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Selwyn Times: May 02, 2017

14 Tuesday

14 Tuesday May 2 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The effective use of low level laser treatment for assisting in the healing of deep tissue and joint problems has been used for more than 40 years. This treatment, which uses photo stimulation of mitochondria in cells, is able to penetrate into the site of injury to promote healing and reduce inflammation – relaxing muscles and reducing pain. Southern Chiropractic principal chiropractor Andre Grob has seen how the non-invasive treatment has resulted in impressive results for his clients. “I attended the World Congress conference on lower back pain in Singapore last year where they reinforced the use of low level laser treatment on lower back pain. “It was great to confirm the technology I have been treating my patients with has been highly researched with clinical studies showing the positive effect on acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.” The treatment, which only takes 15 to 20 minutes, is especially effective with muscle and joint pain, stiffness Southern ChiropraCtiC 290 halSwell road associated with arthritis, neck and lower back pain. It is approved by the FDA and Meta analysis by the Lancet Medical Journal also endorses the treatment saying it can reduce pain intensity, disability and the reoccurrence of pain. Andre can also provide other treatments including adjustments, exercises, stretches and muscle therapy – to readjust the body or help it heal from conditions that are physical in origin. These can include problems such as back pain, muscle spasms, headaches and poor posture. What you may not know is that it is also completely appropriate to receive chiropractic care even though you may not have symptoms. Unlike standard medical doctors who you visit when you have symptoms that need to be treated, chiropractors offer adjustments to improve spinal alignment and overall wellbeing – and can prevent the pain or other symptoms even starting. Going to a chiropractor is much the same as going to the dentist or gym or even leading a healthy life – it 5 Warning Signs prevents problems from reaching critical stage where you can become incapacitated and as long as you keep up with regular visits, then you continue to enjoy the benefits of a life feeling well. “I have been providing Chiropractic Care for patients for more than 15 years and during that time I have gained outstanding results. If you are experiencing back or neck pain or feel that treatment may be of benefit to you please give me a call.” ACC recognises chiropractors as primary health care specialists when it comes to spinal care so you do not need a referral from a GP to seek treatment for a back or neck injury as a result of accidental causes. In the event of an accident we can initiate a claim directly and if it is accepted, treatment costs will be subsidised. ● ● 290 halswell Road Laser treatment proven to reduce pain HEADACHES SELWYN TIMES Southern Chiropractic, located at 290 halswell Road, is open Monday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday. on Tuesdays the clinic operates from Ashburton Chiropractic in Ashburton. For Tuesday bookings please phone 03 308 9516, or 03 322 1432. For all other bookings at the halswell location, please phone 03 322 1432 or email, or visit their website at for further information. of Spinal Stress! NECK PAIN AND TENSION A healthy spine is vital to your wellbeing. Specialist spinal therapy at Southern Chiropractic consists of: ● André Grob, Dr of Chiropractic, has had over 15 years experience of specialty spinal care in Australia and New Zealand. • Manual manipulative therapy • Soft tissue Massage • Low level Laser therapy • Exercise and postural education • For correction of spinal complaints and to enhance your health! ● MID BACK PAIN AND TENSION FOR BETTER SPINAL HEALTH ACT NOW…. Phone 322 1432 SCIATIC PAIN LOW BACK PAIN Southern Chiropractic Ltd Telephone (03) 322 1432 290 Halswell Road • Halswell • Christchurch 8025 | email

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Tuesday May 2 2017 15 SPORTS MILESTONE: Kris Wilder leads Lincoln onto the field for his 50th division 1 game with the club. Lincoln falls to Rakaia LINCOLN HAVE been leapfrogged by Rakaia in the combined country rugby competition. The table switch occurred following Rakaia’s 41-20 away win over Lincoln on Saturday. The defeat was just Lincoln’s second of the season and drops them to second in section 2, two points behind Rakaia. They will face another tough task when they look to bounce back on Saturday. Lincoln travel to Kaiapoi, who are coming off the back of a 38-17 win over Methven. Results Luisetti Seeds division 1 – section 1 Darfield 45-22 BDI, Hornby 36-15 Hampstead, Saracens 41-17 Ohoka, Prebbleton 29-25 Glenmark, Celtic 31-16 Waihora. Luisette Seeds division 1 – section 2 Kaiapoi 38-17 Methven, Rakaia 41-20 Lincoln, Southbridge 30-25 Oxford, Southern 45-7 Rolleston, West Melton (bye). Standings Division 1 Darfield, 29pts, 1; Glenmark, 21pts, 2; Celtic, 20pts, 3; Prebbleton, 19pts, 4; Waihora, 19pts, 5; Saracens, 16pts, 6; BDI, 14pts, 7; Hornby, 12 pts, 8; Ohoka, 1pts, 9; Hampstead, 0pts, 10. Division 2 Southbridge 29pts, 1; Rakaia, 20pts, 2; Lincoln, 18pts, 3; Oxford, 16pts, 4; Southern, 12pts, 5; Kaiapoi, 11pts, 6; Methven, 10pts, 7; West Melton, 4pts, 8; Rolleston, 0pts, 9. DETERMINED: Scott Edmonds fights off a two man Rakaia tackle. IN THE CORNER: Odgar Odum finishes off a well-worked play by sliding over the line. PHOTOS: KAREN CASEY ON THE RUN: Marc Pietzner looks to get loose from the Rakaia defence. Balanced Pressure Ventilation 0800 SMOOTH (0800 766 684) Ventilation Equipment Suppliers to trade and retail HEX390 Balanced Pressure Ventilation with Heat Recovery Fresh air from outside Warm stale air from house Heat is transferred to the incoming filtered fresh air Substantial energy savings over traditional domestic ventilation systems 264 Annex Road, Riccarton Christchurch 8024, NZ Ph +64 3 343 6184 Exhaust air to outside Warm fresh air to house for healthy indoor air Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm Recognising the Early Signs of Osteoporosis By Cath King, Nutritionist at Osteohealth NZ How do we know whether our bones are healthy or not? We can’t see them like we can our skin, or listen to them like the heart or lungs. They feel strong through our flesh. But are they really? Bone density scans are a way to look inside bone, and see how dense or strong they are, but we rarely get a bone density test until after menopause, when it might be too late. Studies show that only 12 percent of people with osteoporosis have had a bone mineral density (BMD) scan, the most reliable diagnostic test for osteoporosis. This is likely due to a lack of awareness among middle-aged and older women and their physicians about the risk of osteoporosis. Some early signs that may indicate bone loss are: • Not getting much sun exposure • Difficulty getting up from a chair without using your arms to push • Joint or muscle aches • A resting pulse greater than 80 beats per minute • Height loss • Increasing stooping (curvature of the spine) • Receding gums • Decreased grip strength • Weak and brittle fingernails • Cramps, muscle aches • Low overall fitness If you have risk factors for osteoporosis – meaning you’re a woman, postmenopausal, slight build, take medication or you’re vitamin D-deficient, among others – don’t wait until you have symptoms to get screened. Unfortunately, bone loss, leading to osteoporosis, often occurs without any noticeable symptoms, so by the time you have a fracture, feel pain, or develop curvature of the spine, osteoporosis may already be present. Luckily, if you identify bone loss early, you can take steps to reduce your risk of osteoporosis. Bone Mineral Density testing will be available at Lincoln Rec Centre (Lincoln University) on Friday 19th May.