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Westfield Terra February 2018


WESTFIELD TERRA IMPORTANT NUMBERS For Additional info: PLANNED COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT INC. (PCMI) 281-870-0585 Michael Quast - Manager Deborah Moore Administrative Assistant Mary Payne - Onsite Manager 832-321-3209 HOA Board Members Elected in March Email: Michael Quast at WF Terra Estates Committees WTE committees require leaders and members. Without you they don’t exist! Social Commitee: ACC: Neighborhood Crime Watch: Pattie Creel & Mary Payne - BOARD MEMBERS: President: Pattie Creel V. Pres: Richard Butts Director: Nina Palmer Treasurer: Kira Hughes Secretary: Christine Trowbridge Sheriff Office (non-emergency) 713-221-6000 Ask for WFT Contract Officer Fire Dept. (non-emergency/events) 281-578-2518 WCA 281-368-8397 Ricewood M.U.D. 281-579-4500 CenterPoint Energy (gas) 713-659-2111 CenterPointEnergy (elec) 713-207-7777 Power to Choose (elec) 1-888-797-4839 Light Outages 713-207-2222 Make sure you have 7 digit # from the light pole Butterfly Park (maint. only) 832-444-9884 (Before you dig - FREE Service) 811 SCHOOLS Calvin Nelms Charter Sch. 281-398-8031 McRoberts Elem. 281-237-2000 McDonald Jr. High 281-237-5300 Morton Ranch HS 281-237-7800 KISD Administration 281-396-6000 HARRIS COUNTY NUMBERS Poison Control 1-800-764-7661 Animal Control 281-999-3191 Mosquito Control 713-440-4800 Commissioner Radack 281-463-6300 US Post Office 1-800-275-8777 Katy Library 281-391-3509 Katherine Tyra Library 281-550-0885 2 February 2018 | Community Newsletter

REGISTER ONLINE All homeowners are encouraged to register online to keep updated on community information. Please use your account number and password that you received with Welcome Letter from PCMI (Severn Trent). Please contact Michael Quast at 281-870-0585 or Mary Payne at 832-321-3209 if you need any assistance. WCA TRASH AND RECYCLE PICKUP GUIDELINES PICKUP DAYS ARE MONDAY AND THURSDAY (RECYCLE DAY) Holidays (no garbage pickup): New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. • Please have trash out at curb by 7 AM each pick up day and put the containers back in their storage space (out of sight from the street) by 7 PM the day of trash pickup. This will help to keep our neighborhood looking clean. • Trash must be either in containers or bags not exceeding 40 gallons or weighing over 40 pounds. • Trees, shrubs, brush trimmings and fencing must be bundled in lengths no greater than 4 feet with no branch diameter exceeding 3 inches. This bundling is required to allow for quick pick up and avoids damaging the equipment in the crushing process. • Appliances, furniture, carpet (up to 1 room, rolled up four feet wide & less than 50 pounds), cardboard boxes must be flattened. • By Federal Law, refrigerators and freezers or any other items containing Freon must be drained of Freon and have an accompanying bill to validate such service was performed. Items excluded from normal collection: dirt, rocks, bricks, concrete, tires, batteries, motor oil, cooking oil, waste generated by private contractor or any materials or items deemed hazardous materials. WCA will leave a tag with explanation for non-collected items. RECYCLE PROGRAM: • Please only use the recycle bins for recyclable materials, not as an extra trash container. • Please remove caps, liquids and food products from inside the containers. PAPER: • Loose paper dry and clean (not in plastic bags); newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, file folders, office white, colored & computer paper (staples & paper clips ok), corrugated cardboard boxes, cereal & gift boxes, etc. Telephone books and greeting (Holiday) cards. • Wrapping paper: No metalized, shiny or coated papers (remove metallic paper, bows, etc). CONTAINERS: • Aluminum cans (beer and soda), glass bottles and jars. Empty aerosol cans, aluminum foil, metal pots and pans, copper, scrap metal (nails and screws, gutters, etc). Plastic bottles, jars, tubs, buckets (milk, juice, shampoo, detergent, yogurt, pet food etc). Look for recycling triangle and the numbers 1-5 and 7 inside of containers. NOT ACCEPTABLE ITEMS: • Plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, packaging peanuts, take-out containers (because of the oils), plastic cups, plastic tableware, coat hangers, paint & solvent containers, light bulbs, mirrors, windows, dishes and cups, pyrex pans, wet or soiled paper, tissue of paper towels, books, carbon paper, Tyvek envelops, paper cartons for milk or juice, wax coated boxes, food waste, garbage, toys and household appliances. When regular or recycling pick-up falls on a holiday, the pick-up will be made on the next regular scheduled pick-up day. WESTFIELDTERRAESTATES.COM Please be watching our marquee, Facebook, Nextdoor and Townsquare for updates for our Westfield Terra Community. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Looking for a fun and creative person to run the Social Committee. This volunteer will be responsible to put together a calendar of events for the year, get volunteers and stay within budget. If you enjoy putting together articles, this volunteer position is for you. Update Westfield Terra’s monthly newsletter. Articles must pertain to our neighborhood, they can be fun facts, informative Deed Restriction information and events for our subdivision. If you are interested in either of these volunteer positions, please contact your HOA Board or Michael Quast at PCMI 281-504-1345 or Mary Payne at 832-321-3209. CLARIFICATION BETWEEN PCMI AND SEVERN TRENT Some homeowners are confusing the water company with the management company. Planned Community Management Inc (PCMI) became a part of Severn Trent in 2002 and is a branch of Severn Trent. Any correspondence from PCMI will have the Severn Trent logo, so please don’t disregard mail received from them. Please send any correspondence to PCMI at 2002 W Grand Parkway N #100, Katy, TX 77449. Michael Quast Property Manager number is 281-870-0585. HOA BOARD If you are interested in running for the HOA Board, please contact Michael Quast at 281-870-0585 to get more information. ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE In an effort to protect the homeowner’s rights and property values, it is required that any homeowner considering any change or addition to their home OR property which would affect the exterior appearance MUST submit their request in writing along with diagrams, lot survey and color scheme to Architectural Review Committee PRIOR to initiating any change or addition. Any changes that have not been approved by the ARC, the Association has the right to ask the homeowner to remove the improvement from the property. ACC applications can be found on our private FB page under our File tab, online at under our newsletter, Townsquare or contact management company and they will email you one. PARKING Our streets are so narrow that when vehicles are parked on both sides of street, it makes it difficult for homeowners to get in and out of their driveway or drive down street. Please park your vehicles in drive way and ask guests to park as close to curb as possible on one side of street when visiting. By having guests and homeowners park on one side, this allows emergency vehicles to maneuver down the street and avoid delays in response time to an emergency. Reminder, vehicles parked on street must be parked in the direction of traffic and you may not park within 15’ of a fire hydrant. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a parking ticket. Also when picking up your children at the elementary school please be courteous and don’t block streets or homeowner’s driveways and adhere to the street signs. CRIMEWATCH Please remember not to leave valuables in your vehicles and Community Newsletter | February 2018 3