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ANK001 500g x 20 ANK002

ANK001 500g x 20 ANK002 500g x 20 ANK003 500g x 20 Ankara Spaghetti Pasta Ankara Risoni Pasta (Arpa Sehriye) Ankara Capellini Pasta (Tel Sehriye) 6 ANK004 500g x 20 ANK007 500g x 20 ANK006 500g x 20 Ankara Couscous Pasta (Kuskus) Ankara Fusilli Pasta (Burgu) Ankara Farfalle Pasta (Kelebek) ANK005 500g x 20 ANK008 500g x 20 ANK009 500g x 20 Ankara Farfalle Tonde Pasta (Fiyonk) Ankara Pipe Rigate Pasta (Manti) Ankara Penne Rigate Pasta (Kalem) ANK010 500g x 20 ANK011 500g x 20 ANK012 500g x 20 Ankara Cavatappi Pasta (Bukle) Ankara Bucatini Pasta (Firin Makarna) Ankara Tagliatelle Pasta (Eriste)

ANK013 500g x 20 ANK014 500g x 20 ANK015 500g x 20 Ankara Linguine (Uzun Eriste) Ankara Sedanini Pasta (Ince Uzun) Ankara Ditalini Pasta (Boncuk) 6 ANK016 500g x 20 ANK017 500g x 20 ANK018 500g x 20 Ankara Ditaloni Pasta (Yuksuk) Ankara Elbow Macaroni Pasta (Dirsek) Ankara Stelline Pasta (Yildiz) Ankara is a leading macaroni manufacturer in Turkey and exports to over 50 countries worldwide. From Japan to South Africa, you can find Ankara pasta, which has become a well known and trusted brand offering quality product. As well as pasta varieties, Ankara also manufactures bulgur, semolina, bran and more.