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Lakemont February 2018

What is the benefit of

What is the benefit of being the Board member? The Board members are volunteers and the greatest reward Board members most of the time is the satisfaction of a job well done when the community prospers. What are deed restrictions? Deed restrictions are rules and regulations that govern one or more lots or parcels of land within an HOA governed subdivision. They are imposed by the land developer prior to creating the HOA. Deed restrictions are contained in a document that is recorded with the county register of deeds records where the property is located. Deed restrictions are permanent and they bind all current and future owners of the lots. Deed restrictions are created to protect property owners and property values. Where can deed restrictions be found? Each homeowner will get deed restrictions from their title company when they buy a home. Lakemont deed restrictions can be found on Lakemont Community website at What is the annual assessment? The Annual Assessment is the dollar amount that an HOA will collect from each home that is part of the HOA. The amount is designated to pay for annual operations and maintenance, which typically includes items such as landscaping, lake maintenance, pool maintenance, insurance, streetlights and water. The annual assessment is due on January 1 st of each year and it becomes delinquent on February 1 st . How is annual assessment calculated? At the end of each year, the Board will prepare the budget for the following year. An HOA operating budget is a projection of the funds needed by the association to cover its operating expenses and provide adequate reserves for repair. Once the projected amount is determent it is equally divided between homeowners. Lakes of Bella Terra 724-331-0215 (Mobile) Why are upkeeping and maintenance of commune area important? The value of a home is directly affected by the quality of common areas, maintenance of the amenities, the enforcement of the rules and regulations, the adequacy of reserve funds and the community spirit. MANAGEMENT COMPANY Most people believe that the exterior appearance of a home speaks volumes about the people who live in it. When you see a well maintained and attractive home there is an automatic assumption that the interior is also well maintained and attractive. Failure to maintain a home properly affects its value and the overall value of homes in the neighborhood. As a part of our contractual agreement with the Association, the management company visits the community monthly noting deed restriction violations. On each visit, the management company representative has a copy of the most recent report. Previous violations are reviewed and either noted as having been brought into compliance or a second letter is issued. Should a third letter be required, it is generally a demand letter. If the property remains in violation following the third letter, the Board of Directors then makes the decision as to whether the violation is turned over to an attorney for legal pursuit. No one likes to receive a letter from the Association noting a violation. Should you receive a letter; you may want to first look at the date of the letter. Perhaps the representative was in the community the day before you mowed your lawn or returned your boat to storage. In that case, simply dispose of the letter. The remedy of the violation will be noted on the next community visit. If the violation noted is still in place, please contact Graham Management with any questions you may have regarding the noted violation. 6 February 2018 | Community Newsletter

One of the most frequent violations noted is yard maintenance. It is also the source of the most complaints received from homeowners. Regular mowing, edging and weeding of beds, mulching, fertilization and watering is critical in providing curb appeal for your home and in promoting a community that all homeowners are proud to live in. Your Governing Documents permit your Association to enter upon your property to perform the necessary lawn maintenance, if the homeowner is neglectful. In addition, when you purchased your home, you agreed to properly maintain your property by agreeing to the deed restrictions that run with your property. Don’t particularly enjoy yard work? There are a number of companies available who will provide that service at a nominal price. Don’t know how to maintain your yard? Sometimes neighbors helping neighbors can resolve the problem. Be creative! Lakemont is a beautiful, young community. But remember, being a good neighbor is more than just maintaining a house and lawn. Respect for all community rules, residents and community assets are what make Lakemont a great community in which to live. STAY SAFE! Although we enjoy a very safe neighborhood, outsiders may occasionally come through looking for trouble. Please be aware of your surroundings. Always carry your cell phone. If something looks strange or makes your feel uncomfortable, please call or text a family member or neighbor and let them know something isn’t right. If you see an unfamiliar car parked in front of a house or cruising the streets, don’t ignore it. Call the non-emergency number or the roving police at 832-719-1047. The number for the Ft. Bend Sheriff can be reached at 281-341-4665. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Our police are here to keep our community safe and they need our help to notify them when something is wrong. Community Newsletter | February 2018 SPEED LIMIT - PLEASE SLOW DOWN! Speed limit signs are posted throughout the community and should be obeyed at all times. We regularly have many children and families out on our streets enjoying the good weather. Please be alert for pets, children, walkers, joggers and bicycles on our streets. Be sure to come to a full stop and look both ways before proceeding through intersections. Joggers and small children can move extremely fast and can be in front of you with no warning. SCHOOLS Lakemont is in the Lamar CISD. Our children attend McNeill Elementary, Briscoe Junior High and Foster Senior High School. The website for Lamar CISD is The website is easy to follow and lists all pertinent information you will need for your children. PETS We love our pets at Lakemont, but please be sure to keep them leashed. Some dogs are nervous or skittish when approached by other dogs. Children are often frightened of dogs that are not leashed. Even if you have the friendliest dog in Lakemont, please keep them on a leash when you’re out in common areas. Please be sure to clean up after your dogs. Excrement is unsightly and a health hazard. Dogs should have shelter and plenty of water when they are outside. Never leave your pet in a car. It takes only a few minutes for a pet to die from heat stroke. Always remember, if it’s too hot for you, it’s definitely too hot for your pets. 7