9 months ago


TeamDenton on stage at The Societies Trade Show courtesy of The Flash Centre and Elinchrom

Sophie and Ringflash

Sophie and Ringflash Ringflash is a favourite piece of kit for me, to be used sparingly but features in many of my favourite images. I often talk about telling a consistent story with your styling, lighting and posing. In this set the outfit chosen was very much that of a rocker and so wanted hard, edgier lighting to match. Ringflash fits the bill perfectly. To make it even edgier we slotted over the paper roll backdrop a Lastolite panel which renders as that metallic looking background. To add another dynamic to the image I asked my business partner Glen Jones on stage who used a reflector to add movement to the hair. All shot on different f stops betweem f11 and f25 as I moved backwards and forwards with the 18-70mm lens, making use of the wide angle up close for extra edge.

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