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Michael Váppielle R

Michael Váppielle R REPENT - This is the first thing you must do to begin your walk with the Lord - choosing to walk in His ways and not your own. (Please! See Romans 10:8-13). In the beginning of your walk with God, repenting or confessing your sinful ways, is your first step on your path toward salvation. The very opportunity you even have to repent of your sins, is tied into God’s grace unto mankind. It can be looked at as your “get out jail free pass.” 44

The ABCs of Spiritual Growth Don't take his lightly, it is not something you can just keep doing over and over again. God does not take playing with His Word kindly. There is a story about a little boy who lived in a small village who would fool the people almost daily by running around the village screaming; the big bad wolf is coming to eat us. He would do this time and time again. The people would be in such fear that they would believe him and come running to save him. He would then just roll on the ground laughing and laughing saying, “I fooled you!” Well, one day the boy did it again and this time he was telling the truth but, because he did this almost daily, no one believed him and that the big wolf came along and ate him. 45

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