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Selwyn Times: May 02, 2017

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday May 2 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Our People SELWYN TIMES Linda Miratana Gym instructor gets HIGH ACHIEVER: Gym instructor Linda Miratana was recognised with two awards from the New Zealand Exercise Industry last year. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER With 23 years of working as a gym instructor under her belt, Linda Miratana has transformed the Lincoln Event Centre into a popular place for group gym classes. Georgia O’Connor-Harding spoke to her about what brought her to Lincoln What does your job involve at the Lincoln Event Centre? I am the assistant manager here. I have been in that role for three years. I did work here prior to that just part-time, but then took on the full-time role as assistant manager. I teach group fitness and manage the group instructors here. I am the group fitness manager in both centres in Rolleston and Lincoln. I am often here first thing in the morning for my day job and I am often here at nighttime teaching classes too. I just need a bed at my desk and I will be fine. What has kept you here so long? It is such a great community. After working here I moved here because I loved it so much. I used to live in Templeton. I live just two minutes away, which can be good and bad because sometimes I am the person on call. What was it like to win the group exercise freestyle instructor of the year and people’s choice award at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards last year? That was fantastic, so exciting for me. I have been teaching for 23 years and it was really nice to be recognised. Without me knowing they sent a person into my classes and they did the whole class then they had to report back. It was a really nice feeling, but I stay grounded because I love doing it more than anything else. Do you have rough days? How do you push yourself through? You play your music and that usually gives you a lift. There may just be the odd day where you feel tired but, honestly, as soon as you get that music going it gives you a boost. Plus the people – I always look at the people and think these people have come here for me tonight. They can go to any instructor but they chose to come here to my class. Do you have any specific way to get people involved in classes? I will talk to people and reassure them. There are a couple of ladies in their 70s as well as a 21-year-old and all ages in between in my classes. I have all different levels of fitness. You can go in the back, hide in the corner and give them lots of options to make it easier. Two months down the track people in our beginners classes are addicted too. What are your favourite classes to do? Definitely not dance because I can’t. I am useless. Yoga I need to do more of but don’t. I tend to like classes more intense. Spin and pump are my favourite. They are hard but give you good results. It was pump I got awards for. I have done a couple of presentations, such as the FITEX (conference for the New Zealand fitness and exercise industry) last year. I presented a workshop on pump, which is the first time I have done that and I have applied to do it again this year as well. How do you come up with ideas for choreography of your classes? I go to lots of fitness conferences and try to get ideas. 6 Shooter, Production & Ministock NZ Title Weekend Round 1 Events Fund applications open Applications to the Selwyn District Events Fund are open during May to fund events happening between 1 July and 31 December 2017. The Council’s Events Fund can support a wide variety of events and help cover costs such as equipment, venue hire, promotions, consent and traffic management to ensure your event is a success. Applications for funding close 5pm, Wednesday 31 May 2017. To find out more and make an application visit or phone 347 2719 or 318 8338. growing strong communities together SAT 6 MAY 12.30PM – SUN 7 MAY 11.30AM Seafield Road, Ashburton (Next to Airport) Contact: Graham 027 455 5387 / Ross 027 477 8068 / Lance 021 526 231 Gate Prices $15 day $25 both days Under 14 Free If accompanied by an adult Updates & Cancellations available on SPORTCHECK.CO.NZ GET THE MESSAGE or Text ‘ASHSPEED’ to 3080 to register. Texts cost 50c each

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Tuesday May 2 2017 9 Lincoln residents all pumped up Ideas for songs – I play the music channel on television a lot. Music in my car when I am driving and I have got the Shazam app so if I hear a song on the radio I can tell straight away it would be a great pump or spin song and I can then create my song from that. I have found the longer I have been here – because I have such a good base of people that keep coming back – we are all getting stronger, so it is making my tracks a little harder now. If we go back two years ago and do a class I used to teach, it would be so much easier. Do you have a favourite go to snack? Not really a favourite, but a go to just before my class is a tin of tuna for energy. I eat it before my pump class and it gives me so much energy and strength but it is not that pleasant. Other snacks are nuts and I often have a sneaky bit of dark chocolate. I am a bit of a health nut with my food. Are you from the United Kingdom and what brought you here? I was born in London but lived in Yorkshire until I was 18, then I went to Blackpool and The Fylde College and did catering DREAM, BELIEVE: One of Linda Miratana’s favourite moments in her job was getting 25 people from her class to enter the PhysioMed Women’s Triathlon or Duathlon in February. and hotel management for three years. It was while I was on that course I met a Kiwi and married him over there when I was 21 and have been in New Zealand ever since. I am sure if I had still been over there I never would have found my group fitness. It was through coming here, I had only been here for a few days and my new sister-in-law took me into Les Mills. And after a few years, they asked me if I would be interested in being a trainee teacher and that is how I started my career in fitness. Do you have a life motto? I just like to be a good role model, and practice what I preach, and sell the benefits of what we do. It is a good addiction to have. It just makes me happy what I do. What is one of your biggest achievements at the centre? We had a group from the centre that entered the PhysioMed women’s triathlon or duathlon. We had 25 of our ladies from classes that entered it in February. Some had never ran before and it was a great event where we all supported one another, not only with our training, but also on the day. Everybody wore the same top, which read on the front ‘Dream, Believe, Inspire, Achieve,’ which has now become our fitness motto. Do you have any goals you would like to achieve? Probably to just get more involved in presenting and to make sure that, ultimately, when my time comes to not be here, the centre can still provide great quality classes. I want to continue mentoring new instructors, because if I was to go, I don’t want gym classes to change here. So I need a strong base of instructors to carry on what I have started here. I would hate to go and for the place to go back to where it was. HORTICULTURAL CENTRE - HAGLEY PARK Opp the Hospital THIS SAT & SUN SAT 6 MAY 8AM - 7PM • SUN 7 MAY 8AM - 5PM MASSIVE RANGE OF NEW SKIS SNOWBOARDS AND BOOTS HUNDREDS OF JACKETS AND PANTS ALL WITH HUGE REDUCTIONS PLUS HELMETS GOGGLES GLOVES BE FITTED OUT BY SNOW INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS BUY WITH TOTAL CONFIDENCE - ALL PRODUCTS SOLD WITH BACKUP SERVICE