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Creek Bend Estates February 2018


CREEK BEND ESTATES IMPORTANT NUMBERS KPM MANAGEMENT COMPANY Mailing Address: P. O. Box 6333 • Katy, TX 77491-6333 Physical Address: 16360 Park Ten Place, Suite 310 Houston, Texas 77084 281-685-3090 • Fax: 281-599-8822 CREEK BEND ESTATES BOARD OF DIRECTORS Terry Huckaby, President Marc Jacobs, Vice President Giovanni Pintabona, Secretary Hermes Troches, Treasurer Toshar Mondegarian, Director SECURITY Emergency (Police, Fire & Ambulance) 911 (Emergency calls are answered by the Harris County emergency control center. To help facilitate your call, tell the dispatcher Westlake Volunteer Fire Department responds to fire and/or ambulance emergencies.) Sheriff (Non- Emergency) 713-221-6000 Sheriff (Fry Road) 281-647-9371 Crime Stoppers 713-222-TIPS IMPORTANT NUMBERS Poison Control 1-800-222-1222 Animal Control 281-999-3191 Memorial Herman Katy Hospital 281-644-7000 Children’s Protective Svs 713-394-4000 Harris Co. Public Health & Envir 713-439-6000 Severn Trent (Morton Rd MUD) 281-579-4500 Best Trash 281-313-2378 Greater Houston Pool Mgmt 281-859-8667 Comcast Cable 713-341-1000 Reliant Energy 713-207-7777 Centerpoint Energy 713-207-2222 Street Light Out 800-332-7143 Gas Leak 713-659-2111 Power Outage 713-207-2222 AT&T 800-288-2747 SCHOOLS/LIBRARIES KISD Administration 281-396-6000 Stephens Elementary 281-234-0200 Mayde Creek Junior High 281-237-3900 Mayde Creek High School 281-237-3000 Bear Creek Library 281-550-0885 Maude Marks Library 281-492-8592 Katy Library 281-391-3509 Creek Bend Estates TRASH PICK-UP is Monday & Thursday. RECYCLING is Monday. CREEK BEND ESTATES BOARD MEETINGS ARE THE 2 ND THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH AT KPM MANAGEMENT OFFICE. Published Courtesy of Krenek Printing 7102 Glen Chase Ct., Houston, TX 77095 281-463-8649 • 2 February 2018 | Community Newsletter

NEWS FROM THE BOARD Details on dates and timings for future events and plans will be announced in the next newsletter, as well as in email blasts, so if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the email blast so you can stay up to date on all the neighborhood’s happenings. Go to to register. CBE Board of Director’s meetings are held on the 2 nd Thursday of each month at 7 PM at the KPM Management offices. Please call KPM Management at 281-685-3090 if you would like to be in attendance. Finally, we will never know what is on your mind unless you tell us. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything in the neighborhood. Best wishes, CBE Board of Directors ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS Here is the schedule for the collection of the Association’s Assessments: November 30 th : Initial invoices are mailed out by the end of November. Please make sure the management company has your correct mailing address. January 1 st : The Assessment is due on January 1 st every year. January 31 st : Unpaid Assessments become delinquent. February 1 st : Late fees and interest begin and Late Notices are mailed out for all delinquent accounts. March 1 st : A Warning Letter is mailed out on all delinquent accounts. April 1 st : A Final Notice is mailed (via certified mail) on all delinquent accounts. There is a $35 charge to the delinquent account at this time. May 1 st : If payment has not been received or a payment plan has not been entered, delinquent accounts are sent to the Attorney at this time. The Attorney can file a lien and all legal fees will be billed back to the delinquent account. PAYMENT OPTIONS: 1. If you are unable to make payment in full, please contact KPM Management so that you can make payment arrangements. You will still pay interest on the unpaid balance, but you will not be sent to the attorney. 2. Statements will be mailed the first of every month for accounts making payments. 3. Many homeowners have started making monthly pre-payments ahead of time, so that when the assessment becomes due they are already paid. METHODS OF PAYMENT: CHECK OR MONEY ORDER: Cash is not accepted. Please make payment with check or money order made payable to your community. ONLINE: You can now make payments online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or with a checking account. Here are the fees for online processing: Debit/Credit Cards - 2.95% of Total Payment Amount eCheck One-Time - $4.95 Service Fee eCheck AutoPay - $3.95 Service Fee TRASH AND RECYCLE REMINDER Don’t forget trash days are Mondays and Thursdays. Recycling is picked up in the red bins on Mondays. They come early, so be sure you put out your trash the night before or early in the morning. Community Newsletter | February 2018 STREET AMBASSADORS NEEDED We are looking for volunteers! If you are interested in being a “Street Ambassador,” please let us know at Your duties will include recruiting your neighbors to attend various neighborhood events and activities, as well as being the “go-to” for any questions and concerns your neighbors may have. CBE EMAIL BLAST Don’t forget to visit our website at to sign up for the email blast. We send out email reminders for all of our neighborhood events and other special news. You can also use the website to make online payments, access documents or access/post classifieds. WEBSITE Our new website is up and running. Go check it out. You can pay your fees and much more on the site. It is more user friendly than our old site. CHECK IT OUT! CRIME If you see suspicious cars or people in the subdivision DO NOT HESITATE, call 911 and report it. • Keep your gates locked. • Keep your Alarm systems on or activated. • Keep your Garage doors closed. STREET LIGHTS We have to pay every month for your street light whether it is working or not. If you notice yours is out go to You will need the pole number. Please help us to keep the lights on and not waste money. TEENAGE JOB SEEKERS CREEK BEND TEENAGE JOB SEEKERS LIST If you are between 12 and 18 and would like to be added to the teenage job seeker’s list, please fill out the form on our website (www., click submissions and choose Jobseekers) with your name, birthdate (mo. & yr.), phone number, year you will graduate and the name of your newsletter/subdivision. Check the list of jobs you want on your form. Please make sure your email is correct, we send emails in the summer to make sure all the info is still good and that you want to stay on the list. If we do not hear back from you after 3 tries, we will remove you from the list until we do. Must have parent(s) permission. DISCLAIMER Neither the subdivision, nor Krenek Printing is responsible for those listed on the Teenage Job Seeker List. Please ask for and check out references if you do not personally know those listed. This is just a list of teenagers from the subdivision who wish to find part time jobs. Responsibility for any work done by these teenagers is between those seeking helpers and the teens and their parents. CODE KEY: B - BABYSITTING, CPR - CPR CERT., FAC - FIRST AID CERT., RCC - RED CROSS CERT., SS - SAFE SITTER, SL - SWIM LESSONS, PP - PET/PLANT SITTER, P - PET CARE ONLY, H - HOUSE CARE, L - LAWN CARE, C- CAR CARE/DETAILING, T - TUTORING TEENAGE JOB SEEKER’S LISTMAY NOT BE VIEWED ONLINEAVAILABLE IN PRINTED NEWSLETTERS ONLY 3