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Good bags for

duck shooters

Greenpark resident Trent Lassen returning after

a successful morning’s hunting at the opening of

the duck shooting season on Saturday. Mr Lassen

bagged his catch at his father Terry Lassen’s pond

in Greenpark. Terry said it was a successful opening

with the weather being calm and sunny. About 100

birds were shot at the property by several hunters

over the weekend. Trent shot 16. Fish and Game

officer Steve Terry said it was reasonably quiet

around Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora this year but

people who used private ponds did well.







held off

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

A DECISION over a ratepayerfunded

fence in a high country

station has been held off by the

Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee

after concerns more research

needs to be done on the project.

About five zone committee

members will travel to Cave

Stream later this month to visit

the site.

It was planned the committee

would make a final decision

on supporting the funding for

a proposed fence by Flock Hill

Holdings Ltd last Tuesday.

Environment Canterbury

proposed putting $44,236 towards

fencing off a section of Cave

Stream and associated 35ha wetlands

at the station.

It comes after an application

by Flock Hill’s leaseholder Flock

Hill Holdings, owned by Jim

Foster and Vince Saunders of Los

Angeles-based Coast Range New


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2 Tuesday May 9 2017

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DESK News.................................... 3-15


planned ratepayer-funded fence

on Flock Hill Station continues.

On page 1 today we reveal the

Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee

has held off making a

decision on plans for a $44,236

ratepayer-funded fence to section

off a part of Cave Stream

and 35ha wetlands at the station.

It was planned the committee

would make a final decision

on supporting the funding last


But now committee members

will go out to Cave Stream to

inspect the area to see whether

this is money well spent – or

whether the station itself should

be paying for the fence.

In sport today (pages 18-19)

we profile a young karter going

places and we have coverage of

Lincoln’s win in senior netball at

the weekend.

11-year-old kart racer has eyes



– Barry Clarke on formula one

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Tuesday May 9 2017 3


Delay in fence decision

•From page 1

This was for vegetation clearance

on nearby terraces so it

could intensify grazing on the


It proposed fencing off Cave

Stream as a way of mitigating

the associated loss of biodiversity

on the terraces.

The landowners

will contribute


towards the


It has since

been decided,

this decision to

Allen Lim

fund the project

using ECan’s


Steps programme for protecting

freshwater biodiversity, is


Te Taumutu Runanga representative

Les Wanhalla said he

will not have an opinion until

he has seen the area.

“For me to sit in the office out

of town to say yay or nay I don’t

know what I am doing,” he said.

Zone committee chairman

Allen Lim told Selwyn Times

people are forgetting the landowners

are putting in 120ha

of farmland for conservation

which is not required.

“In my view $44,000 is a

CONTENTIOUS: A decision over the project to fence a section of Cave Stream on Flock Hill

Station has been held off. ​

minimal amount . . . if there is

an opportunity to protect it, I

say protect it,” he said.

But it was questioned by

residents at the zone committee

meeting last Tuesday as to what

the fence was designed to do.

Springfield resident Nicky

Snoyink asked if a proper landscape

assessment on the terraces

had been done.

“I just wondered what the

fence will enable? I noticed

the last couple of months up

here a few of the river terraces

throughout the basin had been

over-sewed, drilled,” she said.

She had concerns the fence

would give licence for the terrace

to be turned into farmland.

ECan’s land management

advisor Johannes Welsch responded

the project is focused

primarily on freshwater and

the owners would have to go

through another consent process

through the district council

to farm the terrace.

At the meeting, resident John

Summers said the leaseholders

have a stewardship responsibility

and should be funding the

project themselves.


you think the Cave Stream

fence should be funded?

Email your views to georgia.

In Brief


Three new projects will soon get

under way to improve roading

connections to the Rolleston

industrial zone. Traffic volumes in

the Rolleston industrial area have

increased by more than 200 per

cent over the past 10 years. The

projects will cost $1.9 million and

have been developed by a Roading

Strategy Group. The New Zealand

Transport Agency will fund 51

per cent of the cost of the projects,

with the remaining cost funded

through a mix of district council

and developer funding.


Firefighters battled a house blaze

in West Melton for more than

three hours yesterday. The fire

started in the roof of a Halkett

Rd property about 11am. Six fire

crews from Kirwee, Rolleston,

Burnham and Christchurch attended

the blaze. No injuries were



Work to install ultra violent

treatment and water filtration

at Springfield has begun and is

expected to be completed in August.

Currently the water is treated

by chlorination. In Rolleston,

UV treatment will be installed

at Moore St and Overbury Cres.

The majority of Rolleston’s water

supplies will be treated with UV

before summer.

4 Tuesday May 9 2017

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Your Local Views

Siphon raises road safety concerns





secretary and

resident Gary

Doyle writes

about his

concerns on

the New Zealand Transport

Agency four laning

development between

Weedons and Hoskyns Rds

The creation of the four-laning

between Weedons and Hoskyns

Rds, have a normal (but not

required) camber at the eastern


The Rolleston end actually

has a slight reverse camber. Due

to the New Zealand Transport

Agency refusing to flatten the

eastern end, a very expensive

siphon will have to be installed.

The maintenance of this will

fall back on the ratepayers. NZTA

flatly declined to lower the road,

quoting “safety reasons” but will

not discuss the reverse camber at

the Rolleston end.

Discussions have been held by

myself with NZTA, flatly refusing

to see reason but happy to

cause a very possible traffic hazard

which will occur when the

siphon clogs up, at which time

they will simply pass the buck to

the district council. I await their

public explanation.

On a slightly different note is

the lack of action with widening

both Jones and Maddisons Rds

to cope with the increase in traffic,

especially heavy traffic. This

increase coupled with the greater

usage of both roads by cyclists is

also a disaster waiting to happen.

CONCERN: The water race which will be siphoned on

Weedons Rd.

New Zealand Transport

Agency principal project

manager Geoff Griffiths


The works referred to are part

of the NZTA’s Christchurch

Southern Motorway Stage 2

project (CSM2). NZTA has been

approached by Mr Doyle on a

number of occasions over recent

years regarding the changes to

Main South Rd, (State Highway

1), in the vicinity of the proposed

Weedons Rd Interchange.

We have explained the design

to Mr Doyle several times, the

latest being on March 2 this year

when I and the consultant’s design

manager met with him for

well over an hour.

He was provided with drawings

and a full explanation of the

design including the reasons for

the geometric design of the road

at Weedons and at the Rolleston

end of the project.

There is nothing unusual in

the design and it follows conventional

guidelines and standards

to ensure a safe and comfortable

driving outcome.

The need for the siphon at

Weedons was discussed at the

same meeting.

Again there is nothing unusual

in the use of a siphon to carry the

water race under a road. It was

explained that the changes to

the water race network were not

designed in isolation by NZTA

designers but in full consultation

with the Selwyn District


NZTA has designed any

changes to the water race to meet

both the district council and

NZTA requirements.

The district council and NZTA

believe that the changes to the

water race network being undertaken

as part of the CSM2 project

will result in a more resilient

network with lower maintenance


An example of this increased

resilience is the provision at

Weedons of a dual siphon rather

than a single siphon to reduce

the risk of blockage and subsequent


Transport Agency engineers

have also presented to the

Weedons Residents Association

Committee on CSM2.

The widening of Jones Rd and

Maddisons Rd is not included in

the scope of the NZTA’s CSM2


However, the installation of a

roundabout at the Weedons Ross

Rd/Jones Rd intersection and

the upgrading of both the Curraghs

Rd/Jones Rd and Dawsons

Rd/Jones Rd intersections are


In respect to cyclists, NZTA and

the district council have worked

together to include in the scope of

the CSM2 project improved cycle

facilities between Rolleston and

Dawsons Rd, Templeton. These

include off-road or parallel alternative

options to Jones Rd.

•More local views, p10

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It is 2021 in Nelson and Gloria, aged 97, hasn’t

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Tuesday May 9 2017 5


Seminars planned to ease water tensions

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

A SERIES of seminars are

planned to reduce tensions

between Environment

Canterbury and residents over

how water issues in the Selwyn-

Waihora catchment are managed.

ECan’s chief scientist Tim

Davie said the seminars will be

held to provide residents information

on the Selwyn River –

the main community concerns.

Tensions came to a head at the

Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee

meeting last Tuesday over

democracy surrounding water

issues and the effects of farming


About 20 residents took a stand

after zone committee chairman

Allen Lim complained divisions

between ECan were beginning

to emerge following a “Talk for

Water” meeting in March.

Residents were at the meeting

to support ECan councillor Lan

Pham after she made comments

at the March meeting the about

the way water is managed.

Cr Pham said while she did not

want to comment on the letter,

she supported the community.

“I completely support both

the community who came out

in support of a democratic voice

and environmental limits, and

the zone committee who have

worked tirelessly in their zone to

make the best of a complex situation,”

she said.

After the meeting Mr Lim

wrote a letter to ECan chairman

David Bedford complaining

councillors were not collaborating


But Mr Lim said the letter was

not aimed at Cr Pham.

“It was about the way we work,

collaborative process means everyone

is getting together at the

table to talk things through

. . . if you have a stance where

you are not willing to compromise

it does not mesh with the

collaborative process,” he said.

In response to Mr Lim’s letter,

Mr Bedford said while the evening

was “unfortunate” but he had

no doubt different views will be

expressed by ECan councillors

on occasion.

At the meeting resident Mike

Glover told Mr Lim he was “out

of line” for complaining about Cr

Pham and the zone committee is

a democratic process.


group of about

20 residents


the Selwyn

Waihora Zone


meeting to

support ECan


Lan Pham for

speaking out

about how

water issues

are managed

in the area.

“We need to celebrate the fact

that somebody elected is putting

her hand up and saying “hey all

is not well here,” he said.

Key concerns raised were over

the Central Plains Water scheme

which could lead to intensification

of agriculture and a higher

nitrogen load going into Lake

Ellesmere/Te Waihora.

Before the 1940s it was

estimated Lake Ellesmere/Te

Waihora had about 800 tonnes

reaching it per year.

Mr Lim told Selwyn Times to

achieve 800 tonnes farmers in the

Lincoln and Rolleston townships

would need to move off the land.

“Eight-hundred tonnes was

never going to be achievable.

When people make it sound like

it is achievable that kind of annoys

me” he said.

Mr Glover told the zone

committee the nitrogen load

going into the lake needs to be


Mr Lim said he understood

Mr Glover’s concerns but a lot

of work went into deciding the

pollution limits for dairy farmers

and this was the result.

A limit has be set under Selwyn

Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora

plan (plan change one) for nitrogen

coming from agricultural

activities with dairying required

to make a 30 per cent reduction.

Mr Glover said he did not want

to give the impression he was

against dairy farming the community

should not have to fork out for

the mass pollution taking place.

Dates and times for the seminars

are yet to be confirmed.


do you think Environment

Canterbury needs to do to

reduce the levels of nitrate

going into Te Waihora?

Email your views to georgia.

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6 Tuesday May 9 2017

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Tuesday May 9 2017 7


• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

MOTORISTS looking to fuel-up

their vehicles in Sheffield will

have to go elsewhere with the

only station in the village closing

for the next 10 weeks.

Allied Petroleum will demolish

its existing building and

redevelop its Sheffield fuel stop

at 81 Main West Coast Rd.

During the closure, drivers

could use Allied’s Darfield fuel

FRESH: Allied Petroleum

will redevelop its Sheffield

fuel stop at 81 Main West

Coast Rd. ​

Rebuild for Sheffield fuel stop

stop which operates 24/7.

The work that was expected to

begin early last month began last


The upgrade will involve increasing

the size of the forecourt

area while ensuring improved

vehicle access in and out.

As well as the installation of

petrol and diesel, a new diesel

exhaust fluid Alliedblue will be


But petroleum division marketing

manager Brett Haldane

said the cost of the project could

not be revealed due to commercial


Sheffield/Waddington Community

Committee secretary

Melissa Jebson said it is “tremendous”

that Allied is investing

into the township.

Allied Petroleum is a subsidiary

of the HWR Group which

is a family-owned business in


Good reason to

follow tradition

• By Bridget Rutherford

WHEN EMMA Yates lost her

grandmother to breast cancer,

she inherited her collection of

china crockery.

The Rolleston resident will use

the collection when she hosts

a Pink Ribbon afternoon tea

on May 21 to raise money and

awareness for the Breast Cancer

Foundation New Zealand.

Ms Yates said her grandmother,

Lerline Morris lost her battle

with the disease. She was 57. ​

“The one thing that’s special

to me is that the china has her

initials on the bottom that she’s

done in nail varnish.”

Mrs Morris painted her initials

so when she took it to her

women’s division functions, she

would know they were hers, Ms

Yates said.

Ms Yates, now 39, had two

fibroadenoma lumps removed

when she was 29 and 31, and

goes for a check up every year


She said it was so important

for women of any age to be

aware of the breast cancer symptoms

and to get checked.

“I think a lot of people think it

will never happen to them.”

