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The Star: March 23, 2017

16 Thursday

16 Thursday March 23 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi News Rappers face off in battle • By Gabrielle Stuart THERE IS one person Selwyn Hose will not want to see in the audience when he gets up on stage this weekend – his mum. He is one of the local rappers preparing for the RedZone Live Christchurch Rap Battle this weekend, where they will face off against others visiting from around the country. The rap battle is a way to encourage up-and-coming Christchurch hip hop talent. But Hose, known in the hip hop community as True, said nothing will be safe from the flying insults when the rap battle starts – even his mother. “My mum has heard some of this stuff and she’s not impressed . . . she’s like, why bring me into it?” But although the insults will fly, he said there was more than that to winning a rap battle. The battle will have three rounds and the winner of each round will be judged based on their flow, style, cadence and wittiness of their lines, he said. He said it took hours of preperation – including hours spent studying an opponent for their weaknesses. Music, rather than battle rap, was his first love. He writes and records around his day job as a broadband cable jointer. But he’s loved rap since he was about 10, and discovered a rap cassette tape at his local op-shop. “Me and my friends at school would freestyle to each other, and over time that turned into battling each other, and it developed from there, the love of it,” RHYMES: Selwyn Hose, aka True, is one of the local artists who will face off against rappers from around the country in a rap battle this weekend. ​ he said. A group of his friends formed RedZone about a year ago to do that, organising a range of events from community fundraisers to big battles designed to draw in artists from out of town. •The RedZone Live Christchurch Rap Battle will be held on Saturday from 7pm at Club Tavern on Colombo St. Entry is $10. Red zone stories help shape area’s future • By Gabrielle Stuart STORIES ABOUT a wool shed used after World War 2 to store equipment and dragon boating on the Avon have been shared through an online red zone ideamapping tool. Regenerate Christchurch has been working to collect people’s stories from the land before it makes decisions about the future of the red zone. Chief executive Ivan Iafeta said he was open to all ideas from the community, right down to Christchurch’s youngest residents. More than 1000 children’s ideas for the red zone have already been collected on postcards. Some asked for theme parks or zoos, but about a quarter asked for green spaces. “Children are the future users, leaders and residents of our city and we’re creating a legacy for them,” Mr Iafeta said. The online feedback on the red zone was originally planned to close this month, but has been extended until April 24. Next month, workshops for young design teams are set to be held, where they can share their ideas while being helped The Star BIG IDEAS: More than 1000 ideas for the red zone have been shared by children, through the process by engineers and designers. This weekend, a community day will be held, where people can take free guided tours of the red zone, give feedback and share their ideas. •The red zone community day will run from 10am- 3pm on Saturday at Haeata Community Campus, 240 Breezes Rd, Wainoni. Stories and information about red zone land can also be shared online until April 24 at engage.

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