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Westheimer Lakes February 2018


START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT! No Enrollment Fee. No Contracts. Open 24/7 Membership at 2000 Locations Nationwide Private Gym Experience CHILD DEVELOPMENT BOOT CAMP SPORTS PERFORMANCE NUTRITION STRENGTH/CONDITIONING FITNESS 3 Locations in Richmond 7035 W. Grand Parkway South, Richmond, TX 77407 TO CONTACT THE BOARD Please address the Board of Directors via First Service Residential: First Service Residential 5295 Hollister Street Houston, TX 77040 800-932-9449 PETS REMINDERS Westheimer Lakes Community has had many loose dogs & cats lately. Please do your part to keep your animals safe and contained on your property. Please Control Your Pets! It is a deed restriction violation if your pets are not confined to a fenced backyard or within your home. They must not be allowed to bark all night or cause a nuisance to your neighbors. They must also be on a leash at all times when not in a contained environment. It is also the pet owner’s responsibility to keep ALL areas of the community FREE from pet debris when walking your pets. Please remember that cats must also be confined. If you happen to come across vicious dogs or ANY loose dogs of this nature, please contact Fort Bend County Animal Control at 281-342-1512. If you are familiar with the property address the pets belong to, please feel free to submit that information to FSR - Maren Grimes at - to pursue the deed restriction violation. Notification and ample time must be given to the owner to correct the violation prior to any further pursuit by the Association. WESTHEIMER LAKES SPLASHPAD TEXAS HOURS 26103 Canyon Fields Drive, Richmond, TX 77406 Business Office (2 nd Floor) Phone: 832-222-2355 EMAIL: Office Hours: Tuesday - 11 AM-7 PM Wednesday through Saturday - 9 AM-5 PM Onsite Community Manager: Jackie Williams The SplashPad Texas water park is open during the winter months if weather permits. Office staff only are on duty. The SplashPad Slide Pool is only open during the summer season. Private parties can be arranged with the Onsite Community Director during regular business hours only. Please call 832- 222-2355 or email for more information. Westheimer Lakes North Recreation Center Hours 6201 Westheimer Lakes North Drive, Katy, TX 77494 Business Office Phone: 281-394-5961 EMAIL: Office Hours: Tuesday through Saturday - 9 AM-5 PM Fitness Center Hours: 7 days a week - 5 AM-10 PM Onsite Community Manager: Maren Grimes Canyon Gate Recreation Center Hours 25501 Canyon Crossing Drive, Richmond, TX 77406 Business Office Phone: 832-222-2970 EMAIL: Office Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday: 9 AM-5 PM Thursday: 1-5 PM Friday-Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM Fitness Center Hours: 7 days a week - 5 AM-10 PM Onsite Community Managers: Veta Buzek Remember that all pets should always wear a collar with ID tag! Pet owners should also consider pet microchips for identification in case your pet loses their collar/ID tag. DID YOU KNOW? There is a Lost Pet Feature to Community Intranet • Log into (login required) • Click on “classifieds” under Resources located on left side of menu • Click on “lost & found pets” You personally can create a description of the lost or found pet as well as add photos. Please include your contact information to speed up communications. HOW TO REPORT VANDALISM Dear Residents: We received information about recent actions of vandalism in the community and we encourage all the residents to make sure that all garage doors as well as vehicles are locked. Also, all the residents within the community have the opportunity to contact our Patrol Service Company, Top Gun, in order to report any suspicious activity. Top Gun can be reached at 713-575-7717. FirstService Residential ***If you need to communicate with us, please send an email to contactus. or by calling 713-932-1122 and ask to speak with your Community Manager*** CANYON GATE and WESTHEIMER LAKES NORTH CLUBHOUSE RENTALS* *Rental of the clubhouse does not include use of the pool. Rental Fees Include: Reservation/Administration Fee - $50 (Refundable only if cancelled 72 hours prior to event) Security/Damage Deposit - $300 During Normal Business Hours - $20/hour, Minimum $40 Tuesday-Saturday - 9 AM-5 PM After Normal Business Hours- $40/hour, Minimum $80 6 February 2018 | Community Newsletter

Sports Injury and Concussion Seminar Weekend warriors and young athletes are invited to learn about how to prevent and manage sports injuries and concussions. Board-certified doctors from Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine at West will present and answer your questions. Thursday, Feb. 22 | 6-7:30 p.m. YMCA at Katy Main Street 1350 Main St., Katy, TX 77494 To register for this free event, call 832.522.5522. Refreshments provided. Dr. Winfield Campbell Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine Dr. F. Alex Schroeder Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine Dr. P. Timothy Sprockel Primary Care Sports Medicine, Concussion Management Note: Two checks will be required from Resident at time contract is prepared (made payable to Westheimer Lakes POA): 1. Security/Damage Deposit check of $300. 2. Reservation/Administration Fee of $50 plus total number of hours reserved for the party. If you would like to use the Gazebo and/or Veranda area, you may rope it off by providing your own ropes, but you cannot close off any common area used for entrance/exit to building or fitness center (or back pool gate during pool season). ****Set-up and clean-up must be included in total rental hours**** Furniture cannot be moved without approval from the Board of Directors prior to the rental date. No tape, ticky tack, pushpins, staples, etc. or confetti may be used in decorating. All trash must be cleaned up and taken home by resident. Resident must be present at all times and provide ALL cleaning materials needed (including but not limited to broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, trash bags, etc.). Occupancy Limit is no more than 60 persons, including the Resident. If alcohol is served, additional rates will apply: A contract must be entered into between S.E.A.L. Security Solutions, LLC and the responsible renting party. One courtesy officer will be required for a minimum of 4 hours at $32/hr. + tax. Resident must contact S.E.A.L. Security Solutions, LLC at 713-979-2388 to schedule security services for the event 2 weeks in advance. Payment will need to be collected no later than 7 days prior to the event. All persons must vacate the Facility no later than 11:45 PM. Please allow a minimum of one week prior to event for approval of contract by the Board of Directors. More time is required for processing and scheduling if alcohol is to be served. Community Newsletter | February 2018 WELCOME to CANYON GATES at WESTHEIMER LAKES! RESIDENT & VISITOR ENTRY INFORMATION Residents with a Registered EZ Tag: Enter through far right lane. Gate House check-in NOT required. (Auto-Gate) Residents with a Canyon Gate Permit Decal (must be displayed on top left corner of windshield): Enter through middle lane. Gate House check-in NOT Required. (Officer will open gate) Residents without a Canyon Gate Permit Decal: Enter through far left lane. Gate House check-in is required. • The Gate House Officer will require your valid Texas Driver’s License or Texas State ID to verify residency. • Officer will record name and license plate. • If you are new to the community, show your current Valid Driver’s License or State Issued Photo ID and give Officer your new Canyon Gates address. Officer will also record name and license plate. Visitors: Enter through far left lane. Gate House check-in is required. • The Gate House Officer will require you to present a valid Driver’s License or State ID • Identify name and address of Resident whom you are visiting • Officer will record name and license plate and you will be given entry *If the Resident has opted to be notified by phone before Visitors are granted entry, visitors will only be granted entry if the resident answers and confirms entry. Contractors: Enter through far left lane. Gate House check-in is required. The Gate House Officer will record the following information: 7