TRIBUTE: Emma Yates will

host a Pink Ribbon afternoon

tea this month with her late

grandmother’s crockery to

raise money and awareness

for breast cancer.


She said she was “very lucky”.

Last year she hosted a breakfast

with a friend – but this year

would be her first individual


She chose to do an afternoon

tea because it was more in line

with her business The Traveling

Tea Party.

•If you would like to sign up

to host a Pink Ribbon event,


8 Tuesday May 9 2017

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Our People


Lyndal Marshall

Driving force behind Waikirikiri Sport

Lyndal Marshall, 44, of Rolleston, is behind the

new Waikirikiri Sport club which aims to make

hockey more accessible to Selwyn residents. She

spoke to Georgia O’Connor-Harding

INNOVATIVE: Lyndal Marshall

is the driving force behind

Waikirikiri Sport, a club which

aims to promote hockey in


What made you decide to set

up Waikirikiri Sport?

It was a combination of things

that all came together at the

same time. Canterbury Hockey

had a hockey growth project to

look at the numbers of people in

the area playing hockey. Hockey

New Zealand introduced a

new New Zealand Post Small

Sticks strategy for its junior

programme. And that meant

all junior games were six-aside

games so they could be played

on half the turf. And then the

district council was developing

Foster Park and the half turf

facility had room there. So a

combination of all those three

things came together and there

was demand from people in the

Selwyn district looking for a

place to play hockey. Up until

now, people had to join clubs in

the city

How strong did you think

hockey was in Selwyn before

the club was set up?

There was a demand for

it. The club gives people the

opportunity to play. Prior to

Waikirikiri being formed, it

is only really the parents who

have played themselves or

families that have made that

effort to go into the city to train.

So now, with having a facility

in Rolleston, it becomes an

opportunity for more families to

fit in that training time locally.

You have a good team of

people running the club?

We have had an amazing

group. From the outset, I asked

people what were their interests

and passions. We have asked

people to get involved in the area

they are interested in. So they

have a positive experience on the

committee and running the club

and, therefore, we can expect

participants and parents to have

a positive experience with the

club because all the committee

are happy doing jobs that they

like. We have found people that

like database work, we have

found people that like health and

safety work.

Is the club fully established


Last Saturday, our kids started

playing, so we were officially

established from then. We have

registered 13 six-aside teams,

which will start playing on

Saturday. We have got enough

players to field those teams, but

we have more room for a couple

more kids in different age groups

to fill the squads.

You must have put in a fair

amount of planning to get this

club set up. When did you first

get the idea?

Nine months we have been

working on this. Most of us on

the original committee have

carried on, which is great. The

interesting thing is, the people

involved in getting the club

set up haven’t necessarily got

children playing hockey. They

are just passionate and their efforts

are helping other families

not necessarily their own. We

firmly believe the success for the

club is through coaching so we

are putting a huge emphasis on

coach development to ensure the

players have a good experience.




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Tuesday May 9 2017 9

bringing turf hockey to the masses

You have several plans for the


We were given permission

to be a junior club for hockey.

We are looking at building to a

fully affiliated club with senior

teams. We have got some people

involved that will be key in the

senior club. We have a memorandum

of understanding with

Lincoln University to help us.

Hockey is such a big part of

your life, when did you start


My parents played hockey.

My mother was president of the

Horowhenua women’s hockey

association back in the day. My

sister played hockey and I started

playing when I was 11 and I

played right through to when I

had my children at the age of 30.

Then I came out of retirement

and played more recently before

retiring again.

Are you missing the game?

You would like to be out there

playing but it is that time to

commit to the family and the

club. And I kept injuring myself.

What has been your biggest

achievement as a hockey player?

I was awarded Hockey

Manawatu senior women’s player

of the year in 1996 and went

to Holland to represent New

Zealand at the International

Masters Hockey Association

World Cup in 2014. We didn’t

do as well as we had hoped but it

was an amazing experience. We

loved Holland – it is the home

of hockey. They are super passionate

about hockey, so at the

same time while we were over

there, the hockey World Cup was

on. The highlight of that was we

went to watch the Black Sticks

play. There were about 15,000

people watching this game of

CHALLENGE: Lyndal Marshall

representing New Zealand

at the masters hockey World



What other sports have you


Soccer when I was younger.

I also played tennis and did

swimming, but hockey was my

Saturday sport.

What do you think of Canterbury

hockey as a whole?

Canterbury hockey is a really

well-organised sport. The club

structure goes right down to year

1 (five-year-old children). You

can go right through to being a

top Canterbury premier league

player. There is a good pathway,

but you can also join at different

levels. The representative teams

perform really well nationwide.

It is a strong province.

Is there a young hockey player

we should be keeping an eye on?

For us, 70 per cent of our players

are new to hockey so that is

an unknown quantity to us. We

are hoping to create some passionate

hockey people. But at this

stage of the club, we are involved

in getting people participating

and performing well.

Did you ever look up to anyone

when you were growing up?

No not really. I just got out

there and got involved and

enjoyed it.

What do you like doing in

your spare time?

I have a family with a husband

and three kids. My husband also

coaches my son’s rugby team and

I am coaching one of my daughter’s

hockey teams. We both help

out with touch rugby in the summer.

So it is just keeping the kids

active and taking the boat down

to the lake.

Are your children interested

in hockey?

My two girls play hockey and

my son plays rugby, but he is

pretty good at hockey so hopefully

he will play in our social

group. Waikirikiri has got social

competitions running for kids

on Monday nights so, if they are

already playing sport, they can

give hockey a go. It gives them

an opportunity to play without

impacting their primary sport.

•Waikirikiri Sport, based

at Foster Park, is looking for

more players aged between

five and 13 years-old. For

more information, visit www.


Prevention is

the only cure




Treat your bones to a quick and

painless ultrasound scan and

consultation with Osteohealth’s

Bone Density Clinic at

LincoLn Rec


Friday 19th May

for just $60.00

BOOK NOW at 03 423 0550



Much loved gourmet

food made our way



7am - 1.30pm


• Hand-made on premises daily

• Wide selection of gorgeous, tasty slices

• Fresh cut sandwiches, paninis, bagels & salads

• Delicious pies, sausage rolls, quiches, muffins

& scones

• Gluten free options available

66-68 Springs Rd |


Ph 344 6044 | Open Mon-Fri 6am-3.30pm

Get your car ready for Winter, with

the team at Mark’s Automotive

Remember to come and have your car serviced, lights brakes and tyres

checked so you can stay safe on the roads this winter.

• WOF Safety inspections

• Full mechanical repairs

• Servicing and warranty servicing

• Tyres

• Full diagnostic equipment

• Cars, 4WDs, light commercial,

all cars including European vehicles

• Loan cars available (conditions apply)

Mark’s Automotive Ltd

Hours: Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5.30pm

PHONE 349 3344 | 559 Springs Rd, Prebbleton





“I really am so happy here.”

When Bev found out she was able to bring her

mini schnauzer Molly to her Summerset retirement

village, she was thrilled.

“Molly is very important to me, I wouldn’t have

wanted to make the move without her.”

After being at Summerset for only a few months, Bev

was surprised at how quickly she settled into village

life. She really likes the feeling that she’s secure and

that help is always at hand should

she need it.

Come and see why we

love the life at Summerset

Morning Tea

& Tour

Thursday 11 May, 10:30am

Summerset at Wigram

135 Awatea Road, Christchurch

Contact Anne Walker

on 03 741 0872 or 022 639 2341

She says that living at Summerset has given her

a great sense of relief, “Now I can relax.”

Love the life


10 Tuesday May 9 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Your Local Views


A reader responds to last

week’s Selwyn Times

article on a proposal

for a new Returned and

Services Association to be

established in Rolleston

Lawrence Mitten – While

the Templeton RSA rooms on

Kirk Rd are useful, it makes a

good deal of sense to move the

Templeton RSA to Rolleston.

Moving the Canterbury Regiment

Association’s history centre

from Burnham to a new RSA at

Rolleston is a fantastic idea and

needs further promotion.

The current Christchurch

RSA is failing and is struggling

to make ends meet. The history

centre has some fantastic displays

and much memorabilia. If

this project is done correctly, and

I have no doubt that it will be,

then Canterbury will have the

first military museum combined

with an RSA in the South Island.

This will be an opportunity for

the history centre’s curators to

gather up the many thousands of

items of memorabilia which are

throughout the South Island.

Visitors can combine a visit

to the Rolleston RSA clubrooms

and a visit to the Rolleston history

centre, and, prior or after,

a visit to the Air Force Museum

of New Zealand in Wigram – a

wonderful outing.

The South Island, and Canterbury

in particular, has paid a

PLANS: Support to move the Templeton RSA to Rolleston is growing. (Right) – A reader calls for the banning of freedom campers.

heavy price in lost sons during

the wars New Zealand has been

involved in since the Boer War.

We must preserve their

memory and sacrifice.

A memorial museum would go

a long way to achieve this. Burnham

Military Camp, which is

about 6km from Rolleston will

supply a number of members,

both serving soldiers and returned

veterans from the recent

deployments from the Middle


The New Zealand Defence

Force is closing the Waiouru

Military Camp shortly and the

army is moving to Burnham and

will become the central pivot

for the army throughout New

Zealand. This is a golden opportunity

for the Templeton RSA.

A reader responds

to last week’s Selwyn

Times’ article on freedom


David Taylor – Very simple

. . . keep it black and white. Do

we want second tier tourists who

add little, and cost New Zealanders


Simple answer is no.

Do we want high quality tourists

who add value? Yes.

Ban freedom campers period.

Make people stay in Department

of Conservation camps or normal

camping grounds.

Not fair that campground

owners invest and provide a

good service.

Why should people camp essentially

where they like.

This country attracts tourists

based on our clean image

and the beauty we have . . . keep

this up and no one will want to

come to New Zealand which will

just be another trashed filthy

country like so many others.

If tourism is managed properly

and if we invest heavily into

infrastructure it can work. But

typical of all governments and at

local level too – they are reactive

and lazy rather than be proactive

and anticipate likely outcomes

before they happen.

Our politicians and councillors

are too self-serving and interested

more in keeping their jobs

than do the hard yards necessary

to protect what we have, but for

how long as the environment is

being severely compromised all

in the name of money.

As a New Zealander I’m far

from happy the way we are being

sold out.

Like the state of our waterways,

it’s a disgrace.

Clean and green is the biggest

con. New Zealanders will soon

wake up, as the will the rest of

the world, that the country is a


We invest too much on marketing

how great we are. I only

wish so much effort and money

went into protecting what we

have for future generations . . .

sustainability springs to mind.


Mother’s Day

Will you help

break the cycle?

We have over 40 years’ experience

to assist you with…

• Buying and Selling Houses and

Commercial Property

• Wills, Trusts and Estate matters

• All issues facing you

and your business;

• Employment Law


• Traffic matters;

• Advice regarding

Retirement Villages

• General Legal Advice on all matters

Call John, Brendan or Andrew today

03 366 8996


Airport Business Park

92 Russley Road, Christchurch 8042

with Broadfield Flowers

In the flower business for 26 years

Order on line or in the shop


P 325 2621 | 1094 Shands Road

Just 5 minutes from Lincoln

For young people who have been exposed to family violence

getting the right support is important.

Aviva’s Youth Service gives young men and women the tools to

create safer and healthier relationships in the future.

Will you help break the cycle of family

violence by making a donation to

Aviva’s annual appeal?


Scorch Broadband

To learn more and

make a donation visit

0800 726 724

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 9 2017 11






Stores open until 8pm

Thursday 11th May


don’t forget

something for



Sunday 14th May







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*Discount is off our full retail price. Exclusions, fees, terms and conditions apply. See in-store or visit

12 Tuesday May 9 2017

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ellesmere speedway

SunDAY 14 th may

Six Shooter/Six Cylinder Sprint

Mini Stocks

Modified Sprint

Moto X


1/4 Midgets



Production Saloons

Ellesmere Championship

gates open at 12pm

for a 1pm start

Sponsoring Sidecar

& Adult Mini Stocks

Under 15yrs


$15 per adult

gold card

holders $10

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 9 2017 13


New entrants

EXCITING TIMES: As another school term cracks into action, West Rolleston

Primary School welcomed five new entrants. (From left): Madison, Karlia,

Emily, Mela and Oakley. •If you have a child starting school, send their photo to

Looking back


Garden Supplies

Making your great outdoors greater


Patrick’s Catholic Church

on Gerald St, Lincoln,

in 2001. Photo: Ruth


•Heritage photo supplied

by Selwyn Libraries on

behalf of the Lincoln

and Districts Historical

Society. If you have any

information about this

photo, please contact

the library via www. ​


Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm, Sat 8am - 3pm

Quality Screened Top Soil

1543 Springs Rd

Phone 021 241 7908

EFTPOS Available

Mainscape Garden Supplies

$40 per m3 +GST


to Rolleston

*Min delivery 5x m 3

Check our website for May Special

Mushroom Compost $15 Scoop

Satsuma Mandarins


Product of New Zealand

Speight’s 24 Pack

330ml Bottles



Fresh NZ Quality

kg Mark Lamb Leg Roast kg

Sanitarium Up & Go $

3 79

3 Pack


Quality Bakers

NestlE Block

Nature’s Fresh


Bread 700g


2 99 140-200g



2 99 ea

Stoneleigh 750ml

(excludes Latitude,

Wild Valley &

Rapaura Series)


12 99


34 99

Tegel Frozen

Chicken Size 10


5 99 ea


Roses 225g or

Favourites 280g$

6 49 ea


5 99 ea



12 99

Specials available South Island only from Monday 8th May until Sunday

14th May 2017 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores

with an off licence. Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged

18 years old and over.

