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RHS_Senior_Student Handbook.SY17-18.FINAL

“Today the School,

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” c. Proper undergarments should be worn but not visible. h. Oversized chains or spiked jewelry are unacceptable. I. Head Wear: No hats, headbands, bandanas (any color), beanies, scarves, or hairnets will be allowed to be worn inside of the school building. This includes time before class, in-between class, and after school. Theodore Roosevelt High School Global Studies Campus recognizes and respects the religious expression of all our students. Students who wear head coverings for religious purposes are exempt from this policy. Grading Grades shall be based on student achievement and the timely completion of work. The classroom teacher is responsible for the evaluation of student academic performance and the awarding of grades. Teachers are expected to use a variety of methods in evaluating students: examinations, teacher-made tests, homework, projects, and student classroom participation are examples of methods that may be used to evaluate students. Teacher-made tests should be appropriate, rigorous, and meet or exceed DCPS standards for the subject matter and the age or maturity level of the students. All students with unexcused absences are allowed to make up work at the teacher’s discretion and must be given 48 hours to complete assignments. Each department must meet and establish uniform values for grading students; tests, homework, projects, examinations, research papers and participation. Also, common examinations must be developed, collaboratively and cooperatively within each department for midterm and final examinations. Teachers are expected to submit progress report and report card grades based on the deadlines determined by the DCPS calendar. DCPS Grading Policy • Teachers will enter numerical assignment grades into Aspen’s gradebook feature. Instructors are required to enter four grades per week; 1 participation, 2 assessments (e.g. exit ticket, tests or quizzes), 2 activities (e.g. Classwork and/or homework). • Notes should consistently be journaled in Aspen for positive and redirection purposes to keep both students and parents informed. • Aspen will generate term letter grades from “A” to “F” (which can be modified by instructors). Note: Aspen maintains a record of grade modifications. • Aspen adds the weighted, 4-point numbers together to find the appropriate number utilizing a 4-point scale (e.g. A=4, A-=3.7, B=3, C+=2.3, F=0, etc. ). • Based on this range and average of scores, a final letter grade is assigned. • RHS makes every effort to recognize students who are academically successfully. At the end of each grading term, students are eligible and recognized on the honor roll list; provided they meet the established minimum requirement of a 3.00 GPA. 39

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” Numerical Value 93 – 100 A 90 – 92 A- 87 – 89 B+ 83 – 86 B 80 – 82 B- 77 – 79 C+ 73 – 76 C 70 – 72 C- 67 – 69 D+ 64 – 66 D

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