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RHS_Senior_Student Handbook.SY17-18.FINAL

“Today the School,

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” Section VI –Senior Standards and Expectations Decision-Making Whether attending college, entering the world of work, or completing the last year of high school, you must begin/continue to make good decisions. Good decisions soundly and profoundly support personal and career goals. Take the following steps when faced with decisions. 10 STEPS TO BETTER DECISION-MAKING ● Define the decision to be made. ● Gather the necessary information. ● List all possible choices. ● Consider possible outcomes for each choice. ● Check out how you feel about each of the choices. ● Relate the choices to your values and priorities. ● From the possible alternatives, chose one. ● Commit yourself to your decision and disregard the others. Concentrate your energies in one direction. ● Take steps to turn your decision into positive action. ● Evaluate your progress from time to time. Change your decision if necessary. Now that you have been acquainted with the steps, ensure that you use them as the foundation for making all decisions. By doing so you will find that throughout life making the right decisions will lead you in the right direction! Before reviewing the content of the remaining pages of this booklet, it is extremely important for you to decide now to make the right decisions. A right decision is one that will bring you the most positive result from your actions. Whether deciding to execute the duties and responsibilities associated with being a senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School, choosing “friends” or associates, deciding what to wear to school, being on time, or studying each night, you must make the decision that will bring you the most positive result! 45

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” Senior Standards and Expectations Standards solidify the foundation for success. They provide measures of accountability and equity for all students. The following are the requirements to be considered as a senior in good standing for the Class of 2018. These include, but are not limited to, Senior Inauguration, Graduation, Prom, and other senior events. ⇒ There will be a “NO PARTICIPATION” list for students who violate the Code of Student Conduct of District of Columbia Public School System (DCPS), and the Standards and Expectations of Theodore Roosevelt High School. Upon the first offense, seniors/twelfth graders will be placed on the “NO PARTICIPATION” list and will be automatically placed on probation for participation in senior related events. Subsequent violations will result in an automatic exclusion from one or more events. ⇒ This is your last year of high school and you are required to serve as role models for freshmen, sophomores, and junior. You must also demonstrate that you are ready to enter college or the world of work. It is also wise to remember that participation in all events is a privilege; not a right. Participation Standards Faculty members are responsible for supervising all senior events; therefore, they must be respected at all times. In addition to fulfilling academic requirements in all classes, seniors must adhere to the DCPS Code of Conduct and the Participation Standards of Theodore Roosevelt High School, in order to earn the privilege of participation. 46

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