on teaching and learning to support with continued professional development • Recorded training courses and guidance notes on ASSET • Be aware of whether pupils are underachieving and take action accordingly before year end benefits to Teachers Access to our Video Tutorials ‘…Having the ability to produce complicated calculations and analysis at the click of a button has been of great benefit. I have been able to use the time saved by using this software elsewhere within my role. I’m sure continuous development will offer even more benefits to end users.’ Leona Bateman Data and Exams Manager, 0121 506 4300, www. 6

enefits to Pupils ‘I have found the interactive reports that sit behind the summary document particularly useful. I would be very happy to recommend the software to any school.’ Jackie Simmonds, Assistant Headteacher Marshalls Park, 01708 724 134 • Pupils will be made aware of what it is expected of them to achieve in core subjects. • Accessibility to a report containing their attainment and progress for each subject • View attendance rate in comparison to national averages • Identify strengths and weakness that can be considered for future development • School Improvement will positively impact pupils results and help reach pupils potential 7

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