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Michael grew up in a

Michael grew up in a house that was spiritually divided. His mother was a devout catholic and so was his younger brother and sisters. His grandmother was of another denomination alone with his older brother. On Saturdays, his mother and two sisters went to mass and on Sundays his grandmother and older brother wet to the other service. Michael was never invited to go either service (left out – protected). God’s hand on him was then realized established in his life and has continued to protect him. The perspective of these writings is of a spiritual nature and not from a religious point of view. Walking and talking with God daily, meditating day and night while seeking Him has been Michael’s choice and way to continue to know God. Having a one-on-one relationship with Him has been His plan from the beginning. For your own, and I can’t stress this point enough, your spiritual growth will depend on seeking God and His ways always without ceasing. You will receive Gods’ best and He will begin to show you things you never knew. I trust God that you will use this book as a platform for your spiritual growth and that it will help you attain

spiritual success forever and ever. Ah-men.

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