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Michael Váppielle Y

Michael Váppielle Y YOU! Seek to be a better YOU than YOU were yesterday. The start of each day is full of new hope, promise and opportunity. You are so special that, God decided to make you in not just His image but His likeness as well. Now, what does this mean? First, - His image. God is a spirit and so are you. You are here on earth. That body you are in, when you die, will decay and turn to dust and - you the spirit - will return to the spirit world from which you came from. His likeness - this pertain to His ways, attributes and 62

The ABCs of Spiritual Growth His heartfelt compassion. This is why even those who haven't accepted their salvation yet still have what they call pity or sadness for someone who needs help because in spite of not walking in God’s ways as a way of life, God’s likeness still comes through them to bless the needy. God’s qualities are built in us all but, choosing to walk with His plan daily is what He wants you to do. It is the flesh that you are allowing to keep you out of God’s daily plan for your life. You are the sole reason that God planned for this world, that He gave His son. He sent Jesus to protect the thing meaning (God) love. You are His creation and He wanted to make sure that your soul would be saved by His doing with the hope that we would get to know Him first by receiving His gift to salvation. YOU IN GOD-ONE 63

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