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Michael Váppielle U

Michael Váppielle U UNDERSTANDING – With all your getting of information, knowledge, reading the bible and all other publications of study – get understanding (Proverbs 4:7). When you read any book or take a class, often times to see if is you have, you take a test. Taking a test will help you to gauge the level of understanding you have about what you have studied. When it comes to understanding God’s ways as it pertains to you, gaining understanding is the process 52

The ABCs of Spiritual Growth and testing your level of understanding is done through trials. God will provide you with a lifetime of various opportunities in many ways which will help you reach the spiritual plateau He know you cable of understanding His Word and His spiritual nature. God’s way is in everything He allows in your life. Through understanding how He works and what He expects, every situation has the option for you to handle it His way. Before you know it, you will to become that spiritual giant that He has designed you to be. 53

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