14 Tuesday May 9 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi



Glitz and glamour of the Roaring 20s

IT WAS back to the Roaring

20s as Lincoln University

students celebrated their hard

work with a night of revelry at

The Tannery.

Nearly 500 students graduated

from the university and

dressed up for a 1920s-themed

graduation ball inspired by

The Great Gatsby.

The event organised by the

Lincoln University Students’

Association and 360 Degree

Events featured live entertainment

with performances from

band Shadow Puppet and

1920s dancing girls.

Red carpets, an automatic

Polaroid printing machine,

complementary drinks,

cheesecake, brownies were all

on the agenda for the evening.

LUSA spokeswoman Julia

Wills said it was one of the

best events the association

had organised.

“It just went so smoothly

and everybody had positive

feedback about it . . . I think

the venue itself helped,” she





NIGHT OUT: Sam Wilson and Kate Fairbairn.

FUN NIGHT: Hundreds of Lincoln University

students with friends at the Lincoln University

Students’ Association graduation ball.

DASHING: Susie Dalgety, Claudia

Porter and Harriet Partridge.

GRAND NIGHT: Caitlin Minehan and

Amanda Pawsey.




Grace Burtt

and Ellen




Sound, workable legal advice and solutions

Rolleston Office: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Square

Darfield Office: Darfield Business Hub, 68 South Terrace



T: (03) 374 2547

M: 021 148 6221





Retaining Wall Timber

Landscaping Timber


Residential Fencing

Poles and Piles

H3 and H4 Timber

Dressed Timber

Urban Section


Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am- 12pm

Weedons Ross Rd

to Rolleston

We are here

Berketts Rd

Jason Pester 1304 Main South Road, Christchurch P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032

Trents Rd

Main South Rd / SH1

Your Local Timber Merchant

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 9 2017 15

recreated by university students

CELEBRATION: Sarah Wood and Anna


HAPPY: Johanna Smith, Anna Alexander and Thomas Botica.

CLASS: Maree Edwards and Jemima Snook.

PARTY: Matty Risi and Ryan MacArthur.

DRESSED TO THE NINES: Hattie McHardy, Anna Radovonich and

Jeremy Brydon.

REGALIA: Diploma of farm management and

horticulture management students on the

way to graduation.




We’ll keep you warm this winter.

Fully rated heating right down to -15°C...guaranteed.



FH50 6.0kW

*Conditions apply

Back-to-back basic installation

Book your FREE in-home quote TODAY!

0800 324 678

16 Tuesday May 9 2017

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Water treatment

upgrades underway

Make a switch to save money

Did you know that by switching from a large rubbish bin, to a smaller

rubbish bin and organics bin you could be rewarded for creating less

waste by saving money?

If you have a large 240 litre rubbish bin but barely fill the bin each

week, or you fill it with mostly garden waste, you may want to

consider moving to a smaller 80 litre rubbish bin and taking up a 240

litre organics bin. The annual costs for different types of rubbish,

recycling and organic services are shown below.

Rubbish (Red lid, optional), emptied weekly

· 240 litre wheelie bin, per year $395

· 80 litre wheelie bin, per year $121

· 60 litre rubbish bag, recommended price $2 per bag

Recycling (Yellow lid, compulsory), emptied fortnightly

· 240 litre wheelie bin, per year $63

· Two 60 litre crates, per year $63 (for off route properties only)

Organics (lime green lid, optional), emptied weekly

· 240 litre wheelie bin (where service is available), per year $210

If you would like to change your bin size, you can do so by visiting or by calling 347 2800 or 318 8338.

Council rubbish bags can be purchased from Council libraries

and service centres, Rolleston, Lincoln and Halswell New World,

Countdown Rolleston, Darfield and West Melton Four Square, Fresh

Choice Leeston, West Melton BP and Pak n Save Hornby. Bags

from Council Service centres and libraries cost $2 per bag, but the

price may vary at other locations where the price is set by retailers.

Improvements to a number of Council water treatment systems are under way this year.

Work to install UV treatment and filtration at Springfield has begun and is expected to be

completed in August 2017. Currently the water is treated by chlorination.

In Rolleston, UV treatment will be installed at Moore Street where two bores are sited and at

Overbury Cresent. The majority of Rolleston’s water supplies will be treated with UV disinfection

before this summer. UV treatment systems will also be installed at Sheffield and Hororata by the

end of the year. The installation of UV will provide an additional level of water treatment.

Dunsandel, Kirwee, Lake Coleridge, West Melton and the three bores in Izone which service much

of Rolleston’s town water supply are already UV treated. This treatment method uses ultraviolet

light to kill microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogens.

Currently, the Council uses a variety of water treatment methods for our 30 water supplies and

all supplies have Water Safety Plans approved by Canterbury District Health Board which set out

water treatment standards. Treatment methods used in various supplies include secure ground

water (to meet New Zealand Drinking Water Standards), UV and filtration, and chlorination of the

Acheron, Castle Hill, Dalethorpe, Hororata and Springfield supplies.

Explore Selwyn – Lake Coleridge township

Lake Coleridge is one of Selwyn’s hidden spots which offers spectacular views of the mountains on

your way there and great views of the Rakaia River.

A short walk begins from a lookout point over the Rakaia River. A pathway follows the course of the

tailrace through bush to reach the Lake Coleridge Power Station. The building was New Zealand’s first

large power station and was built between 1911 and 1914. The imposing hydo-electric station provided

all of Christchurch’s power in the early twentieth century. When you reach the station you can either

return back along the path or walk through the village and turn back down Kowai Road.

Another walking option in the village is to visit the Lake Coleridge Arbouretum which is a 1km, 20

minute walk accessible from Hummock Hill Road. The village is located around 3km from the lake

which offers more walking and sightseeing opportunities.

Time/Distance: 20 minutes,

just over 1 km.

Difficulty: Easy. Not suitable

for buggies, wheelchairs

or pre-school children as

the path is located next to

the river bank which has a

steep cliff

How to get there: To access

the lookout walk you can

park outside the Lake

Coleridge cemetery and

walk towards the gorge.

Lake Coleridge is located off

Coleridge Road from State

Highway 77 and is around

1 hour, 15 minutes from

Rolleston or 50 minutes

from Darfield.

Building Boom Continues in


While there appears to be a slowdown in building activity in some

parts of the country, Selwyn is still experiencing high volumes of

building consent applications. Applications received in the last

couple of months are comparable to the volumes experienced in

2014. Due to the high volumes, consent processing timeframes

have pushed out beyond what customers have become

accustomed to. Additional resources have been engaged to help

with consent processing to bring the timeframes back to our usual

standard as quickly as possible.

If you have lodged a building consent yourself you can check its

progress online using the AlphaOne system. Your construction firm

or builder can monitor this for you if they have lodged the consent

on your behalf. For any assistance with this contact our Building

Advisory Team on

When lodging your application please ensure that your application

has all relevant information supplied. Our website has two

checklists to assist you – a residential and a commercial and

industrial checklist. These are available online at www.selwyn.govt.


Once your consent has been issued and building work is underway

please ensure that your contractors only book an inspection when

they are fully ready for it to be undertaken. This will avoid a reinspection

being required and save you additional costs. For more

details of what our team check at each inspection type please refer

to the inspection prompt sheets which can be located at

Intersection Prize Draw

Thank you to everyone who entered our road safety prize draw.

Winners of the MTA vouchers are: main prize: J Anstice, weekly

prizes: G Kirten, J Edwards, S Chetham, J Cole, J McClure, L

Williams. When driving, have another look at a stop sign, it is

octagonal. The words on a give way sign are red. More important,

take extra care at intersections, and Check, Then Check Again.

Council Call

Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive Rolleston

Ph 347 2800 or 318 8338

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 8338 or 347 2780


SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 9 2017 17




Foster Dog Park will be closed

on Saturday 20 - Sunday 21

May from 8am-5pm to allow

the Selwyn Dog Club to hold a




An application for an off licence

renewal has been received

from Apex Gift Boxes Limited

with objections closing on 18

May. See

alcoholnotices for details.


Wednesday 10 May

Hororata School 11.30am-1pm

Greendale School 1.20-1.50pm

Thursday 11 May

Rolleston First Learners


ABC Rolleston 12.45-1.15pm

Paradise for Little Angels


Edukids Faringdon 2.15-2.45pm

Monday 15 May

Hororata Playcentre 9.30-10am

Darfield Preschool & Nursery


Springfield School


Sheffield Hall 2-2.30pm

Tuesday 16 May

Tai Tapu Monkeys and

Munchkins 10-10.30am

Whippersnappers Lincoln


West Melton School


West Melton Learning Centre


West Melton Domain 2-2.30pm

Selwyn Events




Tastes from your garden


Lincoln High, 6.30-9pm

Join Ben, Head Chef at The

Laboratory for a workshop on

turning vegetables into a tempting

meal. At the Food Technology

Room. To register phone 325 2007

or email servicesdevelopment@


Public Forums: Council,

Community Board and local

committee meetings are open

to the public. Time is available at

the start of meetings for people

to speak on matters of concern.

Please notify Bernadette Ryan

or your local committee at least

three days before the meeting.

Township, Hall and Reserve

Committees: To list or make

changes to meeting details, email


nz or phone 347 2800 or 318

8338 by 9am Wednesday the

week before publication.



Unless stated meetings will

be held at Rolleston Council


Council Meeting

Wed 10 May 1pm

Springs Ellesmere Discretionary

Fund Committee

Wed 10 May

After Council meeting

Selwyn Central Discretionary

Fund Committee

Wed 10 May

After Council meeting

Draft Annual Plan Submission

Public Hearings

Thurs 18 May 10am – 8pm

Malvern Community Board

On the roads this week

Mon 22 May 5pm

Sheffield Hall

District Plan Review Committee

Wed 24 May 9am

Draft Annual Plan Public


Thurs 25 May & Fri 26 May



Coalgate Township Committee

Tue 30 May 7.30pm

Coalgate Fire Station

Doyleston Community


Wed 10 May 7.30pm

Osborne Park Pavilion

Ellesmere Land Drainage


Thurs 11 May 7.30pm

Springston Hall

Glenroy Community

Centre Committee

Tue 16 May 7.30pm

Glenroy Community Hall

Glentunnel Community

Centre Committee

Tue 16 May 7.30pm

Glentunnel Community Centre

Hororata Citizens Committee

Tue 23 May 7.30pm

Hororata Hall

Kirwee Township Committee

Mon 15 May 7.30pm

Kirwee Community Hall

Prebbleton Community


Tue 16 May 7.30pm

Prebbleton Community Cottage

Prebbleton Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 15 May 7.30pm

Prebbleton Community Cottage

Rolleston Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 15 May 7.30pm

Rolleston Community Centre

Rolleston Residents

Association Inc.

Mon 22 May 7.30pm Rolleston

Community Centre

Southbridge Advisory Committee

Mon 29 May 7pm

Southbridge Hall

Springston Community


Mon 15 May 7.30pm

Springston Community Hall

Springston Hall Committee

Fri 26 May 7.30pm

Springston Hall

Springston Reserve Committee

Wed 17 May 7.30pm

Errol Tweedy Pavilion

West Melton Reserve

Board Committee

Mon 15 May 7.309pm

West Melton Rugby Club

Road maintenance will take place on South Two Chain Road and Mitchells Road with traffic controls

operating at all sites. Footpath reconstruction work is planned on Bray Street in Darfield. A sewer line

is being installed on sections of Hamptons, Shands, and Selwyn Road to the intersection of Springston

Rolleston Road. There may be a reduction down to one lane on these roads with traffic delays possible.

Road widening – Jones Road

Road widening is occurring on Jones Road between Weedons Ross Road and the Lyttelton Port

Company until mid-June. The road will remain open, but may be reduced to one lane at times with

traffic delays expected. This work is occurring now in order to be completed prior to the NZ Transport

Agency starting work on a new Motorway interchange at Weedons Ross Road. Maddisons Road is

suggested as an alternative route to Jones Road at peak times.

Christchurch Southern Motorway extension

Sections of Weedons Ross Road between State Highway One and Jones Road, and Weedons Road

between State Highway One and Levi Road are closed both ways to traffic. A closure will also be in place

on Weedons Road from Main South Road through to Levi Road. The closures are to allow cables to be

laid as part of the Christchurch Southern Motorway extension project. Detours will be clearly sign-posted.

