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Student Services Fee for

Student Services Fee for Rio Rancho High School In an effort to help fund Student-Centered Activities (including after-school clubs, programs, and electives), RRHS charges a Student Service Fee (SSF) of $30 for all students enrolled. The SSF enables RRHS to offer students opportunities that would otherwise be eliminated due to the state’s budget shortfall. CURRICULUM ORIENTED Promote student-centered programs which support co-curricular and extra-curricular clubs, organizations and electives. ATHLETICS AND FINE ARTS BASED Provide all students free admission to all home Athletic and Fine Arts events (drama, dance, band, choir). Note: Tournaments and NMAA state tournament games are excluded. ACTIVITIES BASED Transportation of groups to non-athletic competitions. Provide for campus-wide programs such as “Rachel’s Challenge,” “Save-a-Life Anti DWI,” and other motivational programs. Provide healthy snacks for students during HSGA testing. Fund Positive Behavior Support-related (PBS) student recognition programs. A portion of the funds collected goes to each student’s grade level account, to be used to fund grade-specific programs such as homecoming floats, and other class projects as determined by student representatives elected by the students. Grade Level Classification Policy The minimum credits necessary for classification at the specified grade levels at RRHS are as follows: Senior Junior Sophomore 19 Credits 12 Credits 5 Credits Graduation requirements for transfer students have been established in accordance with the RRPS Pro-Rating Policy Grading Policy A great deal of your output will be assessed through the portfolios, demonstrations, presentations and collaborations that you create in class. These assessment methods will allow you and your teachers to identify strength and weakness areas and respond to them. Our grading policy consists of letter grades and may include commentary from teachers about skills, work habits, and knowledge. “A” Level Performance 90 – 100 “B” Level Performance 80 – 89 “C” Level Performance 70 – 79 “D” Level Performance 60 – 69 “F” Level Performance Below 60 Weighted Grades Weighted grades are awarded for the following classes: AP (Advanced Placement) and PLTW© advanced courses: 1.0 point is added to the semester grade value for a non-failing grade. 11

Honor Roll To qualify for the honor roll, a student must earn a 3.5 grade point average (GPA) for the current semester. Senior Class rank is calculated at the end of the fall semester of the senior year for purposes of determining the top 25 seniors. Prerequisites for Courses Some course offerings have prerequisite courses. Students and parents are responsible for reviewing these requirements to ensure that the student has passed the required prerequisites for requested classes. Repeated / Duplicate Classes When a student repeats a course, the higher of the two grades will be recorded on the transcript. Credit can only be awarded once for a repeated class. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with all classes they have taken and to alert their counselor in the event they mistakenly are enrolled in a duplicate class. Credit can only be awarded once, so pay attention to your transcript and courses. Class Load All students must be enrolled in a minimum of four courses each semester that include English, Social Studies, Math, and Science. This requirement is independent of whether or not the student has earned the necessary credits needed for graduation. All students must be enrolled at a minimum in these four core classes every semester they are in attendance at RRHS. Course Change Request Procedure A two week window is set aside after the electronic course selection process to accommodate those students who wish to change their course requests. Within this time period students must contact their counselor and submit a “course change request” form in order for this to take place. Hiring and placement of teachers is dependent on student course requests. Once the two week course change window passes there will be no additional course changes possible. Student schedules are created and “locked in.” Very few schedule changes are possible after this time. Students must contact their counselor before the start of school in order for a schedule change to be considered Advisory Upperclassmen (grades 10-12) who have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of less than 2.0, or who have failed a core course (English, social studies, math or science) in the previous semester, may be required to enroll for an Advisory class. The curriculum is designed to provide support for students who may be struggling to earn the necessary credits toward graduation. This is a required intervention elective. The focus of the course is to provide training in effective study skills, organizational skills, and time management, as well as an opportunity to obtain direct assistance on assignments from highly qualified instructors. Early Graduation A student wishing to graduate prior to the spring of his/her scheduled senior year must complete an early graduation agreement that requires signatures from the student’s parents/guardians, his/her Assistant Principal and counselor. A student completing graduation requirements at mid-year must notify his/her counselor of his/her plans regarding continuation of class enrollment. A student completing graduation requirements at mid-year may participate in the spring commencement ceremonies. Diplomas are awarded only at the end of the school year. Distance Learning Distance learning classes require the student to take a course over the internet in which the student communicates with a teacher in another location. Students must request prior approval from their counselor for distance learning course credit and complete a “Course Agreement” form signed by the student, parent and counselor. On-line courses are available at RRHS, at the Rio Rancho Cyber Academy, and through Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) Distance. RRHS will not accept correspondence credit for physical education or lab science courses. Rio Rancho High School must receive an official transcript for the course to meet graduation credit requirements 12

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