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Green Trails 2 February 2018

Community Information

Community Information HERB GARDENS The calendar says it is winter but in Houston that means that spring is peeking around the corner of our gardens. The Landscape Committee is still looking for a chair or co-chairs to manage the herb garden at Desert Ivy Park. A volunteer has stepped forward to oversee the garden at Park Cypress. Carole Yard will still advise as needed. The beds at Park Cypress will be a combination of summer herbs and sensory plants to attract butterflies, birds and bees. This type of planting at Desert Ivy provided children and adults the opportunity to watch nature close up. Can’t wait until spring to plant the new crop of delicious herbs. PARK MONITORS NEEDED We are in need of park monitors for a few of our parks. It takes 15 minutes, once a month to check the park and report back any issues. Please contact Kristie Poldervaart at or 281-647-9483 if you are interested in volunteering. PROBLEM OR QUESTION? CONTACT CREST MANAGEMENT Phone: Call 281-945-4630 (Direct to Heather Esteban) or 281-579-0762 (Main line) If you are asked to leave a voice mail, please do so. Crest keeps a call log so we can verify that call response. If you call, but don’t leave a message, it does not register. They can’t help you or even know there is a problem. The more specific your message, the easier it is to resolve the issue quickly. Other ways to reach them: Email: Website: Click General Information, then Quick Reference Numbers or Deed Violation Contact. Facebook: You may submit comments and questions directly to Crest from our Facebook page without posting public comments if you wish. Be sure you are on the official Green Trails Phase II Facebook page that we monitor @ greentrailsphasetwo. To Reach the Board: Go to our website: Click General Information, then Contact the Board or HOA Board and Committee Chairs. Your message will be forwarded. 4 VACATION WATCH FORM Don’t forget when you are going on vacation to fill out a vacation watch form with the constables. You can find the form at www.constablepct5. com/vacation-watch. MOSQUITO CONTROL Green Trails II has a mosquito control contract with Excalibur Mosquito Control, but you can help, too. The best mosquito control program includes removal of breeding sites. Check your yards and correct these problem areas: 1. Bowl planters, pots, water dishes and birdbaths which can hold dampness or water 2. Stopped up gutters or standing water in gutters 3. Remove moisture holding pine needles from roof valleys and piles around house. 4. Don’t over water your yard. If water stands for more than 20 minutes after watering, you are over watering. 5. Monitor standing water under decks and around pools or spas. Spray under deck with garden-variety insecticide regularly or install a drain. Plastic under decks holds water, so try to eliminate it. FIREWORKS PROHIBITED IN GREEN TRAILS PHASE II Fireworks are a violation of the deed restrictions for the Association of Green Trails Phase II. You may report violations of this deed restriction to Crest Management at 281-579-0761 or When reporting a violation of the deed restrictions you must provide a description of the violation and the address of the home where the violation exist. SECURITY TIPS If you see something suspicious, call the constable at 281-463-6666. Turning on exterior lights makes it easier for the constable or alert neighbors to see your home and to also see what is going on outside it. Park your cars in your driveway and lock them. Keep doors and windows locked (including garages) and alarms set. Trim shrubs so windows are visible. If you are going to be out of town, turn in a Vacation Watch Form. Use timers on lights. See our website for other tips. SHORT TERM RENTALS NOT ALLOWED Please be aware that short-term rentals of rooms or entire properties are a violation of deed restrictions. HAVE A DESIRE TO BE PART OF SOMETHING BIG? The Green Trails HOA has an amazing opportunity for volunteers to be part of the newly developing I-10 and Fry Rd. beautification project. Come be a part of this great adventure to help keep our community a thriving, beautiful, top place to live in the Katy area. This volunteer team will help an already chosen landscape architect develop and maintain the landscaping framework for the I-10 and Fry Rd intersection and turn this area into a beautiful entry point into the surrounding community that leads into the Green Trails subdivision. The landscape architect has completed the plans and work will begin this fall. Future projects are expected at the intersections of I-10 and Green House as well as I-10 and Barker Cypress; future dates are TBD based on the success of the February 2018 | Green Trails Section II

