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Governors Place February 2018

Water Heaters • Drain

Water Heaters • Drain Problems Faucet Installation & Repair Gas Test • Water Leaks & Much More 35+ Years Experience 832-890-8449 Always there for you! $30 off any Job Over $95 Low Price Guarantee Licensed & Insured FREE ESTIMATES MPL#40815 Governor's Place News Acc Forms Approval from the Architectural Control Committee is required prior to making any modifications to the exterior of your property. This includes but is not limited to installation of trampolines, playsets, storage sheds, room additions, patio covers, repainting your home, trim or front door even if using the same color. An Exterior Modification Request Form can be submitted electronically at www. by clicking on Exterior Modification Request Form on the homepage. Please note you do not need to log in to complete the application. Once you select your project type, it will notify of items required to complete your application. If you prefer a paper application, please contact Crest Management at 281-579-0761 and it can be mailed to you. Electrical Safety Around the Home Safety and Security Tips from S.E.A.L. Security Solutions Common Electrical Safety Hazards Around the Home Most electrical injuries around the home are preventable. All electrical injuries are potentially severe and should be seen by a physician. A few of the common electrical safety hazards found around the home include the following: Overloaded electrical outlets, using extension cords in an unsafe manner and attempting to perform home electrical repairs without turning off the circuit breaker box. Overloaded electrical outlets  • Overloading the capacity of your electrical system creates safety risks that could lead to electrical injury: • For outlets serving multiple appliances, a power strip is normally safer than multiple plug adaptors. Make sure that any power strip you purchase carries the label of a national testing organization such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL®). Make sure your power strip has both a surge protector and typically, a 15-amp limit to the total use of the power strip itself. When plugging in an electrical cord always make certain that it is plugged into the outlet firmly and securely. A loose cord can easily be pulled out and may even cause an electrical fire. Always unplug appliances by pulling on the plug, not the cord itself - this weakens the prongs and the wiring inside the plug, creating the risk of an electrical shock. Wall Switches & Outlets The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that 3,900 injuries associated with wall switches and electrical receptacle outlets are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year. These switches and outlets are involved in an estimated 5,300 fires. Potential problem switches or outlets, most often found in older homes, should be replaced by a licensed electrician. Such problems include: wall switches or outlets that feel hot or emit smoke or sparks and outlets which may have deteriorated from heavy use over the years and no longer hold plugs tightly. About one-third of the injuries from electrical outlets occur when a young child inserts a metal object into an outlet, resulting in shock or burn injury to hands or fingers. If such an outlet stops working, push the Reset button back in to reset it. If an outlet stops working but doesn’t have GFCI buttons, it may have been wired from a GFCI elsewhere in your home. If that’s the case, the “downstream” outlets should have had GFCI stickers placed 4 February 2018 | Governor’s Place

on them, but not all electricians bother to do so. Go ahead and reset other GFCI outlets to see if that solves the problem. Extension Cord Safety The CPSC estimates that about 3,300 residential fires each year originate in extension cords. Altogether, 4,000 visits to emergency rooms are attributed to injuries related to extension cords; half of them result from people tripping over them and falling. • Use on a temporary basis only. • Keep unplugged when not in use. • Keep slack: Do not stretch tight. • Do not place across doorways, in heavy traffic areas or under rugs. • Do not staple or nail to the wall. • Do not alter a 3-prong plug to accommodate a 2-hole outlet. • Use indoor extension cords indoors only. Governor’s Place Hotline 281-749-1300 For a free courtesy watch of your property while you are away from home, please go to: and fill out the form. (Please note that the form cannot be submitted from a mobile phone.) Parking Laws Will Be Enforced As many residents have noticed, cars parking in the wrong direction on the side of the road has become an increasing problem throughout the community. The officers that patrol the neighborhood have been giving warnings for this, but will begin issuing tickets. Please utilize your driveway and garage and when parking on the street is necessary, please park in the same direction as traffic. Call Anytime! Local Utility Rebates Now Available TACLB019260E HEATING • AIR CONDITIONING UP TO $ 1100 REBATE $ 5O OFF on a New A/C & Heating System 0% Interest Payment Plans Qualifying Models only. Call for Details. Must present at time of service. Expires 2/28/18. Any Repair Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present at time of service. Expires 2/28/18. 281-492-3450 FREE ESTIMATES on New Equipment Same-Day Service Additional parking problems have occurred at the tennis and clubhouse parking lots. As a result, the Board has adopted a Common Area Parking and Tow Policy. The Policy has been filed in the official public records with the Harris County Clerk and is available by visiting, clicking on Communities and selecting Governors Place. Towing will be enforced. Deed Restriction Reminder If you plan on making a change to your home/yard, please fill out a Request for Home Improvement - Governor’s Place form. Please view the form at our website and download the form to submit to Crest Management. • Cars may not be parked on the front lawn of your property. • Trailers, boats, RVs, recreational vehicles must be stored out of view of the street. • Remember that our streets are very narrow and utilize your driveway to park cars. • Store trash cans out of street view. • Now is the time to start cleaning out gutters and roof tops to get rid of pine needles and leaves. • We urge parents to advise your children to ride scooters and electric toys on the sidewalks, NOT in the streets. There have been too many near misses reported and we don’t want a child to “learn their lesson” the hard way by being hit by a car. Roof Leaking? Specialized in Roof Repairs Our Family Trade Since 1945 • Whole Roofs & Roof Repairs • Seamless Gutters & Downspouts • Wall Flashing • Soffit & Fascia • Skylights & Chimneys • Window Replacement • Other Difficult Repairs 281-391-8257 WE FIX IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Crime Reporting Together as a community we must always be alert for both ourselves and our neighbors. Please phone (713-221-6000) the sheriff for anything suspicious; robbery, suspicious looking people, speeding, etc. Governor’s Place | February 2018 5