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The Star: March 16, 2017

36 Thursday

36 Thursday March 16 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star Gardening Beautiful blooms from gerberas Rachel Vogan says bright-faced gerberas offer more than ever before, with new breeds no longer restricted to indoor living only YEARS AGO, gerberas were predominantly grown inside as they were deemed to be a little temperamental and challenging to grow outdoors. Years of breeding has seen the development of new types that have been bred specifically to counter this flaw and flourish especially well in pots. Yahoo, I say. It now means you can easily grow your own cut flowers at home. Gerberas are often a first choice in bouquets and a popular choice for brides on the Big Day. The flowers come in a rainbow of colours with true blue and ebony black seeming to be the only omissions at the moment, although that could easily change with all the breeding being undertaken. In the shops you will find two main brands of outdoor patio gerberas – Garvinea and Sweet series. Garvinea were bred to flower over a longer period and are about half the size of the large florist’s gerberas. The colour range is amazing and flowers themselves very eye-catching as they produce so many flower stems per plant. With a compact growth habit they are definite patio and tub option, especially if you want to create a wow factor. These flowers pick well, too, although it always seems sad not to leave them outside strutting their stuff, especially if they are planted in your outdoor living areas. They are true perennials, meaning they don’t die after one season. Hailing from South Africa, they prefer a free-draining soil rather than anything too wet or heavy. Protect from harder frosts, as anything below -5 deg C is too cold for them. If they are planted in tubs, move the tubs closer to the house or even indoors over winter. New this season are those in the Sweet series, which have all the same attributes as Garvineas, but offer much larger blooms. One I am going to hunt down is ‘Sweet Surprise’ with its layers of pale lavender petals. This colour appeals to those who enjoy tones of blue and violet in the garden or on the patio. Another newcomer is ‘Sweet Memories’, which boasts an array of pretty pastel-pink outer petals that contrast beautifully with the creamy-white centres. This one is sure to quickly become a favourite with flower lovers. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW When to plant gerbera outdoors Warm climates summer and autumn Temperate climates summer and autumn Cold climates summer When to plant gerberas indoors All regions, all year round. Where to plant Full sun, free-draining soil, protect from heavy frost. VIVID: Sweet Memories (top). This is one you can grow in the garden or pots and tubs. (Above left) Gerbera ‘Kermit’ is a new florist-only variety, ask or order it by name. It’s a real character; Gerberas can last for a good 10 days to a fortnight when used in floral arrangements. autumn sale Great quality trees at Great value prices up tO 80% OFF! FOr a limited time Only UNTIL 26 MARCH 2017 Get in quicK! Open tuesday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm saturday & sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm 366 Halswell Junction Road, Halswell, Christchurch 8025 T: 03 349 9240 | E: |

z The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday March 16 2017 37 Q GARDENING ADVICE with Because we rent, I am gardening in containers such as tubs, buckets and even a bath! This is my second year, and the vegetables (beans, zucchinis, lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot etc) are as good as last year’s crop. I initially set my pots up with potting soil, Mulch & Grow, and compost (yours and my own). Now I need to know how to ‘pep up’ or keep the soil viable for next year’s crops. Or should I discard it and start again? Today’s winning question came from Karina Rasmussen. Congratulations! A While it is possible to ‘pep up’ your existing soil in the various containers you mention, we would strongly advise starting the new season of vegetable growing with new potting or container mix. The reason for this is because after two seasons of successful cropping, the soil in your containers will not only be depleted of essential nutrients, but will have lost some important structure that could lead to drainage or water retention issues. Emptying your containers provides an opportunity to clean them to reduce possible fungal infections, and you can also check that the existing drainage holes are suffi cient. Remember, even when using new potting or container mix, it is important to apply slow release fertiliser during the growing season to ensure your veggies grow strong and healthly throughout the season. Products to try are; Garden Time Container Mix, Daltons Premium Potting or Tub Mixes, Garden Time Complete Fertiliser, Daltons incredible edibles ® Vegetable Fertiliser. For more advice, read How to Grow guides at Bulbs are a superb way to add springtime fragrance and colour to your garden after a long winter. Plant different varieties to give variations in height and colour. Always label where the bulbs are in the garden so they are not damaged or accidently dug up when dormant over winter. BE IN TO WIN! $85 PRIZE PACK! Send us your gardening question to be in to win! We have a Daltons Premium Bulb Pack to giveaway. Each pack is valued at $85 and contains: 2 x Daltons Premium Bulb Mix Daltons Premium Bulb Fertiliser Daltons Organic Bio-Fungicide Granules PLUS a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products ( Email your question and glove size to: Entries must be received by 22 nd March 2017 McSAVENEYS NURSERY SALE NOW ON 20-40% OFF ALL STOCK McSaveney’s Nursery 57A McSaveneys Rd, Marshland Ph/Fax: 3854675 • OPEN 7 DAYS “Growers of quality perennials and shrubs” a ‘STaND-OUT’ POPPY THIS IS IT Poppy Champagne Mixed Enormous cup shaped flowers. Strong stems and long lasting garden performance. 1934-2017 $4.70 PACk of 10 Bettaplants 83 YEARS IN BUSINESS Antirrhinum Snapshot Mixed Strong garden performance with a full range of colours. Height = 20cm. $4.70 PACk of 8 Dry sheep manure 40litre bags $8.50 Used potting mix (weed free) 30litre bags $6.50 or $30 for 5 bags Rotted pig manure and sawdust 50litre bags $9.90 27 Ottawa Road Phone: 389-7855 Hours: 8.00am-5.30pm Mon to Fri 8.00am-5.00pm Sat PARKHOUSE MULCH & FEED Blended by our Master Mixologist, will give your garden food, shelter from the sun and keep your garden looking great. It contains a blend of Straw, Chicken Manure, Gypsum, Peat and Bark fines. $55 PER CUbiC MEtRE Landscape Lane (off Lunns Rd) P. 348 2915 OPEN 7 DAYS Remember... we are NOT in Parkhouse Road NO GREEN WASTE IN ANY OF OUR COMPOST naTiVe planT nursery Trees for CanTerbury speCialisTs in • Groundcovers • Ferns • Grasses • Small to big sized shrubs • Shelterbelts • ALL grades • Expert advice • Planting now Ask us about Super Gold Card discounts Helping our community grow 42 Charlesworth Street Ph/Fax (03) 982-1028 OPEN 7 DAYS Ouruhia ‘The greatest little nursery in town’ SPECIALIST LANDSCAPE NURSERY • 20% off Fruit Trees, Citrus & Berry Plants • Huge Native Sale • Hedging from $2 • Moptops • Topiary from $24.99 HUGE NATIVE SELECTION Plus lots more! On site garden design Cnr Marshland & Turners Road 8.30-5pm • 7 DAYS • Ph 323 8588