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Michael Váppielle Z

Michael Váppielle Z ZEALOUS – having an enthusiastic excitement for what you are committed to. When it comes right down to it, we express our zeal for many things that the world offers. We have favorite sports teams, money, fine clothing, and many other things that feel good even though they are not lasting and will shortly fade away. We could fill a football stadium for a concert and lose our minds over a song or the performing artist. People are carried out after passing out from being some of their performances. 64

The ABCs of Spiritual Growth Wow! If we could only show God this kind of zealousness by worshipping Him with all that energy. Just imagine what kind of world this would be. The one who gives us our breathe of life, we give the least of ourselves in our expression with less zeal an enthusiasm. Develop and maintain a higher zeal for your spiritual growth for this is where your life exists with God and His love and patience. He deserves your very best! This will touch His heart, and make Him say, “Now, that's what I’m talking about, my children finally got it ...Amen!” Maintain your zeal for life, and live a life dedicated to God and His ways that you may be found worthy to receive all that He has for you! God Loves You! 65

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