There will be changes to the traffic management at Waterholes Road (between 865 Waterholes Road

and the intersection of Waterholes Road and Hamptons Road) to allow for some work in preparation for

a motorway overbridge.








17 & 24



18 & 19





Fruit Culture

Lincoln Envirotown Community

Gardens, 10.30-11.45am

Join pip-fruit expert Keith Dickson

who will answer questions on

maintaining high quality & high yield

trees & pruning. Contact ruth.wood@ or call 325 2193. Gold coin

donation appreciated

Ellesmere Historical

Society AGM

Leeston Community Room, 7.30pm

AGM followed by a presentation on the

history of the Drumroslyn homestead,

Southbridge which was built in the

1880s, experienced earthquake & fire

damage & is being demolished. All

welcome. Contact Roger on 324 3648

or email

Treaty of Waitangi

community workshops

Selwyn District Libraries will host

free workshops at Darfield Library

& Service Centre on upcoming

Wednesdays (from 6.30-8.30pm) on

aspects of the Treaty. Everyone is

welcome to join these sessions & find

out about our history & how it affects

us today. Booking is required - see

Session One: Pre-Treaty New

Zealand, Wednesday 17 May

This session will cover the origins

of our ancestors, Māori industry,

Declaration of Independence, Te Tiriti

O Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi

(texts & signing process).

Session Two: Post-Treaty,

Wednesday 24 May

This session will cover legislation,

assimilation, the Ngāi Tahu story &

Treaty claim, & Te Reo Māori

Skate Park consultation

Outside Lincoln Event Centre,


Chat to our staff about plans for a new

skate area near the play area outside

Lincoln Event Centre. A great chance

for kids, teens & parents to see plans

& share their comments

Art Sale

Prebbleton Community Cottage

The Art Group of Lincoln offer a range

of works from $20. Cash & EFTPOS

sales (no credit cards). Open Fri

1-4pm, Sat & Sun 10am-4pm. The

cottage is on the corner Blakes &

Springs Roads

For information on listing a community event visit

Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2871

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2876

(03) 347 2800

Darfield call free 318 8338

18 Tuesday May 9 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi


WORLD STAGE: Jacob Douglas (front) has raced his way to Italy after claiming a national title last


ON TOP: Jacob was dominant in Invercargill finishing more

than four seconds ahead of his nearest rival.


Young kart racer dreams of formula one

• By Gordon Findlater


will take on the world’s best in

October as he takes the next

step in his dream of driving in

formula one.

Jacob, 11, started racing just

three years ago and has now

secured his spot at the International

Rok Cup finals in Italy by

dominating at the Kartsport NZ

National Sprint Championships

in Invercargill last month.

He won the Vortex Mini ROK

class, winning his heat races

before going onto win the final

by more than four seconds.

“The competition was pretty

stiff down there with a lot of

good drivers,” said Jacob.

He previously raced motorcycles

but after spending a day at

the track with his father in 2014

he decided it was time to sell the

bike after finding his passion on

four wheels.

“We were hopeful that we


would win, we knew we had a

fair chance and we had trained

for all scenarios. Jacob had

broken the lap record at the track

only weeks before so we also

knew we were fast,” said Jacob’s

father Craig Douglas.

Trained by Matthew Hamilton

of WKS Kartstore and Tiffany

Chittenden, Douglas is a boy

who wants to go places. He lives

and breathes motor racing and

is passionate about making his

mark on a world stage.

Jacob trains at the KartSport

Canterbury track on the corner

of Carrs and Wigram Rds up to

four times a week. His dedication

to chasing the formula one

dream even involves occasionally

taking time out of school.

“I don’t think they particularly

like that but they’re quite supportive

of my racing,” said Jacob.

In Italy he will drive for the

OTK Kart Group, whose former

drivers include seven-time

formula one world champion

Michael Schumacher.

In a country that punches

above its weight in motorsport,

Jacob Douglas is a name to watch

out for. Not only does he have

the technical skill to succeed, but

the mental strength required to

get to the top.

A gemstone


Whether you want a night off cooking, are

a couple looking for a date night option,

a group of friends meeting for a catch-up

drink or a family looking for a comfortable

restaurant to enjoy a family meal – then

Quartz in Rolleston is for you.

The early bird special entices families to

come in early and enjoy $5 kids’ meals when

ordered before 6pm, which then provides a

more ambient setting later on for couples or

friends catching up.

If you want to try a more convivial way to

eat then eat put the entrée/sharing plates in

the middle ‘tapas style’ with just some of the

many delectable choices including southern

style chicken, pan seared scallops, arancini

risotto balls or sticky pork ribs. Or try the

Quartz platter, popular for those wanting

to enjoy a taste of some of the sharing

plate options, and making the perfect

accompaniment to a few drinks from the

extensive menu of wine and beer.

The Favourites menu includes traditional fare

such as fish and chips, burgers, schnitzel or

creamy chicken & bacon fettuccine. Popular

mains include fish of the day, creamy garlic

chicken breast, lamb shanks or pork belly,

and delicious steak options.

Special diets are also catered for, particularly

gluten free diners, with a menu that clearly

shows dietary options (and even a gluten free

dedicated fryer).

Children are well looked after too. Select

a platter, roast or pasta, or the ‘Kids Plate’

where children (and parents) can build the

perfect meal choosing from a selection of

‘treat’ or healthier options.

Excited to be Rolleston’s ‘pre-concert venue’,

Quartz offers its customers a new service. Pay

just $50 and receive a $40 beverage and food

voucher as well as return transport to and

from concerts in town.

Quartz also offers its own live music, with the

talented local singer Lee Martin performing

on the first Saturday of each month.

Transport is also available for diners on any

given night with our comfortable courtesy


Quartz combined with The Rock bar right

next door is the perfect choice for a fun, local

night out. Enjoy your meal in Quartz, then

head through to the Rock to enjoy live sports

on big screens, or on Saturday night’s have a

dance to a live band or DJ.

Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day to a lunch

or dinner at Quartz but ensure you book so

you don’t miss out.

All mothers dining will enjoy a free glass of

Lindauer with their meal and Lee Martin will

be playing live from 12pm to 2pm as an extra

special treat.

To find out more visit quartzrolleston. or like their Facebook page to get

regular updates on what’s happening

at Quartz.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

82 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston | Phone 347 4192

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Tuesday May 9 2017 19

OPTIONS: Broadfield’s Georgie Batton looks

to evade the defence of Lauren Robb (left)

and Vanessa Robinson.

CATCH THIS: Lincoln’s Charlene Porima feeds

the ball into the shooting circle.

BATTLE: Leah Zygmont (left), Leesa Anderson

(centre) and Brittany Brown jostle for position

on the court.

Hair raising stuff

IN FLIGHT: Lincoln’s Tyler Rollo takes the ball on the hop and

surveys her options.


LINCOLN ONCE again look

like the team to beat in the

Selwyn Netball Centre Premier


Last year’s champions continued

their unbeaten start to the

season with a 52-43 win over

Broadfield on Saturday.

The loss was the first of the

season for Broadfield who will

now look to put themselves back

in the hunt when they play top

undefeated Greenpark at the


Selwyn Netball Centre

Premier round two results:

Lincoln 52-43 Broadfield,

Burnham 52-35 Southbridge,


Greenpark 49-32 Halswell

Rugby League.


Greenpark 8pts, 1; Lincoln

8pts, 2; Broadfield 4pts, 3;

Southbridge 4pts, 4; Haslwell

RL 0pts, 5; Burnham 0pts, 6.

MotheR’s Day





We’re giving away 50 pairs of Swarovski Elements earrings

every day until Mother’s Day!

8–14 MAY 2017

Simply spend $50 or more at any participating store and the

first 50 customers per day will receive a pair of earrings!

HORNBY 409 Main South Road | OVER 50 STORES |


*Terms and conditions apply. See in-store for details.

20 TUESDAY MAY 9 2017

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Christchurch City Council Council-led Anchor Projects, suburban master planning, the horizontal infrastructure repair programme. | 03 941 8999

Regenerate Christchurch Regeneration activities to plan and drive development in key areas

Greater Christchurch Group in the

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Policy, planning, legal and monitoring support on a range of regeneration matters

Development Christchurch Limited Attracting and facilitating investment, implementing key development projects |

Many other Government agencies and private sector developers and businesses investing in the future of the central city.

You – every time you visit the central city you are supporting regeneration. Thank you.

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TUESDAY MAY 9 2017 21

22 Tuesday May 9 2017

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Backyard critters


South African mantis invades Lincoln

Mike Bowie is

an ecologist

who specialises

in entomology


and other


Each week he introduces

a new species found in his

backyard at Lincoln. His

column aims to raise public

awareness of biodiversity,

the variety of living things

around us


invading Lincoln, but not the

rugby variety. The South African

praying mantis (miomantis

caffra) is invading New Zealand

and has reached Lincoln as it

disperses south.

The invader is thought to have

arrived in Auckland around 1978

and is spreading north to south.

Trouble is, the bok mantis

appears to be eating our

native species, orthodera

novaezealandiae, and there are

serious concerns that our native

species is being displaced.

Our native males are being

attracted to the female bok

mantis only to be eaten.

So how do you tell the

difference between the two

mantis species?

Our native mantis has a large

blue-purple dot on the inside of

its forelegs and the exotic bok

mantis doesn’t.

The second distinguishing

feature is the width of the neck of

the two species.

The native mantis has a wide

neck close to the width of its

body, whereas the bok mantis

has a neck markedly narrower


African praying mantis

(miomantis caffra) has

reached Lincoln and is eating

native species. ​

than its head.

Like the adults, the egg

cases (ootheca) also look quite

different between the species.

The native egg cases are brown

in colour and have a figure of

888888-pattern when looking

from above.

When these are freshly laid

(usually in autumn), the holes

have a white waxy covering that

seals the eggs inside.

When the young mantis’

hatch in spring, the white seal

is broken, exposing the 888888


The bok ootheca looks like a

mini meringue and has a tapered


Should we be concerned about

this invasion?

Well, Auckland entomologist

Greg Holwell thinks so.

He has been studying the

ecology of the two species for 10

years and has noticed a dramatic

increase in the bok mantis at the

expense of our native one.

Hagley Junior Open Night

Looking at high school options for 2018?

Join us for our Junior College Open Evening and discover

more about what Hagley can offer you!

TUESDAY, MAY 9TH | Please join us at either 4pm or 5pm

Phone us on (03) 379 3090 ext 884 or visit

for more information about Junior Enrolments.





WoodCroFt EstAtE oFFErs YoU:

PEACE oF Mind:

• 30 years’ experience in the retirement industry

• A statutory Supervisor

• An investment with 100% capital gain

• A Village that the residents own


Call Corinne on 021 821 683 or 03 421 7796


34 kEndon drivE, rollEston

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Remember Mum this Mother’s Day

Sunday 14 May

Simply bring this coupon to our Centre Management office (located upstairs between

Subway and Maxwell Drycleaners) and swap it for a $10 Barrington gift voucher!

Available 10 – 11 May 2017. Happy Mother’s Day from Barrington!


Special conditions apply. One voucher per mum. Limited to 100 vouchers each day.

256 Barrington Street,

Christchurch 8024

Phone: 03 332 4221

Like us on facebook!

Follow us on instagram!

24 Tuesday May 9 2017

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11 99



9 00


Lindauer Special

Reserve 750ml


Cadbury Favourites/Roses

450-540g/Lindt Lindor


Box 150g

Mother’s Day

More Deals In-store


9 99


Fresh Tegel NZ Skinless

Chicken Breast Fillets


7 00


Moccona Coffee Refill 75-100g


9 00


Signature Range Mild/Colby/

Edam Cheese 1kg


1 99


Loose Royal Gala Apples


19 79



7 50



6 00



2 49


Monteith’s Beer

12 x 330ml Bottles

Ferrero Rocher 200g

Streets Paddle Pop/Cyclone/Calippo

8/10 Pack/Magnum 4/6 Pack

Dole Philippine Bobby Bananas 850g

FreshChoice Leeston

78 High Street, Leeston.

Open 7am – 8pm, 7 days. FreshChoiceNZ 324 3788

FreshChoice Leeston

Certain products may not be available in all stores. Savings are based on non-promotional price. Limits may apply.

Prices apply from Tuesday 9th May to Sunday 14th May 2017, or while stocks last.

Owned and


by locals


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Pedal your way to

Rolleston’s newest


A taste of Italy right here in Selwyn...

Prebbleton’s best kept secret is a secret

no longer. The Milanese fully licenced

Italian restaurant and pizzeria is an

exceptional place to dine when you want

a taste of Italy. Fresh Pasta, Carbonara,

Spaghetti, to authentic Italian Pizzas.

Dine In or Takeaway.

Licensed/BYO wine only.

Private Functions available.

Cnr Springs & Marshs Road

407 Springs Road, phone 349 9652

(entrance on Marshs Road, behind Vege Shop)

restaurant and bar

The Pedal Pusher


A vibrant Gastro Pub with a Bistro feel.

Delicious food, Great atmosphere...

Fantastic service... Breakfast, Lunch

and Dinner... Make us your local...

your home away from home!!

