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“Today the School,

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” DC – CAP The DC College Access Program (DC-CAP) is an important and valuable resource made available to the students of DCPS and Roosevelt SHS. The program allows for students to gain further access to college scholarship and financial aid opportunities, along with assisting in test prep courses and sign-up. The DC-CAP office is only available to students before school, during their lunch, or after school. At no time should a student be in the DC-CAP office during class time unless they have signed up for a previously scheduled college presentation. Teachers should never send a student to the DC-CAP office for any reason during instructional time. Students who wish to access the DC-CAP office are required to follow these specific guidelines: • Sign up for an appointment during their lunch period. There will be a weekly appointment sign-in sheet in the front of the DC-CAP office. ONLY students with an appointment are permitted to be in the DC-CAP office at any point throughout the school day. • College presentations also require students to sign up prior to attending the session. Students who have not signed up will not be permitted to attend. • Once students have signed up to attend a college presentation or to visit the DC-CAP office, they will receive a pass. Students must have this pass on their person during their visit. Athletics The principal is ultimately responsible for the operation of the school, including all matters pertaining to the athletic program. The Director, Strategy & Logistics will work with the athletic director and coaches to develop and support a high- functioning program for student athletes that reflect the school’s mission, philosophy and DCPS policy. Student Eligibility Student athletes must maintain eligibility to participate in sports through academic performance and positive behavioral conduct. The athletic director will work with the counseling department to ensure all athletes meet eligibility requirement to participate in sports, and will provide updated lists to coaches after each grading period. If a teacher feels that a student athlete should be deemed academically ineligible he/she should present that concern in writing to the athletic director as immediate as possible. The following behavior guidelines will apply to student athletes: • First Behavioral Offense – students will be suspended from one game 27

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” • Second Behavioral Offense – multiple game suspension • Third Behavioral Office – student is removed from the team. Student Dismissal for Athletic Events At the beginning of a sports season, the athletic director or coach will circulate a team roster and game schedule. Teachers should retain these lists for reference through the season. Each Friday, teachers will receive notification regarding student absences pertaining to athletic participation. This information must come directly from the coach or athletic director. Students on school teams should be dismissed from class for posted games and only if they are eligible to participate. Clubs Clubs must provide a service to the school, student body or community. Membership must be open to the entire student body, except in the case of various honor societies. Club sponsors and advisors must submit, in writing, their request to be appointed advisor to the principal before the end of the school year. Club sponsors for specific organizations must go through approval by Assistant Principal Moss. New teachers may submit their request to sponsor a club after the school year has started. Student Lockers Lockers should be used for: • Storing books and other personal belongings necessary for educational growth • Storing coats, jackets, and other personal items • The Roosevelt staff is not responsible for personal property, loss or theft, therefore students should not: ‣ Give their locker combination to another student ‣ Share lockers with anyone else ‣ Keep valuables in lockers. Students are strongly advised not to keep valuable items in their lockers. Additional Important locker information: • Students are permitted to check lockers before 1st period begins, before lunch and after school. • When students are tardy to school, they should not be in their lockers more than five minutes after the documented time on the hallway pass by the attendance counselor. • Locker usage is a privilege that can be revoked if the student fails to adhere to this policy. • During winter months, all jackets and coats must be place in lockers throughout the school day 28

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