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RHS_Senior_Student Handbook.SY17-18.FINAL

“Today the School,

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” requests for exceptions must be submitted to the principal two weeks before the end of the term. Incomplete grades are not permissable in the fourth quarter or as a final grade. Students are responsible for completing classwork during in-school and off-campus suspensions; requests for classwork will come from the school Dean of Students, Reginald Stevens. All assignments must be immediately submitted to the instructor upon the students return to class, and students are expected to makeup any additional assignments that may have been missed as a result of their absence. Instructors must allow students with excused absences to makeup any work missed and it is the responsibility of the student to submit documentation of their excused absence (school related absences are considered excused). Students are expected to make every effort to see their teachers for the makeup assignments; tests, quizezes and labs will be completed at the convenience of the teacher. Generally, make-up work should be completed within two days of returning to school. Extended absences of three or more days will be given an extended deadline to complete missed assignments; students should be allowed extra time and support to complete said assignments. In the case of an intentional, unexcused absence (i.e. skipping school, cutting class or non-medical absence), the student will NOT be allowed to make-up classwork, and the student will receive a zero for that assignment. Instructors must review this policy with students at the beginning of each term. Guidence Services The overall goal of the counseling department is to provide information and resources for students, parents and teachers. The resources available to students will consist of academic advising, college and career information, personal counseling, parent involvement groups, student records and outside agency referrals. The counselors will seek to help students establish academic goals, develop personal strengths and interest, and help prepare students for college and after high school. The counselor will communicate with parents regarding their child’s academic progress, and assist parents with any concerns they may have regarding classes and programs their child may participate in. All students meet quarterly with their counselors, but are permitted to schedule individual conferences at their discretion. All appointments with counselors should occur before or after school, during lunch period and/or advisory. Health Services The school nurse and suite is available Monday – Friday, from 8:00am – 3:30pm to assist studens with their medical needs. Teachers must provide students with a pass before granting permission to visit the health suite – medication is only given to students with written authorization from a licensed physician and parental consent. 41

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” Assemblies & Special Events All students will be escorted to assemblies and special events by a teacher, assistant or administrator in an orderly and prompt manner. Each grade and class will be assigned a permanent seating space during the school year – assembly seating charts are posted outside of the auditorium. To ensure a productive and organized event, teachers are required to remain with their class throughout the duration of the assembly. The days and times of all assemblies will be calendared and announced in advance. Students who do not comply with the school dress code for programs and special events may be sent to ISS or denied participation. The following guidelines are designed to provide members of the RHS community with guidance on how they can both enjoy and support school performances and assemblies: • Teachers will sit with their students during school wide assemblies. • Give your full attention to the performance – come to performances prepared to give your full attention. • The audience rises and stands quietly with arms either at their sides or with right hands over their hearts. Cell phone conversations and texting, eating, and fussing with coats and other personal belongings should stop while everyone stands facing the flag either in silence or by joining in singing. Latecomers should not enter the room until after the anthem is completed. • Undesired noise is not only distracting to other audience members, but can be disruptive for those on stage. Cell phones must be silenced throughout the assembly – the highest regard should be given to performers. You can show your appreciation during a performance by applauding when appropriate and by giving performers positive words of encouragement. Translation Services DC Public Schools provides language line services to assists with communication and translation services. You can reach these services through the following steps: 1. Dial 1-800-367-9559 2. Enter on your telephone keypad or provide the representative: • 6 digit client ID: • Press 1 for Spanish • Press 2 for all other languages (Speak the name of the language at the prompt). An interpreter will be connected to the call. 3. Brief the Interpreter-- Summarize what you wish to accomplish and give any special instructions. 4. Add the limited English speaker to the line 42

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