Open 7 days - 9am till Late

Bookings recommended

Ph 03 260 0866

55 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston

284-286 Lincoln Road, Addington

The Silver Dollar Bar &


Visit the Silver Dollar Bar and Restaurant

to experience a selection of cold beers and

great food.

The menu includes a variety of dishes, both

affordable satisfying meals as well as special

dishes... Relax, either in the amazing indoor

Bar & Restaurant or sunny courtyard. Large

selection of beers, extensive wine list and

barista made coffee.

Open Monday – Sunday 11am – 11pm

Weekend Brunch coming soon.

Bookings Essential. Ph 03 347 0386

871 Jones Rd, Rolleston

Tai Tapu HoTel

‘unique CounTry pub’

Fine food, friendly folk, fabulous scenery

and relaxed atmosphere. Sheltered

courtyard and outdoor areas, perfect for

dining or platters and wines.

A La Carte Restaurant

Open 7 Days

12pm to Last seating around 8pm

780 Old Tai Tapu Road

P: 03 329 6819

Since opening in Faringdon on

Friday, 31st March, people have

been visiting The Pedal Pusher in


“We announced the opening on

Facebook and were overwhelmed

by the turnout. We never expected

to be this busy,” advises Madlen

Shaw who along with her husband,

Wayne owns The Pedal Pusher.

Madlen says that they love the

community spirit in Rolleston.

The restaurant and bar’s warm

family friendly environment has

certainly been drawing people into

experience the hospitality on offer,

with the restaurant fully booked

every evening and lunchtimes

extremely busy.

The Pedal Pusher is well designed.

There are places for small and large

groups, televisions for watching

sport, and a children’s corner

with toys as well as their very own

television programmes. Look

out too, for their Sunday music


The menu is the same as The

Pedal Pusher in Addington. They

Manuka smoke Barbecue Beef

Ribs on the premises, which are

honey glazed and come with

polenta fries. There is a selection of

locally sourced quality meats; the

much loved Pork Belly; Akaroa

Salmon; and for something a little

different, Confit Duck. The famous

Chicken Sandwich is also on the

lunch menu along with plenty of

dietary options.

Many people love our small plates

for sharing as a nibble with drinks or

before the main as a starter,” explains


The Pedal Pusher has a healthy

children’s menu with options

including pan fried fish with fresh

vegetables, steak with mashed

potatoes, chicken burgers, eggs on toast,

Eggs Benedict and pancakes.

For dessert, try their particularly popular

Crème Brulee, sticky date pudding, or

icecream for two. They bake fresh muffins

and scones on weekday mornings and have

other tasty treats like Caramel Slice.

For yummy food served in a great

environment by friendly welcoming

staff, visit The Pedal Pusher. They are at

55 Faringdon Boulevard in Rolleston;

open seven days from 8am for coffees

and breakfast, through lunch and dinner

till late. Make a reservation at www. or call (03) 260 0866.


A treasure trove of local, organic and

gourmet goodies for the health-conscious

foodie. The wood-panelled deli counter

delivers old world charm and an extensive

array of NZ and imported cheeses. Fine

foods and artisan goods adorn the rustic

pallet shelving along with tempting treats

for gluten, dairy and sugar-free devotees.

Awesome takeaway Atomic coffee or try a

turmeric latte! Gift hampers and vouchers

available. Open 7 days.

5 Robert Street, Lincoln | 03 325 7717

Mon-Sat 7am – 6pm Sun 10am – 4pm

Quartz -

Wine Bar & restaurant

The friendly Quartz team offers great service

in a comfortable, modern setting. An extensive

food & beverage menu has something

for everyone. Delicious, hearty versions of

favourites - burgers, steaks, fish, chicken &

salads. The earlybird special entices families to

dine before 6pm with $5 kids meals, leaving

an ambient setting later for couples or friends

catching up. Bookings appreciated.

82 Rolleston Drive. Ph 03 347 4192

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 4pm-Late.

Fri-Sun 12pm-Late. Follow us on Facebook

26 Tuesday May 9 2017

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Planning a road trip? Going hiking? Or just got a whole

lot of shopping to do?

The new MINI Countryman is perfect for any occasion.

Featuring improved driving comfort, a remarkably

roomy interior and ALL4 all-wheel drive the new

MINI Countryman is the ultimate all-rounder, ready

to tackle whatever road your story takes you on.

Grab your sense of adventure and get behind the wheel

from $44,900 * .

Book a test drive now at Christchurch MINI Garage.


30 Manchester Street. Christchurch, 8011. 03 363 7240.

Open 7 days - Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm.






Recommended Retail Price based on a standard MINI Countryman Cooper, includes

GST, excludes on-road costs. Model shown with optional extras. See or

your local MINI Garage for more information.

cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch

Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588


2016 Pajero Sport VRX 4WD 2.4L Diesel

SAVE $13,000

7 Seat Original RRP $66,990 +ORC


Christchurch Mitsubishi have a LIMITED NUMBER of Short-term lease returned Pajero Sports VRX, most having travelled under 15,000kms. Includes balance manufacturers warranty.

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Tuesday May 9 2017 27


More to Rarotonga than the beaches

• By Mike Yardley

PLANNING an escape to


Tear yourself away from the

beach to dig a little deeper at the

roots of the island. Venture along

the back road and enter a timeless

world of free-range harmony in


On my various forays along the

back road, I feasted on freshlyplucked

pawpaw, mango, guava,

bananas and star-fruit, bursting

from the roadside trees.

Scenically insatiable, I marvelled

at the colourfully-painted

hinterland homes and the dense

plantations, bracketed by Rarotonga’s

serrated peaks which

exude a Jurassic Park aura.

There are many ways to get

a flavour for Rarotonga’s vast

green heart, including taking a

ride with the recently launched

Tik-e Tours. These tropical

three-wheeler luxury tuk-tuk

limousines are fully electric, so

unlike the racket they make on

the streets of Bangkok, these

beauties will glide you around

Rarotonga’s ravishing interior in

virtual silence.

My driver/guide was a worldly

elder called Mata, a natural and

charismatic raconteur. Throughout

my tour, every passer-by

warmly waved out to Mata, or

stopped to chat. One chap we

talked to was busy cultivating

noni fruit by hand.

Lauded by locals for centuries

for its numerous health benefits,

noni juice has taken the world by

storm and is the Cook Islands’

No 1 agricultural export product.

My two-hour tour traversed a

slew of insights, including stops at

TROPICAL: Ikurangi’s foliage is typical of the Rarotongan hinterland. Right – Shower in the open air at the Ikurangi Eco-Retreat.

ancient marae sites, a rendezvous

with Government House, the

magnificently carved new war

memorial in honour of the 500

local soldiers who fought in

World War 1, Tinomana Palace

and the sacred Great Migration

site of Avana Passage.

Operating for just over a year,

the people behind Tik-e Tours

are Cook Islander Tania Farman

and her husband, Karl, who

have swapped corporate life in

Auckland for the Rarotongan

lifestyle, while injecting an

innovative and eco-friendly

tourism product into the mix.

For more heartland hi-jinks

I jumped behind the wheel of a

Rarotonga Buggy Tour. These

grunty off-road vehicles are a

cross between a kart and a beach

buggy, highly manoeuvrable and


They’re even kitted out with roll

cages if it all goes badly wrong.

These wildly popular buggy

tours have been making quite a

splash for two years. Our conga

line of yellow buggies looked

like a slithering giant snake. The

biggest mud pits awaited us at the

site of ill-fated and abandoned

Sheraton Hotel development,

where the grounds have been

reworked as an off-road buggy

track, which is where I got utterly

splattered in mud, as we ripped

up and down the mounds of the


Our touring route also romped

into the hinterland and the

Turangi Valley, thickly carpeted

with tropical rainforest. Seriously

good fun if you like to get down

and dirty. www.rarobuggytours.


Swathed in jungle-like tropical

foliage, the environmentallyfriendly

embrace of Ikurangi Eco-

Retreat is a winning new roost in


Established by Luana and Matt

Scowcroft last year, this thoughtfully

created offering treads a very

light footprint. You’ll notice the

sustainability elements wherever

you turn.

The toilets are self-composting,

the beautiful toiletries by Ashley

& Co are studiously organic, the

natural and biodegradable cleaning

products, a sustainable waste

management system, all materials

are sustainably sourced and

there’s free use of bicycles to go


Being uber-boutique, the experience

is absolutely distinctive,

personalised and ultra-attentive.

Luana says: “We think of it as a

unique combination of the allure

of a safari with the romance of the

South Seas, where luxury meets


I loved sleeping in my luxury

safari tent, stunningly furnished,

and perched on a deck to allow


A tropical breakfast was

delivered to my deck each

morning and I adored the

locally-roasted, fair trade plunger


I awoke each morning to the

“Tail of the Sky,” Mt Ikurangi,

gilded in the glow of the rising

Rarotongan sun, and I revelled

in the novelty of showering in

the open-air bathroom, flanked

by swaying palms and bountiful

banana trees.


•Set amid the bountiful

hinterland beauty, but just

minutes from the beach,

Ikurangi Eco-Resort is a

masterclass in sustainable

hospitality in paradise. Five

per cent of Ikurangi Eco

Retreat profits go to local

conservation initiatives.

I do love how Rarotonga

is replete with colourful

roadside stalls brimming

with freshly picked produce

and alluring treats, like

organic fruit ice cream.

They directly help villagers

supplement their incomes.

It’s a great way to give back.

28 Tuesday May 9 2017

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Rid your lawn of nasty weed

WHAT EXACTLY is a weed?

Definitions abound, but a

weed is generally considered

to be a plant that’s growing

where it isn’t wanted. And, as

winter draws near to an end, it

often seems that the weeds are

about to take over the entire


Onehunga weed, which

usually causes problems in

lawns, is one of the weeds you’ll

find starting to develop at this

time of year.

Onehunga weed is a soft,

ferny-leafed plant that only

reveals the nasty side of its

nature when it produces its

sharply-barbed seeds.

These can make walking on

the lawn in bare feet an utter


You can remove Onehunga

weed with what’s called a

selective weedkiller but,

remember, if the weed has

already formed its spiky seeds,

it’s sure to re-appear next year.

Make a note to begin control

earlier next season.

Selective herbicides cleverly

remove the non-grass weeds

from the lawn, without

damaging the grass.

However, it’s vitally important

to read the label and carefully

follow the instructions. Tooheavy

applications will burn the


Many other lawn weeds such

as clover, dandelions, thistles

and capeweed – can also

be removed with a selective


Weeds in garden beds can

be removed using a glyphosate


Glyphosate is non-selective,

which means it will kill any plant

material it contacts.

This, obviously, means it

must be applied with great care.

Fortunately, though, it doesn’t

leave residues in the soil.

PROBLEM: Don’t let Onehunga weed take root in your lawn.




We design gardens

DESIGN IT from a blank canvas and

transform outdoor living

areas into pleasing, relaxing spaces for the client

to enjoy year after year.

Our design skills extend also to large lifestyle

properties, making the most of the extensive

land to fit perfectly with the client's needs.














At Evergreen Landscapes,

BUILD IT our staff are specialists in

their areas of expertise; we

have experts in excavation, paving, building,

irrigation, planting, maintenance.

We offer a professional standard of service with

friendly staff who understand the importance of

starting and finishing jobs to a very high level.





Tip trucks


Design services

Trees / shrubs

Bark / soil

Decorative stone

Growing and marketing

containerised trees & shrubs..

Deciduous, Evergreen & Nz Native

We provide an advice and plant set out service

for where your trees and shrubs should be

placed in your garden areas. If you prefer, we

can do the tasks of planting, composting and

mulching with our skilled labour teams.

We have planted out many reserves, parks,

swales and street trees: we have years of

experience in quality tree and shrub planting.


60 Ivey Road, Templeton, Christchurch

Ph: 03 349 2929, Mob: 027 559 2929, E:

Open: Mon to Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm

w w w . e g n . c o . n z


from Residential,

to Lifestyle, to

Commercial Sites

Be inspired by

our great range

of quality trees

and shrubs.

• Over 10,000 trees to choose from with very

competitive prices.

• Expert honest advice on all your gardening needs.

• Delivery and planting service.

• Landscape design from planning to completion.

• Bring in your site plan & discuss planting options.

• Site visit service also available.

• We are happy to provide quotations for trees & plants



366 Halswell Junction Road, Halswell, Christchurch 8025

T: 03 349 9240 | E: |

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Tuesday May 9 2017 29

Beautiful broad beans

• By Henri Ham

I KNOW it’s easy and not too

expensive to buy broad beans at

the supermarket, but I enjoy eating

them fresh from the garden.

They taste great and it’s nice

knowing exactly what’s taken

place during the growing process.

Broad beans are one of my

favourite varieties to grow.

Like most other vegetables,

you can grow broad beans from

seed (actually it’s the bean itself).

But I recommend growing from


Doing this shortens the time

before harvest (around six less

weeks) but, more importantly,

takes out a lot of the hard work.

