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Michael Váppielle G

Michael Váppielle G GRACE is the side of God that keeps all things covered by the blood. His love, support and patience abide with us while we press toward our divine destiny. It is by Grace and not of ourselves that we have been saved when we confess (expecting our salvation) our sins unto Him through Christ Jesus. Just as a parent is with their children, so is God with us. For example, parents love their children and their heart are filled with joy when they are born. To maintain this love and joy God equips the parents with this heart of grace which promotes patience. 22

The ABCs of Spiritual Growth A parent’s love doesn't fade because their children may astray from time to time, but the heart of a parent develops even more patience because of God’s grace like nature. As with God, His Grace is what, in spite of all of the things we do here on earth like not serving Him, or just simply not living by His principles, His grace is always there which allows him to stay in love with us. 23

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