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TeamDenton on stage at The Societies Trade Show courtesy of The Flash Centre and Elinchrom

Societies 2018 My first

Societies 2018 My first experience of working at The Societies Convention was in Hammersmith when I did a couple of Masterclasses and a session on The Flash Centre Stand. So it felt like I'd almost gone full circle this year when we did a similar programme and found out that next year will see the return of the Convention to it's spiritual home. Always a pleasure to work live on a stage. It challenges you to use the space to best effect, gives you issues to overcome on the fly as they arise and no matter how much you plan there will always be times when space, equipment, time just don't allow you to go in the direction you had in mind. That's when you earn your crust. Thinking on your feet, adjusting your plans, and still providing the audience with valuable tips and learning. Hopefully we achieved that this year. Thanks to Chris Whittle and his team for the invitation and support, always a pleasure to work alongside them. Thanks too to the modelling team Isla Rose, Sophie Canare and Zoia Samaya Theone, without someone to point the camera at I'm nothing. Finally thanks to everyone who stayed around the tradeshow until the last part of the day and lingered to the very end. Great crowd and glad you enjoyed the show. Love and Light John

Zoia with balloons Love this little dress that we bought on ebay for a few quid and has proved it's worth in a number of shoots. Teamed it with the white shirt, black stockings and boots and the black and white balloons. The whole style was designed to be essentially a monochrome look against the white backdrop and shot with one light. This was a large softbox, directly on axis and over the top of me. I jumped off stage and stood in the front row to get best angle on an 18-70mm zoom lens. I then let Zoia move and shot a frame every time I saw something nice framed in the shot, love the little bit of movement in the image. All shot at ISO 200, f11, 1/125s on Nikon D300

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