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Michael Váppielle I

Michael Váppielle I INTERCESSION - to stand in for or provide counsel on behalf of others. We intercede for our fellow man in many ways. There are times we display the selfless act simply by standing up for someone who is not as strong as we are. Say, your little brother is being bullied and you step in to protect him, this is a form of interceding. When it comes to mankind; Jesus is our intercessor every moment of our lives. He sits to the right of the father interceding for us. 26

The ABCs of Spiritual Growth He is constantly petitioning God’s grace for us we, not only receive salvation, but His grace flows and constantly covers us. Prayer Warriors are those who are constantly before the throne of God on behalf of others. Find a good Prayer Warrior who will take your needs before the Father, even in the times you are at a weak point and unable to do so for yourself. Interceding in prayer for others will seriously strengthen you as well. 27

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