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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

The most common

The most common complaint in today’s world is of back pain. At some stage in life, each person experiences back pain. Many will associate it with old age however, there are so many cases when this is related to bad posture or acid reflux, indigestion, deficiency, and issues like arthritis or osteoporosis. Whatever the reason but back pain, at times, become so ungrateful that we end up having painkillers and topical medicines. But to get a permanent cure for a need to look beyond quick remedial.

Root causes of Back Pain in Ayurveda Ayurveda connects back pain and especially lower back pain as an after effect of imbalanced vata. Vata means something that spreads and similarly, lower back pain also spread down to buttock and legs. It is important to balance vata and thus reducing the effect of back pain.

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