Once the root systems are well

formed (yet still separate from

each other), almost guaranteed

they will grow well.

Once you’ve got your seedlings,

you need to find somewhere to

grow them. I like to grow mine

in a raised vegetable garden, but

they also grow well in pots. Make

sure it’s full sun or partial shade

where you plant.

Broad beans are pollinated by

bees, so it’s helpful to grow them

near a bee-friendly plant like lavender,

rosemary or cornflowers.

It pays to check the pH level

FRESH: Broad

beans like full

sun or just

partial shade.

of your soil. Broad beans like the

soil to be around 5.5 to 6.5pH.

Not sure what the pH level of

your soil is? Most garden centres

sell kits, alternatively there are

also companies which will test

your soil for a small fee.

If the pH level of your soil

could go higher, try adding a

little bit of lime from your local

garden centre. If you’re not sure

of the pH level, it wouldn’t hurt

to add a little bit of lime anyway.

Then simply dig a little hole

and plant each seedling around

15cm apart in rows approximately

30cm apart.

Once the plants are around

1m you can stake them individually

but I prefer to put a stake at

either end of the rows and loop

a big piece of string around the

whole lot to keep them growing

together. Your plants will lean

against each other and grow

across the ground.

The seedlings will take around

eight to 12 weeks from planting

to produce beans ready for


Harvest the beans when the

pods are around 75-100mm.

How to plant a fruit tree

NOW IS a good time to get

those fruit trees planted.

Here are some tips:

•Dig a hole that is slightly

deeper than the root depth and

which allows for 20cm clearance

around the roots.

•Mix some compost with the

soil in the base of the hole, then

place the tree and slow release

fertiliser in the hole so that the

graft is above soil level.

•Create a small mound at the

base of the hole and spread the

roots out carefully.

•Before back filling, position

tree stakes. Partly back fill and

firmly compact.

•Continue back filling and compact

once or twice more.

•Water well.

•Stake securely to ensure root

zone can’t move on windy days.

Bare rooted trees bought must

not be left for roots to dry.

•Plunge in water prior to planting

to ensure the roots are moist

prior to planting.

Time to

Tidy Up

May is tidy up month! Get prepared now for the upcoming winter

months where you will feel less and less likely to want to get out and

do some gardening. Most of these tasks are pretty easy, so don’t get

too stressed thinking you will be out in the garden for endless hours!





3 Expert gardening advice

3 High quality products

3 South-Hort growing


3 VIP rewards

3 Buy in-store and online

3 Handy delivery service

3 Rake up leaves off the lawn and


3 Pull out any summer annuals

and dig over the ground

3 Treat paths for moss and slime

so they aren’t so slippery and


3 Roll up and store away hoses so

they don’t get damaged by frosts

3 Send your mower in to get the

blades sharpened

3 Sharpen the blades on your

loppers and secateurs

3 Make a bird feeder – the birds

will love you for it!

Add organic compost to the soil to

give it a good boost through the

winter, and prepare the gardens for

planting come spring time. You will

want to also add some bark mulch

to the top to help protect your

plant’s roots from the winter chills.

Handy tip: If the soil is too wet, don’t

work on it. This will cause more damage than

good. Just leave it until it dries up a bit!

Got a question that you want answered? Send us an email

to or post it on our Facebook page!

For more information,

check out our website:

or visit our facebook page:

1394 Main South Road, RD7 Weedons | Phone 03 347 9415


Tuesday May 9 2017

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Look after your pet

Real Petfoods carry a

selection of seed mixes.



Sat 8am-12 noon

(WOFs only)














3 WOFs



839 Jones Road, Rolleston

P.O. Box 16 Rolleston

Phone Simon on 347 7110

or Mobile 027 272 9213

with Real Pet Food

Feeding pets the right food helps keep

them healthy and in good condition.

“Cats and dogs are carnivores, born to

eat real meat and not dog biscuits that are

full of grains,” says Bernie owner of Real

Petfood in Rolleston.

Real Petfood sells a wide range of top

quality pet meat products, all at extremely

competitive prices. Their meat is absolutely

natural with no additives, preservatives or

fillers whether fresh or frozen raw mutton,

beef, horse, chicken or rabbit. They have

pet mince, steak pieces, puppy mixes,

meaty bones, tripe and brisket bones.

The birds are not forgotten either, with a

selection of seed mixes available, including

wild bird seed and bird feeders. There

are also mixes for pet guinea pigs, rats

and mice and a small selection of animal


Real Petfood’s dog mixes of beef, horse

and mutton are very popular. These come

in a range of sizes, from 500gram bags

through to 25kg lots of free flow bags.

“Horse meat is non-allergenic so vets

often prescribe it for dogs that react to

beef,” explains Bernie who also advises

that only raw mutton must be frozen

before feeding to a dog.

Real Petfood sources its meat from local

farmers and processes it in their own

abattoir, ensuring fresh meat each day.

Their frozen free-flow packs offer

convenience. Just take out what you need

and defrost in a microwave when you get

home; leaving a meaty bone to entertain

the dog while away at work.

Real Petfood has five staff sourcing,

processing and selling pet meat in handy

sized packs that are available direct to

customers from their Rolleston outlet with

free delivery available to customers (in and

around Rolleston) who spend over $70.

You will also be able to order on-line soon.

Real Petfood can be found at shop 4,

855 Jones Road in Rolleston, across from

Jones Road Auto. To call them, phone

347 0626; or for specialist questions on

pet food, call Bernie on 0274 375 114 or


Shane Nuttall cuts up pet meat in

Real Petfood’s butchery.

Not just a

tyre shop!

• On-farm services - NO CALLOUT FEE

(Selwyn district)

• 24 hour fleet service

• Full mechanical repairs

• Nitrogen fills, batteries, WOF,

shock absorbers

• Agricultural tyres

• Full range of vehicle tyres

• Wheel alignments & puncture repairs

Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm, Saturday 9am-12pm

Call 03 347 4702

or 0800 838 973

847 Jones Rd, Rolleston •

real pet food

Manufacturers of Fine Natural Pet Food


• Steaks • Mince

• Brisket Bones

• Beef & Tongue

• Beef Bones


• Mince • Necks

Phone (03) 347 0626

Shop 4, 855 Jones Road, Rolleston

(opposite Redpaths)

Hours: Mon-Tue 9am-5pm

Wed-Fri 9am-5.30pm

Sat 10am-1pm


• Steaks

• Mince

• Hearts, Livers

& Tongue


• Cat Mix • Dog Mix

Stockists of: Birdseed & Bird Acessories,

Rabbit Mix, Rat & Mice Mix, Guinea Pig Mix,

Fish Food & Accessories

Jones Road




› While You Wait WOF’s

› Courtesy Cars › Diagnostics

› Repairs › Servicing

› Batteries › Tyres

Phone 347 4020

851 Jones Rd, Rolleston

Simple elegance

Classic style with a contemporary look.

See our fabric range in-store today.

classic curtains & interiors

817 Jones Road, Rolleston

Ph 03 347 4295

Curtains | Blinds | Upholstery | Fabrics | Cushions | Crafts

Need a Professional


Call Laser Electrical Rolleston!

Residential • Industrial • Commercial • Rural • Dairy

Laser Electrical Rolleston, 831 Jones Road, Rolleston

(0800 527 374)

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Mitsubishi gives ASX a fresh face

• By Ross Kiddie


Zealand has been busy over the

last 12 months.

A raft of facelifted models has

landed, a new Outlander, Mirage

and ASX are now on dealers’

showroom floors. Each has a significantly

different appearance,

and I’ve covered the changes in

recent evaluations.

The last in my schedule to

drive was the ASX, an acronym

for active smart crossover, and

while the changes aren’t major

they certainly provide a fresher

exterior look, giving it more of a

Mitsubishi family appearance.

The interior has enhanced

specification features and a bit of

tidy up to make it more comfortable,

it also gets extra technical

gadgets to make it more functional

and user-friendly.

That along with a revised lineup

– now there are only four

models – the ASX is destined

to be a strong competitor in the

mid-size sport utility vehicle market,

landing from just $36,690.

The test car was the VRX, twowheel-drive,

2-litre at $40,590.

Petrol-power will get you into

front-wheel drive only; if you

want four-wheel-drive you are

locked into the 2.3-litre diesel

variants listing at $41,990 and

$45,990 (VRX).

MITSUBISHI ASX: Fresh look with a Mitsubishi family appearance.

The ASX follows in the wheel

tracks of the SUV Outlander and

takes on board many of the elements

which have made it so successful,

albeit in a smaller size.

In VRX specification the level of

fitment sits towards high. For that

money it comes well equipped

with full leather trim and heated

front seats, dash-mounted display

screen with rear view reversing

camera, keyless entry and ignition,

cruise control, comprehensive trip

computer, and all the safety kit

to earn it a five-star Australasian

New Car Assessment Program

safety rating.

Under the bonnet lies a 1998cc,

16-valve, twin-camshaft engine.

It is much the same unit which

powers Lancer and stands out

for its relatively high power

output (112kW) and strength

low down, courtesy of a 200Nm

torque figure. Together the power

and torque outputs combine to

provide strong mid-range performance,

easily cutting out a

120km/h from 80km/h overtaking

time in 6sec. For the record, it

will also launch from a standstill

to 100km/h in 9.9sec.

Just like the Lancer, the ASX

drives out of a six-step continuously

variable transmission.

That’s no surprise, Mitsubishi

have embraced CVT transmission

and it has worked well with

Outlander and Lancer. In the

ASX it is equally as efficient, taking

the load off the engine and

helping promote respectable fuel

• Price – Mitsubishi ASX VRX,


• Dimensions – Length,

4355mm; width, 1810mm;

height, 1640mm

• Configuration – Fourcylinder,


1998cc, 112kW, 200Nm,

continuously variable


• Performance –

0-100km/h, 9.9sec

• Fuel usage – 7.4l/100km

usage results.

In the VRX variant, steering

wheel-mounted paddles provide

the driver with a manual sequential

function. They will lock the

transmission into six pre-set

gearing steps to provide optimum

performance and engine braking

on hill descent.

Interaction between the engine

and gearbox is constantly reactive,

engine response is crisp, yet

it is docile and ambles along at

city speeds working the lower

part of the rev band to meet fuel

efficiency expectation.

According to Mitsubishi, the

ASX in two-wheel-drive form

will return a combined cycle

average of 7.4-litres per 100km

(38mpg). My time with the test

car constantly listed around

10l/100km (28mpg) with a

7l/100km (35mpg) figure available

at a constant 100km/h in the

tallest part of the gearing (engine

speed 1800rpm). They are satisfactory

figures and don’t come at

the cost of engine performance.

The ASX feels lively beneath

the throttle and will respond to

accelerator request instantly as

the power is gathered up by the

CVT belt.

I took the test car inland

between the two gorge bridges.

The piece of road in-between

provides a good mix of corners,

the ASX isn’t bothered when

placed quickly into a bend, the

suspension soaks up uneven road

surfaces and gravitational movement

is arrested smoothly.

When the ASX is presented

with a bit of a handling challenge

not only does it cope capably, it

imparts a comfortable in-cabin

sensation for the occupants. The

seats are well formed, especially

the rears which have had a bit of

an upgrade, also the entire construction

technique doesn’t jeopardise

the SUV concept.

Space on board isn’t overwhelming

but it is adequate, for

three in the rear it’s no squeeze,

each has just the right amount of

leg and shoulder room.

The ASX is there for those

who want to be part of the SUV/

crossover experience, and it will

fulfil that role admirably.

32 Tuesday May 9 2017

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One step


to your

dream lifestyle

JUNE 30 - JULY 2


10AM - 5PM

Adults $8 - Under 12’s free

Star Media is proud to be sponsoring Canterbury’s first ever Playhouse Challenge

Live Auction Saturday July 1 at 4pm

Proceeds to charity - Birthright Canterbury and Tenants Protection Association

Star Media Event

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by 5pm each Wednesday

Science Snippets: Illusions

Tuesday, Wednesday and

Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm

Fun, free Science Alive!

sessions for children aged five to

10. Bookings are required. For

more information, go to www.

Various district council

libraries, including Rolleston,

Leeston and Darfield

Scrabble Club

Wednesday May 10,


Go along to the Scrabble Club.

No obligation, go along when you

can and join the friendly group.

Some boards provided but feel

free to bring your own. Free.

Te Hapua: Halswell Centre, 341

Halswell Rd

Musical Instrument

Practice Slots

Thursday, 3.30-7pm

Book a time to go solo or

have a silent practice with up to

four band-mates. There will be

electronic drums, a digital piano,

a Roland session mixer, mics

and headphones available for

budding musicians. You can also

take in your own electric instruments

and plug-in to the mixer.

Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre, 341

Main South Rd

Tastes From Your Garden


Thursday, 6.30-9pm

Join head chef Ben at

pub, The Laboratory, for a

workshop on turning vegetables

into a tempting meal. The

workshop will be based at

the food technology room. If

interested, phone 325 2007 or

email servicesdevelopment@

Lincoln High School, 25

Boundary Rd, Lincoln

Treaty of Waitangi Workshop

Wednesday May 17, 6.30-


Go along to the library for

a free, interactive workshop

on the Treaty of Waitangi.

