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The Lakes February 2018

Engagement Stories

Engagement Stories featuring your neighbors! Chelsea & William What was supposed to be a family vacation to Las Vegas/the Grand Canyon the week before Thanksgiving, ended up turning into the most picture perfect proposal. The morning we were supposed to leave for the Grand Canyon, I wasn’t feeling well, and said I would stay back. However, William was very insistent that I come. I took some medicine, got ready really quickly, and we hopped into the car for our grand excursion. When we got to the Grand Canyon, it was freezing outside (to Texans of course!) and there was even some snow on the ground. It looked so magical (especially considering I have only seen snow a couple of times)! As I was getting out of the car, I noticed that one of my fake nails had fallen off (I had gotten my nails done the week prior) ON MY LEFT HAND! William’s mother had asked, “what hand did the nail fall off from?”, which I thought was a funny question to ask. When we got to the Grand Canyon, we stopped to take pictures (and get me a jacket because I did NOT plan for freezing weather). During one picture, William had bent down to sit for the picture, but in my head I was thinking “THIS IS IT! THERE IS WHERE WE GET EN- GAGED!” My heart started racing and I was so excited. But....all that was said was, “Chelsea, sit down so we can take the picture.” I was slightly disappointed, but I wouldn’t let it ruin my time. We went to go grab a bite to eat, and William and his family were asking when sunset was so we could go to one final stop: Yavapai Point. By the time we got there, I was freezing and felt like my hands and legs were going numb and was apprehensive to take more pictures. Then, in the most perfect spot, right as we were posing for a picture, William got down on one knee and showed me the most beautiful ring that he picked out himself. I didn’t even let him talk I was so in shock that I just went in for a giant hug. When his family asked what I said, I responded with, “oh he never asked!” He officially asked, I said “YES!!!!!!!”, and the rest of our “grand” love story is history! Lisa & Matt My wife and I met on a blind date – we were immediately attracted to each other. Later, when the time came, I wanted to have the perfect way to propose to her, so I conspired with my mother to create the ‘perfect day’. First, my sister, Rachel, took a picture of me at our favorite place – Castlewood State Park outside of St. Louis, Missouri. From this picture, a wooden jigsaw puzzle was created – the largest piece in the center being a sign with my special message… ‘Lisa, Will You Marry Me?’. The remaining pieces of the puzzle were randomly divided into handmade velvet bags that each had a handwritten calligraphy poem on them created by me describing a new location for the ‘Treasure Hunt’. Each location has some significance since it was a place where we had experienced something special together. At the last location, I presented her with the final piece and the diamond ring. My wife is a very special person who has given me so much…I love her. 6 Violet & TJ "They" say that after a storm, comes a turns out that "they" are correct. I met my fiancé, TJ, about 20 years ago. Nothing became of it, except seeing the familiar face from time to time throughout the years. On July 15, I ran into the familiar face, yet once again. Except this time, it was God's timing and we were engaged on September 16. He is the biggest teddy bear with the kindest soul. He is the happily ever after that me & daughters needed for so long.... We will say "I do" on 2/11/18. February 2018 | The Lakes

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