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Memorial Parkway February 2018

Security Report Security

Security Report Security Report for the month of November 2017: Accident/Major 3 Accident/Minor 2 Accident/Other 2 Alarm Local 17 Alarm Silent 1 Animal/Humane/Aggressive 12 Assault 1 Assault/Family 1 Burglary/Habitance 2 Burglary/MotorVehicle 8 Check Park/School 12 Contract Checks 94 Criminal Mischief 1 Discharge Firearm 2 Disturbance/Family 5 Disturbance/ Juvenile 1 Disturbance/Other 11 Domestic/Prevent 1 Follow Up 7 Fraudulent Use ID 1 In Progress 1 Incident Report 9 Information call 55 Meet the citizen/officer 33 Mental Case 6 Neighborhood check 26 Open Door/Window 2 Prop Found/Lost 1 Parking Lot Chk 4 Private Prty Tow 1 Suspicious Person 14 Terroristic Threat 3 Traffic Hazard 3 Traffic Stops 84 Arrest 1 Citations 62 Warnings 14 Advisement 5 other 2 Unk Medical Emergency 1 Vacation Watch 16 Vehicle Abandoned 1 Vehicle Repossession 1 Vehicle Speeding 1 Vehicle Suspicious 12 Vehicle Stolen 1 Warrant Service 1 Welfare Check 3 Writ of Execution 1 Total: 476 Clubhouse Rental Clubhouse rental is subject to availability on a first come/first serve basis. The clubhouse is only rented to Memorial Parkway adult residents (owner or renter) in good standing (maintenance fee current and not in violation of deed restrictions). Resident must show valid ID when renting facility and must be present during the entire time of rental. A rental fee of $50 is required at the time the reservation is made. Rental of the Clubhouse requires refundable deposit of $275. HOURS OF RENTALS & FEE RATES • Monday-Saturday, 8 AM-4 PM: $50 • Monday-Saturday, 5 PM-1 AM: $50 • Sunday, 8 AM-1 PM: $50 • Sunday, 1:30 PM-1 AM: $50 • All Day Rentals from 8 AM-1 AM: $100 6 Non-Profit Clubhouse Rental The Memorial Parkway Clubhouse is available to non-profit adult and youth groups for meetings. The meeting times and days are: 3 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:45 PM and 7 PM on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (some exceptions regarding times on Sunday). Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to reservation date. For additional details, contact the MPCA office at 281-492-2949. All groups who wish to use the Clubhouse must be comprised of no less than 80% of Memorial Parkway residents. Disclaimer Ads printed in this newsletter are paid advertisements and are in no way endorsed by the Memorial Parkway Community Association. Centerpoint Energy Street Light Out???? To report a burned out street light, you may contact CenterPoint Energy at 713-207-2222 or online at Please know the number that is on the pole and street address of the pole. Poker Player Needed We need one full time player to join us. The game has been going on for 23 years. Old fashion poker, stud, holdem, wild cards, some numbers games, $1 limit, NO CHECK RAISES. Looking for an old fart like us, 60+, who just wants to have a regular night out and have a good time. Nottingham location, Sunday nights, 6:30-10 PM. If interested, call Phil at 713-294-8433. Free Help with Medicare Questions With Medicare Open Enrollment winding down and ending December 7 th it is not too late to come see us for help with your questions! Memorial Parkway Community Center, 21600 Cimarron Parkway December 4 th , 5 th and 7 th from 11AM to 5 PM. Animal Control Info. Reminder For Dog Walkers Be a responsible/considerate pet owner by picking up your dog’s waste from your neighbor’s yard when you’re out for a walk. There’s nothing more frustrating than stepping in fecal matter in your own yard when you don’t even have a pet. Leash Law Animals that are not properly restrained pose a threat to all our residents. While you may know your pet is friendly, an animal running at someone who is walking by is very scary for that person. Many children are afraid of animals and become frightened, which could result in the child getting hurt trying to avoid the animal. Harris County Animal Control advises, “All dogs and cats must be kept under restraint while in the unincorporated areas of Harris County, Texas. The custodian of a dog or cat is not authorized to have, harbor or keep any unlicensed dog or cat nor to allow any dog or cat to become a stray.” Restraint is defined as “the control of a dog or cat under the following circumstances: 1. When it is controlled by a line or leash not more than six (6) feet in length, if the line or leash is held by a human being who is capable of controlling or governing the dog or cat in question. 2. When it is within a fully enclosed vehicle. 3. When it is on the premise of the custodian and the animal does not have access to sidewalk or street. While it may be nice to have your animal out in the yard while you work or play, it is against the law, unless the animal is properly restrained. February 2018 | Memorial Parkway

Let’s all help keep our community a safe and comfortable place for all our residents by being responsible pet owners. This will not only protect anyone who may be walking or bicycling in the area, but also the pet owner who could be held legally responsible or possibly sued for failing to properly restrain their pet. Please remember that cats fall under the same laws as dogs and must be licensed and kept restrained when not on the premises of the owner. We’ve been told that spreading moth balls in flower beds might keep cats away. To make a complaint or report an animal that is not properly restrained please contact: Harris County Precinct #5, Contract #87: 281-463-6666 Harris County Animal Control: 281-999-3191 Harris County Health Department, Rabies/Animal Control Section 2223 West Loop South, Houston, Texas 77027-3588 Water Heaters • Drain Problems Faucet Installation & Repair Gas Test • Water Leaks & Much More 35+ Years Experience 832-890-8449 Always there for you! $30 off any Job Over $95 Low Price Guarantee Licensed & Insured FREE ESTIMATES MPL#40815 Procedure For Reporting Barking Dogs: 1. Contact your neighbor and work it out as good neighbors should. 2. In the event that #1 is not possible, contact the Constables at 281- 463-6666. It is our understanding that the Constables will investigate the barking dogs. In order to file a formal complaint you must be willing to give the officer your name, address and phone number for their records. Procedure For Reporting Loose Dogs, Dog Bites & Lost Pets: 1. Contact Harris County Animal Control at 281-999-3191 or 281-999- 3194. A recorded message will guide you through the system. When reporting a loose animal you will be asked to give your name and address, a description of the animal and the address of the animal’s owner (if known). RESIDENT COMMENT FORM The Memorial Parkway Community Association welcomes input from our residents. If you wish to comment on any aspect of your neighborhood (positive or negative) you may use this form to do so. All comments to the MPCA office are strictly confidential. Date: ________________________________________________ Your Name: __________________________________________ Your Address: ________________________________________ Address of possible deed restriction violation or problem: _____________________________________________________ Comments: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Memorial Parkway | February 2018 7