The sessions are relevant to

everyone whether you have

been here for generations or are

new to the land. The workshop

will be presented by Treaty

Education in partnership with

the Selwyn District Libraries.

There will be three sessions with

the first covering the origins

of New Zealand ancestors,

Maori industry, Declaration of

Independence and Te Tiriti O

Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi

(texts, signing process).

Darfield Library and Service

Centre, 1 South Tce

The Lincoln Scouts Group is currently accepting donations of good quality books. Now is the

time to clear out those bookshelves. Books can be dropped at the hall or the group are more

than happy to pick up around the township if you have a larger quantity of books to donate.

All donations will be gratefully received. Once your shelves are empty and you are looking

for winter reading material, or that special book, the group would then love to see you at the

sale. For those supporters returning to the sales you will continue to enjoy quality books at

bargain prices (all books are $2), some children’s books are even cheaper. The book sale will

be held on May 19 and 20. For those new to the township the sales have become an institution

in Lincoln. For any inquiries email The drop-off session will be

held at 6.30pm-8pm, on Tuesday and Wednesday and then the following week May 16 and 17,

164 North Belt Rd, Lincoln

Southbridge Playcentre

Housie Fundraiser

Friday, May 19, 7.30pm

Go along and enjoy an evening

out supporting Southbridge

Playcentre. There will be some

great prizes to be won along with

a raffle.

Southbridge Hall, High St

Running Groups

The running groups aim to

get like-minded members of the

community fit and engaged with

each other. All running groups

have a stagnated start to cater for

different abilities.

Lincoln Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from

5.30pm starts at 6pm. 3km

or 6km. Starts at Lincoln

University. Gold coin donations.

Malvern Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from

5.40pm starts at 6pm. 3km

or 6km. Starts from Malvern

Netball Centre.

Ellesmere Road Runners:

Wednesday registration from

5.45pm starts at 6pm. 3km or

6km walk or run. Starts from

Leeston Physiotherapy.

New season NZ

easy peel



Have you been to see us lately?


Phone 349 5952

Cnr Springs Rd & Marshs Rd,


(next to Milanese Restaurant)


Cooked Breakfasts

We are open from 6.30am


2 courses Soup/Roast or Roast/Dessert

Special available lunch only. Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm

Family Friendly

Kid’s 2 course special




‘Famous for

their roasts!’



& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn,

Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150













Spend $15 or more in the CLUB CAFE from

Friday 5th May to Sunday 4th June and go

in the draw to WIN one of three double passes

to BONEY M at the Horncastle Arena on

Thursday 8th June.




LUNCH from 12pm

DINNER from 5pm



Every Mother goes in the draw to

WIN one of two Gift Baskets!


Bookings Essential






JOHN TAYLOR (Welsh & Lions Loose Forward)

& RICHARD LOE (All Black Prop)

plus special guests

CANTERBURY SQUADS v LIONS 1950's, 60's, 70's


Tickets $100 includes buffet meal & drinks.

Hornby WMC | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Road | Hornby | Members, guests & affiliates welcome

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Lincoln High School

Lincoln High School

As we head toward the mid part of the year, those parents with year 8 pupils will be

looking at secondary school choices for their child in 2018.

Open days are a great opportunity not only for parents to see what the school can

offer but also give prospective students a chance to familiarise themselves with the

surroundings and learn about the options available to them.

Lincoln High School values lifelong

learning, respect, pride and doing good

for others. These are very evident in the

classroom and around the school. The

students are friendly and respectful of

others. The highly trained staff work

alongside students to ensure everyone

seeks to be the very best they can be.

The school has over 1600 students

from a number of different cultures and

backgrounds. Each student is valued for

what they bring to the school. The school

encourages individuality and excellence

in academic, cultural and sporting

interests. There is a highly functioning

School Council, a Junior Council and a

competitive House System.

Lincoln High School believes

participation in extra-curricular activities

is an important part of every student’s

growth and development. Students

are encouraged to be involved in the

performing arts opportunities and the

many successful sporting teams.

Lincoln High School seeks the highest

good in all that it does and aims to see

its students leave as lifelong learners as a

result of having positive and rewarding


The open day for Lincoln High School

is on Thursday 18 May between 4pm and


Rolleston College

The newest of the secondary schools,

Rolleston College will be offering a new

intake of year 9 students in 2018. The

school is slightly different as it goes

through the five years of transition until it

has a full year 9-13 allocation in 2021 with

next year’s roll only incorporating year 9

and 10 students.

This future focused and inclusive

secondary school provides a learnercentered

education for the rapidly growing

wider Rolleston community. Its aim is to

provide a challenging and empowering

learning environment, to develop the skills,

knowledge and characteristics necessary

to enable its learners to shape their lives,

develop communities and transform their


Rolleston College open day is on

Monday 8 May from 6pm to 7pm.

It is also holding a community open day

on Wednesday 31 May from 6pm to 8pm

for those community members who would

like to have a look at the new educational


Ellesmere College

Ellesmere College is a year 7 to 13 high

school situated in Leeston. I The Ellesmere

Ethos RISE (respect, integrity, success and

empathy) is instilled in all members of

the school community. The school’s focus

is to cater for the diversity of all learners,

engaging and enabling students to excel

and succeed.

Ellesmere College open day is on

Thursday 8 June.

Darfield High School

Darfield High School is a co-educational,

Year 7 to Year 13 school. This is a community

school providing an environment in which

each student is supported to gain the

knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary

for successful and confident living.

Darfield High School open day is on

Thursday 27 July at 6.30pm.

Selwyn is lucky enough

to have four secondary

schools which provide

education opportunities for

pupils in the region.

Darfield High School

Rolleston College Community Evening

Wednesday 31 st May 6-8pm

An open evening for any interested members of our community.

A chance to tour the school and experience some of the learning activities that have

taken place during the year. We look forward to welcoming you to our school and

sharing our journey with you.

Rolleston College

631 Springston Rolleston Rd

phone. 03 595 2490 email.

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

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Ellesmere College Te Kareti o Waihora

Ellesmere College is a friendly, familyfocused

school, with a caring, inclusive

culture. Our aim is to have engaged

students who are enabled to excel. We

enjoy a strong learning

partnership between

students, parents,

Whanau and staff and

we are proud of the

great support we have

from our community.

Learning innovation

at the College is

strengthened by the strong school values

of respect, integrity, success and empathy

and these qualities support our high

academic achievement and personal

excellence. Our courses develop the

skills required by our community and give

students the foundation for future success

in this rapidly changing world.

Thirty kilometres from Christchurch, we

benefit from easy access to urban facilities

and from the community strengths of our

rural environment. We have close links

with primary and tertiary organisations,

allowing positive transitions through all

stages of education. Our facilities are an

integral part of community life.

Located in the rural township of

Leeston, Ellesmere College is a

co-educational state funded Decile

8 school with almost 600

students from Years 7 to

13 and our three main

contributing primary

schools are Leeston





School and Dunsandel

Primary School.

The College has a

proud sporting and

cultural history and

frequently produces

results that are usually

associated with

much larger schools including national

titles. Academic results are consistently

high with many students gaining

Excellence and Merit Endorsements and

Scholarships. In 2016 we were the top

Decile 8, state co-educational school for

NCEA Level 2 achievement.

The College has a strong pastoral support

system that is based around four Whanau

groups: Rata, Rimu, Kowhai and Totara.

Class sizes in Years 7 to 10 are usually in

the mid-twenties while senior classes are

often much smaller.

Ellesmere College occupies a spacious

seven hectare site that includes facilities

for cricket, athletics, tennis, netball,

rugby and football. The buildings consist

of numerous classrooms together with

specialist rooms

for teaching



technology, art,

music, drama, a full sized gymnasium,

a modern library and we have currently

embarked on an exciting Master Plan

rebuild programme.

Ellesmere College is an inclusive school

and aims to meet the learning needs of all


36 Tuesday May 9 2017

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save the date

Sun 27th Aug

10am to 3pm

air Force Museum

45 Harvard Ave

Wigram, Chch

Tickets: $20.00

A Star Media Event

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100




The perfect firewood


Available now

Available now

Ph: 03 325 2290

suPPLiEs LiMiTEd Kent: 021 325 661

Office & Yard 653 Ellesmere Road, Lincoln

Trades Heating & Services

Select Services


Farm Development

Pivot Fencing


20 years experience

Workmanship guaranteed

Ph Geoff

021 640 748

Select Services


New Builds

Home Alterations




Phone Keith:

027274 9359

or (03) 325-4452





Insurance Work

Fully Qualified Builder

Trades & Services



Fast friendly



Selwyn area,

ph 021 364 664




new fencing, post driving,

repairs, maintenence.

Quality workmanship

& advice.

Phone Allan 021 049 6151

Facebook: agrifencenz

Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

CARAVAN Wanted to

buy. Up to $5000 cash

today 027 488-5284.

Do you know

where your



sector post is?

Ring your local

council to find out.


& Supplies


For Sale

Ellesmere Lions

have pea straw


Small Bales

at $6.00

Medium Squares

at $50

All a delivered price

in the Selwyn Area

Ph for orders

324 3580

Energy Supply Services

Supplying Canterbury

with quality industrial

and domestic solid fuel


Domestic coal available

in 20kg bags or bulk

trailer loads.

Stockists of charcoal, pellet fire

fuel, also agents for organic

fertilisers and dolomite

Winter Hours: Weekdays: 7am – 4.30pm

804 Jones Road, Rolleston NZ, 7643| Ph: +64 3 347 8800

Select Services

Need a hand?

✤ Lawns & Edges

✤ Landscaping

✤ Gardening

✤ Hedge Trimming

✤ Handyman Jobs

✤ Casual or One Off

Phone Mike Lineton

022 341 8848

Your local

Selwyn District



Select Services

Hedge tRimming

& gaRden


• Hedge Trimming

• Small Trees and Shrubs Topped,

Shaped or Removed

• Trenching and Digging Buckets

• Garden Maintenance

• Landscaping

• Cleanups Available

• Wood Splitter for Hire

JuSt Small



Phone: (03) 325-4664 | Mobile: 021-500-519


• Driveways

• Car Parks

• Site Cleaning

• Demolition

• Farm Tracks

• Drain Cleaning

• Stump & Hedge


• Ashpalt Concrete

Select Services

Wide range

oF TruckS

• Tennis Courts &

Swimming Pools

• Chip Seal Driveways

• Diggers – 2 Ton

up to 20 Ton

• Excavators

• Bobcat & Drilling

• For Posthole &

Fence hole

For a Free Quote

on your next project

Phone Steve on 021 338 247

or 325 7922

Select Services

Garage Doors, Auto Openers,

EQC Quotes, Repairs and

Maintenance, One off Custom

Made Designs...



Showroom at

Larcombs Road and

Home Ideas Centre,

Mandeville Street

The genuine custom made

garage door professionals




TyPEs of garagE doors:

Cedar Door, Glass & Acrylic doors, Flat Panel insulated range,

Pressed Panel Doors, Ribline doors, Tilt doors, Roller Doors,

flush mounted doors.

Proud to support your local community

Phone: 0800 661 366 • Fax: 03 347 8363

Factory: 276 Larcombs Road, R.D. 8 Weedons,






Tidy Up?

Call now for a free



We are also available

for chainsaw, hedge

cutting work

Call Erik

027 532 9677

Please leave a message




• Shelter Belt & Trimming

• Tree Topping

• Root Racking

• Full Hedge Removals

• Stump Removals

• Excavations

Sam 027 918 5155

Bill 027 433 7869







• Air Conditioning • Alternators

• Starter Motors • Wiring Repairs

• Diagnostics • Lighting • Batteries

Mobile Auto Electrician

022 644 9664

Farmlands Card Accepted


Shelterbelt Trimming


Call Tony Dempsey

Ph 03 325 3256 Mob 0274 323 943

carpet layer




Repair, Uplifting, Relaying,


*Selection of underlay available

All preparation work undertaken


Phone John 027 208 7383

vinyl laying





Selection available or

customer supply

All floor preparation


Contractors rates

Phone John 027 208 7383

laminate flooring






*Water Resistant

All preparation work


Contractors rates

Phone John 027 208 7383




38 Tuesday May 9 2017

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Paving, Irrigation, Lawns,

Planting, Fences, Pergolas,

Water-features, Outdoor fires,

Raised Vege beds, Decks,

Artificial grass & more...


Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Call Aaron & the team today!

Phone: 03 3474422 or 021542402



birds, snow, hail & vermin

from blocking up your spouting

Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with

unique patented louvre will even keep out pine needles.

Will not rust or sag with age or load. 10 year warranty,

range of colours.

Proven in Australia & New Zealand over the last 15 years.





Call Rohan anytime Mon-Sat for a

no-obligation assessment & quote

0800 486532

Trades & Services Trades & Services Trades & Services

• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways • Auger Hole Drilling • Land Clearing & Development

• Culvert Installation • Construction Site Works • Tree & Hedge Removal • Concrete Breaker


We will re-scope your property to ensure

you have been paid in full to cover all

your repair costs.

