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RHS_Student Handbook.SY17-18.FINAL

“Today the School,

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” Graduation Requirements Subject Credits Required Notes English 4.0 Must include English I, II, III, IV (or their equivalents) Mathematics 4.0 Must include Algebra 1 (must enroll in Algebra 1 in or before 9th grade), Geometry, and Algebra 2 at a minimum Science 4.0 Must include three lab sciences Social Studies 4.0 Must include World History 1 and 2, U.S. History, U.S. Government, and D.C. History World Languages 2.0 Must include 2 credits of the same world language Art 0.5 Music 0.5 Career and Technical Education and/or College-level Courses 2.0 The Career and Technical Education (CTE) and collegelevel course requirement shall be met by identified AP, IB, HiSCIP, and CTE courses as well as courses taken at accredited colleges. Physical Education/ Health 1.5 Electives 1.5 Total 24 Credits* Students must also earn 100 hours of volunteer community service to graduate. All community service hours must be verified by a nonprofit organization with a valid 501(c)3. *Please note that 24 credits are the minimum number of credits required by DC Public Schools for a student to graduate. 44

World. Global Education for a Global Society” “Today the School, Tomorrow the Carnegie Units and Graduation Requirements The Carnegie Unit is awarded upon successful completion of a course. One (1) Carnegie Unit is equivalent to 120 – 150 hours of instruction earned over a period of 36 weeks in the District of Columbia Public Schools. Course Offerings & Academic Map Subject Grade 9 Seal of Biliteracy Pathway *One content course in WL Grade 10 Seal of Biliteracy Pathway *One content course in WL Grade 11 Seal of Biliteracy Pathway *One content course in WL Grade 12 Seal of Biliteracy Pathway *One content course in WL English (4.0 req) English I Honors English I English II Honors English II English III AP English Lit & Composition English IV Honors English IV AP English Lit & Composition Math (4.0 req) Must include: Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Upper Level Math Seal of Global Comp Pathway Plus Public Speaking (.5) Algebra I Honors Algebra I Geometry Honors Geometry Algebra II Honors Algebra II Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus AP Calculus Probability & Statistic Science (4.0 req) Must include: Biology 2 lab sciences 1 other science Social Studies (4.0 req) Must Include: World History I Biology I Honors Biology I Concepts of Physical Science Environmental Science World History & Geography I Chemistry I Honors Chemistry I Forensic Science Honors Environmental Science Robotics World History & Geography II AP World History Physics I Honors Physics I Anatomy & Physiology Chemistry I Forensic Science Honors Environmental Science US History & Geography AP US History AP Psychology (.5) AP Chemistry AP Physics AP Biology Physics I Anatomy & Physiology Honors Environmental Science Forensic Science US Government (.5) & DC History (.5) AP US Government (.5) AP Psychology (.5) Global Perspectives (.5) 45

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