Community Information first intersection. If you are interested, please contact Heather Esteban at Crest management, 281-579-0761 or, to apply for this position. You will be contacted by the responsible Green Trails Board member in charge of this project for a briefing of the first scheduled meeting for this committee. DON’T MISS THIS HUGE COMMUNITY UPLIFTING! DOGGIE DON’TS Most of our dog owners are responsible, using a leash and picking up after your pets. We thank you! HOWEVER - We have received reports of dog owners allowing their dogs to defecate and urinate in yards. This is especially a problem in high-traffic areas near park entrances. Be aware that it is not just your dog. Once a yard has been “used,” other dogs want to do so as well. A resident should not have to pick up after even one dog, much less ten. In addition, runners and walkers in our parks don’t enjoy dodging excrement. Please carry a bag and pick up after your pet. Remember also, that even the sweetest dog may seem intimidating to some people. Respect their rights and comply with leash laws. TRASH PICKUP REMINDER This is a reminder that Green Trails offers back door trash pickup. Please put your household garbage in front of your garage door for pickup outside of the breezeway fence. Heavy trash and recyclables must be taken to the curb for pickup. Do Not Put Trash Out the Night Before Pickup Please put your trash out the morning of trash pickup. If you put your trash out the night before trash pickup this allows cats and other animals to be able to get into your trash causing a mess on the street for the trash collection workers or yourself to deal with. STREET LIGHT OUTAGES Please note that the association pays electrical charges for a streetlight whether the bulb is functioning or not. To report street light outages you can contact CenterPoint Energy at 713-207- 2222 or Be sure to note the pole number and the street address. HOME IMPROVEMENT REMINDER Remember, ALL exterior changes made to your home or yard [including your fence] require Architectural Review Committee approval first. In need of an Exterior Modification Request form? Go to our neighborhood website. NO CALL IS TOO SMALL Call the Constable to report any suspicious activity. The fastest dispatch for Green Trails is via their direct line at 281-463-6666. If something “doesn’t seem right,” don’t wait to be sure. Trust your intuition, call it in and let them decide. You are our best defense. Hats off to the lifeguard staff at Park Cypress Pool who received honors during A Beautiful Pools emergency testing week. Lifeguards were surprised with a real life scenario with real people being “victims.” While all teams did well and were “rescue ready,” the Park Cypress team was cited as a top performer. CONTRACTOR COMMUNICATION Too many bosses - not a good idea. Our contractors have instructions to take direction from our management company, Board and committee chairs only. If you see something you think is a problem, please contact Crest Management. We will resolve it as quickly as possible. REMOVE VALUABLES, LOCK CARS Thanks to a resident’s timely call, the constables made an arrest in connection to car burglaries. However we need to continue common sense security practices. Note that 90% of the car burglaries in the neighborhood were of unlocked cars. Lock your cars and remove valuables. Report any burglaries, even if only items of minimal value were taken. PAINTED CONCRETE No concrete that is visible from any street, whether a driveway, sidewalk, patio or other improvement, shall be painted or stained any color. Concrete that is not visible from any street may be painted or stained only with ARC approval. PAVILION RELEASE FORM To reserve a park pavilion, please contact Crest Management at 281-579-7061. REMINDER FOR GATED SECTIONS Please remember that entry codes are for the use of residents ONLY. Please ask guests and / or contractors to utilize the gate directory to obtain access. If contact information in the directory needs to be updated, please contact Crest Management and provide information. WEBSITE AND EBLAST INFO The Website for Green Trails Phase II (www. has a “blast email” function. This feature allows the Association to send news to residents on a mass basis. The Board of Directors intends to start utilizing this function more frequently to disseminate important information, particularly in emergencies like Hurricane Ike. If you have not registered and would like to do so, please go to the “Join Our Mailing List” section of the Website. The only information that you need to enter is your email address. Each of the other items is optional, including your name. None of the information will be distributed to third parties. HOME SECURITY INSPECTIONS Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 5 is offering free home inspections. Why is this beneficial? You can save 5-10% on your homeowner’s insurance, depending on your carrier. How does it work? You schedule a time for our officers to come by and make simple suggestions on how to better secure your home. To participate contact Deputy John Jerome Kovar. Call one of two direct lines: 281-642-8814 or 979-733-7734. Or email him at john.kovar@ To reach our dispatch call 281-463-6666. Visit our website at DISCLAIMER Green Trails Phase II Homeowners Association does not have a business relationship with or endorse any of the companies advertising in this newsletter. We remind residents to exercise due diligence when selecting contractors. CLOTHED BY FAITH We are looking for volunteers to join our amazing team! Please see our website www. for more information or email Located at 802 Dominion Drive Suite 100 in Katy. CBF demonstrates God’s love through the provision of gently used clothing to those in need. Green Trails Section II | February 2018 5