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Sample Class Schedules

Sample Class Schedules Grade 10 Discipline Course Title Duration Credits English English 10 or Pre AP English 10 Full year 1.0 Social Studies World History or AP World History Full year 1.0 Math Geometry Full year 1.0 Science (lab) Chemistry Full year 1.0 Technology Elective – Audio Production Semester 0.5 Fine Arts Elective – Concert Choir Full year 1.0 Other Elective – Business Computer Applications Semester 0.5 Other Elective – Newspaper 1 Full year 1.0 Total 7.0 Grade 11 Discipline Course Title Duration Credits English English 11 or AP English 11 Full year 1.0 Social Studies US History or AP US History Full year 1.0 Math Algebra 2 Full year 1.0 Science (lab) Biology Full year 1.0 Other Elective – Spanish 1 Full year 1.0 Other Elective – Newspaper 2 Full year 1.0 Other Elective – Culinary Arts/ProStart 1 Semester 0.5 Other Elective – Geology – Disasters from the Earth Semester 0.5 Total 7.0 Grade 12 Discipline Course Title Duration Credits English English 12 or AP English 12 Full year 1.0 Social Studies Economics or AP Macro Economics Semester 0.5 Social Studies Government or AP Government & Politics Semester 0.5 Math Trigonometry Full year 1.0 Science AP Physics 1 Full Year 1.0 Other Elective – Spanish 2 Full year 1.0 Other Elective – Newspaper 3 Full year 1.0 Other Elective – Street Law Semester 0.5 Other Elective – Story of Movies Semester 0.5 Total 7.0 9

Math and Science Courses – General Information RRHS offers several levels of math and science courses – general, Pre AP, and AP (Advanced Placement). These courses differ primarily with regard to the amount of work required for the course. Specifically, all Pre AP and AP classes require students to meet progressively increasing expectations: ⎬ Increased pace of the course -- more information presented in less time; and ⎬ Increased depth of concepts. STUDENT RESEARCH EXPO PROJECTS Teachers supervise and provide support to students as they guide students through the research process. The project is created outside of class on the student's own time. Adults, acting as consultants, are chosen by the student to contribute expertise on the student's topic of choice. Topics are chosen by the student and are based solely on personal area(s) of interest. This is an opportunity for students to utilize their mathematical skills developed in RRHS math and science classes. Many science and math classes offer extra credit for participation in the EXPO STUDENT RESEARCH EXPO The RRPS Student Research EXPO culminates with a public presentation at the annual RRPS STUDENT RESEARCH EXPO held at one of our high school campuses during the month of January. The STUDENT RESEARCH EXPO follows the rules of the International Science and Engineering Fair ( in which student projects are reviewed and scored by independent judges. Top projects are eligible for inclusion in the NW Regional Science and Engineering Fair held in Albuquerque every March and may qualify for cash awards for outstanding projects. Students attending the regional fair may be eligible for advancement to the NM State Science and Engineering Fair. Top projects may qualify for the Intel International Engineering and Science Fair where more than $4 million in prizes are awarded. Academic Letters for Research: Students must apply for the letter from the Science Instructional Leader (896-5746). Students completing any of the listed requirements are eligible to earn an academic letter for research. After the initial letter qualification, students earn an ‘infinity pin’ for each additional competition. • Three RRPS research EXPOs (Grades 8-12) • Two Regional Competitions (Grades 8-12) • One State Competition (Grades 8-12) • One International Competition (Grades 9-12) Project Lead the Way© (PLTW©) Project Lead the Way© (PLTW©) is a high school pre-engineering program which integrates a four-year course of study into the student’s core curriculum. The combination of traditional math and science courses with innovative pre-engineering courses prepares students for college majors in Engineering and Engineering & Technology fields and offers students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Pre-engineering courses engage students through a combination of activities-based, project-based, and problem-based learning. The learning activities create an environment for applying engineering concepts to real problems. The activities also prepare students to solve problems, participate as part of a team, lead teams, speak to a public audience, conduct research, understand real-world impacts, analyze data, and learn outside the classroom. PLTW’s© approach to coursework: Foundation Courses Specialization Courses Capstone Course Introduction to Engineering Design Aerospace Engineering Engineering Design & Development Principles Of Engineering Robotics II Introduction to Robotics I Digital Electronics Introduction to CAD Design Civil Engineering and Architecture Computer Integrated Manufacturing Parents & students may visit for more information. Co-curricular and/or extracurricular activities include participation in RoboRave. Students are eligible to earn college credit by earning a grade of 80% or higher on the college credit portion of the final exam in all Foundation and Specialization Courses. For additional details, please contact a PLTW© instructor. 10

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