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Grayson Lakes February 2018


2 February 2018 | Community Newsletter

WILL THERE BE EVENTS IN 2018? After a decade of fun and frivolity in our neighborhood, a number of our event coordinators are taking a breather! If you and your family have enjoyed any of the Grayson Lakes events and would like to see them continue, we are in need of coordinators (and an Events Committee Chairperson). The events that need a coordinator are: Easter Eggstravaganza, Family Fishing Day, July 4 th Parade & Splash Day, Dive-In Movie Night and the Holiday Event with Santa including decorating contest. We are always open to new event ideas so please suggest something at Please contact Karen at Crest Management - - if you are interested in helping. TREE TRIMMING IN GRAYSON LAKES Many of you will see that the common area trees were trimmed at the front entrance, the recreation center pool and tennis courts, the park areas along the lakes and all along Grayson Lakes Boulevard through the exit at Ephram. These trees are the most mature and this street area is the most heavily travelled. Additional trimming will continue to take place periodically as needed and within budgetary parameters. Please remember that trees in your yard, including the tree lawn, are the residents’ responsibility. It is important to keep the streets easily passable for vehicles and school busses. Thank you to all the neighbors who have recently trimmed their trees (and shrubby) particularly those branching into the street and hanging over/near the sidewalks. PICKLE BALL PLAYERS IN GRAYSON LAKES Do you play Pickle Ball? Are you interested in playing Pickle Ball in Grayson Lakes? Would you like to see the tennis court area also striped for Pickle Ball? Let us know! Email LANDSCAPING FOR PRIVACY AND NOISE ABATEMENT With the growth of the area, many residents find themselves wishing for a bit less traffic noise. As you’ve seen, Fort Bend County is now in the process of widening Gaston Road, which will eliminate part of the green space buffer. Some residents would also like to create a bit more privacy in their backyards. If you’re interested in managing these issues in a beautiful way with appropriate landscaping plantings, we’d like to hear from you. The Association Board, with support from neighborhood master gardeners, will sponsor an educational event with a landscaping expert at the clubhouse if there is sufficient interest. Please call Crest Management at 281-945-4632 or email karen.janczak@crest-management. com to let her know you would like to attend. The date and time TBD PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE for official board communication and to find the latest news and information on upcoming events, documents and copies of Board minutes please go to our homepage. WWW.GRAYSONLAKESLIVING.COM WWW.GRAYSONLAKESLIVING.COM TO CONTACT THE BOARD OR FOR INFORMATION ABOUT GRAYSON LAKES: Crest Management Company AAMC® 17171 Park Row, suite 310 Houston, Texas 77084 281-579-0761 MANAGER Karen Janczak 281-945-4632 ASSITANT MANAGER Pam Hummel 281-945-4661 COMMUNITY CONTRACTORS: LAKE PRO, INC. 281-391-3688 A-BEAUTIFUL POOLS 281-376-6510 C.J.'S YARDWORKS, INC. 281-578-5999 IMPORTANT NUMBERS: WATER & SEWER: MUD 130 281-290-6507 GARBAGE COLLECTION: BEST TRASH 281-313-2378 (SERVICE MONDAYS & THURSDAYS) SCHOOLS: KATY ISD ADMINISTRATION: 281-396-6000 WOODCREEK ELEMENTARY 281-234-0100 WOODCREEK JR. HIGH 281-234-0800 TOMPKINS HIGH SCHOOL 281-234-1000 EMERGENCY: 911 FT BEND COUNTY EMS 281-344-3006 WILLOW FORK FIRE DEPT 281-395-0011 FT. BEND COUNTY SHERIFF 281-341-4665 CITY OF KATY POLICE 281-391-4848 ANIMAL CONTROL: FT. BEND ANIMAL CONTROL 281-342-1512 CITY OF KATY 281-391-4848 FT. BEND COUNTY ROAD & BRIDGE 281-342-4513 REPORT STREET LIGHT OUTAGES 713-207-2222 WWW.CENTERPOINTENERGY.COM (PROVIDE 6 DIGIT # ON POLE) Community Newsletter | February 2018 3