None of the properties that we have

re-scoped so far has been paid the

correct amount to repair their damage.


Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

• We have re-scoped 50 properties who have been under

paid for their repairs.

• Have your initial repairs failed?

• Did you receive your full entitlement?

• Do not pay your excess until all repairs are completed.

• General under payments are: Asbestos testing and

exterior lead paint, peeling wallpaper, cracking in exterior

plaster not repaired correctly.

For re-scoping and all earthquake repairs

including painting and redecorating.

Enquire now Phone 021-667-444

Phone Mike: 027 272 8058 OR 03 324 4323 A/H

•Yaldhurst Road Initially $3,800 after our

re-scope payment received $46,320

•Wairakei Road Initially $7,575 after our

re-scope payment received $38,182

•Prossers Road Initially $19,827 after our

re-scope payment received $60,273

•Kaplan Avenue Initially $859 after our

re-scope payment received $34,931

•Liverton Crescent Initially $11,000 after our

re-scope payment received $29,842

•Dalkeith Street Initially $5,000 after our

re-scope payment received $8,945

Trades & Services





Household and Motorhomes. Supply and

install TV aerials, satellite dishes, decoders

(12/240v), TV Wall Mounts, extra outlets,

TV, DVD, Portable satellite kits.

Ph 022 081 0928 or 0800 438 278

Trades & Services




Protect your home with a new Colorsteel roof.

Call for a friendly, FREE assessment and quote.

• Roofing

• Spouting and Downpipe

• Safety rails

• Licensed Building


Ph: 347 9045 or 021 165 1682


Trades & Services





Free Measure & Quote

• Asphalt

• Driveways

• Kerb

Quality Workmanship -

Over 10 Years Experience

• Chipseal

• Chip

PH 0800 081- 400 • 980-1123

Mob 0274 325 457

Trades & Services



Is your heatpump

ready for wInter?

• Save power, Save Money

• Cleaner healthier air

• Friendly, professional





Rob Spink

• 0800 423 637

• (A/H) 03 325 2713



Rope & harness

a speciality,

no scaffolding


30 years of




Exterior staining,

exterior painting,

moss and mould

treatment and


Phone Kevin

027 561 4629



All Plumbing



Blocked Drains

Log Fires,


Gas Hotwater


021 454 864

Trades & Services



Small Job Specialists,

Carpentry, Repairs,

Decking & Maintenance,

40 years experience, no

job too small, Ph Warren

03 322-1103 or 027 697-


Trades & Services



Vinyl lAying

Repairs, uplifting,relaying,

restretching, jflattery@, ph 0800 003

181 or 027 2407416


Quality timber fencing -

gates & repairs, ph Ryan

027 951 8892



Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.

PH Stephen

021 073 2624


Farm Development

Pivot Fencing


20 years experience

Workmanship guaranteed

Ph Geoff

021 640 748


Boundary, Executive,


All types of residential

fencing and gates

Defender Products

Ph 0800 63 80 80

Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors with

our unique fully weather

sealed system. Ask your

builder for a Defender garage

door; your first defence

against the elements.

Defender Products

Ph 0800 63 80 80

Trades & Services


Paving, Lawns, Irrigation,

Decking, Fencing.

Kanga & small digger

services. Check out Squire

Landscaping on facebook.


Arthur 347-8796, 027

220-7014 Edwin 027 220-




MASONRY?? Rock and

Blocks Work Ltd for all

your brick, block and tile

laying needs. Friendly

service Licensed Building

Practitioner phone Devon

on 021 375-888 or 03 329-



Quality jobs done on time.

All aspects of tiling. Reg

Master Tiler. Ph Dave 027

334 4125

Trades & Services




laundry, incl mosaics, ph

027 334 4125


tree removal, trimming,

stump grinding, shelterbelt

clean up, section clearing,

rubbish removals,

excavation work, ph Trees

Big or Small, for a free

quote, 021 061 4783



Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

stereos, DVD. Aerial

installations and kitsets,

480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03

379 1400

The best place

to learn and

play music in





17th May. Call Jenny 029

386 1840

• Learn an instrument (including voice) in a group or on

your own!

• Join an orchestra, an instrumental ensemble, a jazz

band, rock band or choir!

• Bring the children, aged 2-8 years along to have some

fun and engage in music learning in our foundation

classes, Take Off with Music!

• From ages 2 - 92 we can meet your musical needs.

Join our great community now!

For more information, check out our website

or phone the CSM office on 03 366 1711

Hokianga and Far North

Departs 27th August 2017

8 days $1950.00 per person

Mt Cook Stargazing

Departs 9th August 2017

2 nights

$1295.00 per person

Includes helicopter flight

All tours include flights

Call Reid Tours 0800 446 886

To Let


Ideal as an extra

bedroom or office.

no bond required thiS month

Fully insulated and

double glazed for warmth.

Three convenient sizes

from $70 a week:

Standard 3.6m x 2.4m,

Large 4.2m x 2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m.

Visit our website for

display cabin locations.


Trades & Services



Fast friendly



Selwyn area,

ph 021 364 664



Massage Rural Location

Anna 021 110-8790

Public Notices

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 9 2017 39

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Public Notices




Annual General


7pm Rolleston

Rugby Club Rooms

17th May 2017

Any further enquiries

can be emailed to the

Club Secretary at


All members


Public Notices






16th May 2017, 7.30pm

Lincoln Community Care


Lyttelton Street. Lincoln.

All Welcome

Public Notices

New Zealand First Party




Come for a chat/meet the

Candidate Wednesday, 17 May

2017 at 7.30pm in the

Kirwee Community Centre,

High Street Kirwee

Refreshments Provided

Public Notices

Edendale Boot Sale

Edendale Cafe

Special Offer

All food and drinks

purchased on sundays

will receive vouchers

for equivalent valued

goods from our

container site next door.

Edendale Event Centre

888 Sandy Knolls Rd

(near cnr Main West Coast Rd)

Ph Peter 027 229 5121

Situations Vacant




Class 1 WTR,

civil background

an advantage.

Please txt

your name

and licenses


027 222 0255




Class 1 Civil


Labourer, civil

background an


Please txt

your name and

licenses to

027 222 0255

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant




Class 5 Civil

Driver, civil

background an


Please txt

your name and

licenses to

027 222 0255




Class 4 WTR,

civil background

an advantage.

Please txt

your name

and licenses


027 222 0255




Class 2 WTR,

civil background

an advantage.

Please txt

your name

and licenses


027 222 0255


Sports Coordinator Position

This position is a part time position, 15-18 hours depending

on confirmed duties per week, term time only, and requires a

suitably qualified person with a background in office or school


A passion for sport and working with young people are essential.

The ability to work independently, under pressure at times and be

flexible with time is desirable.

Computer skills and strong written and verbal communication


For further information please contact Mr Chris O’Connell, Head of

Sport at or by phoning 03 3243

369 xt 831

For an application pack please contact Principals PA, email or phone 3243 355.

Applications close 31 May 2017 and are to be sent to Principals

PA, PO Box 52, Leeston 7656 or to

Situations Vacant

Burnham School,

Te Kura o Tiori

Teacher Aide required to work with an ORS

funded student - 10 hours per week

Applications Close Wednesday 17th May 4pm

Please send your CV to

Drivers Class 4 or 4L

Join our friendly team and learn how to

drive a concrete mixer truck. Positions

available at our Hornby and Rolleston sites.

Send your CV and cover letter to

Situations Vacant




(conditions apply)



(Road code & pre-assessment driving training provided)


Courses in Christchurch, Invercargill,

Cromwell & Mosgiel daily.

Other areas by arrangement



Class 3, 4 & 5, Passenger, Vehicle Recovery,

Wheels, Tracks, Rollers, Dangerous Goods,

Forklift, OSH & F

Driving Related Health & Safety Training


FREEPHONE 0508 2 DRIVE (37483) OR 03 348 8481 |

Situations Vacant

Learning Assistant

We are seeking a Learning Assistant

(Teacher Aide) to join our staff with

expertise and interest in promoting

an inclusive approach.

This role will involve providing

classroom support for our learners.

A specific interest and experience in

English Language Learners (ESOL)

will be an advantage.

The position is approximately 20

hours per week, term time only and

is fixed until 16 December 2017.

Start date to be negotiated.

Applications close 5pm

Friday 19 May 2017.

All applications must be submitted to

Please include a letter of application

and a Curriculum Vitae.

Situations Vacant

Part tiMe / fixeD terM

We are looking for assessors for the Lincoln Envirotown

Trust Responsible Business Award Scheme for all areas of

Selwyn,to start in June. This scheme, which encourages and

supports local businesses to become more environmentally

sustainable, is supported by the Selwyn District Council.

These will be part time contract positions to undertake

the distribution of the environmental survey to businesses;

site visits and assessments; assistance in organising the

awards presentation evenings. The assessors need to be

well organised and self - motivated. These roles best suit

people who enjoy meeting others;possess oral and written

language skills, as well as an enthusiasm for environmental

sustainability practices. Computer skills are a requirement

but full training in the new survey and system will be

provided. Deadline for applications is Wednesday 24th May


Please send cv with short letter to Dave

More information about these positions can be

obtained by emailing or calling Dave on 03 4230445.


Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

40 Tuesday May 9 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi



super deals

It’s New Zealand music month,

so grab your favourite brew and play it loud!




12 x 250ml Cans, 7%

under $20


12 x 330ml Bottles


20 99 $

19 99





Includes Sparkling


& Still

Whites & Rosé




24 x 330ml Bottles



18 x 330ml Cans


19 99



1 Litre



44 99



39 99 $ 49 99 $

14 99



13 99 Offers end close of trade 21st May 2017, while stocks last. Available at participating stores only. Varietals may vary by store. Limits may apply.


1 Litre




Amberley | Ashburton | Barrington | Belfast | Blenheim Road | Brighton | Brougham | Burnside | Colombo Street

Eastgate | East Street | Edgeware | Elmwood | Ferrymead | Halswell | Hanmer Springs | Hillmorton | Hornby | Ilam | Kaiapoi

Leeston | Lincoln | Lyttelton | Pages Road | Papanui | Parklands | Rangiora | Seaside | Shirley | Woodend | Woolston | 0800 SUPERL (0800 787 375)

Trade not supplied. Terms and conditions may apply. Available 8th May - 21st May 2017 inclusive. Please see for details.



Week commencing Tuesday, 9Th may, 2017



An absolute gem! Located at the end of a peaceful

cul-de-sac surrounded by quality properties. A well

maintained 270m2 home on a spacious 853m2

section. Offering something for everyone and

everything with its ample living options including

the family room, formal lounge and conservatory,

its 4 large bedrooms (one of which is so large it is

currently used as a living room), two bathrooms,

separate practical kitchen, laundry, large attached

double garage and an abundance of storage. There

are many outdoor dining options and tranquil

havens where you can just put your feet up and

listen to the stream making its way along the

boundary or the birds singing in the abundance of

mature plantings and shrubs. Opportunities of this

nature only come along very rarely therefore we

suggest early viewing.

Please note the adjoining section which is currently

part of the property can also be purchased.

PRICE: Neg Over $499,000




Stephan Knowler


M 027 229 9522


LEESTON – 38 Spring Place

OPEN HOME: Sun 14th May 1.00-1.30pm




Thinking of Selling?

For Trusted Reputation, Local Knowledge and Experience




Chris Flanagan

027 433 4657

Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930

Jackie Derrick

027 636 3576

Jo Barrett

021 859 006

Stephan Knowler

027 229 9522

Cameron McRae

027 769 6696

Sue Robinson

021 409 050

Before you list with anyone else contact us first to find out what we have to offer. Call us or pop into one of our three offices in Rolleston,

Leeston & Darfield. We would be delighted to take the time to discuss the many options available to you.

ROLLESTON P: 03 347 9949 | DARFIELD P: 03 318 8204 | LEESTON P: 03 324 3704 | www.

Paul Robinson

021 277 2690



Licenced under REAA 2008


Unique And Affordable Lifestyle

A truly special lifestyle property full of character - take the video tour and visit our open home, you´ll

immediately see yourself and your family living in it. This could be the one you have been holding out for!

• Just 2km from Rolleston township and a short commute to Christchurch, getting shorter with the

construction of the southern motorway

• Four-bedroom, two bathroom house that shouts homeliness and comfort, includes a large open-plan kitchen

and living spaces, and sited to maximise your rural views on both sides of the home

• Irrigated dressage arena, four-bay horse stables, high truck shed, lockable workshop and carports

• A charming pond and water-race to the rear of the property offers a peaceful retreat or family play area

• An excellent standard of fencing, water troughs, shelter, and a vegetable patch completes the offering

Make us an offer today to own this piece of New Zealand paradise! ID: DAR25964



(Unless Sold Prior)

Closes 1.00pm, Tuesday, 16 May 2017

OPEN HOME Sat & Sun, 1.30-2.30pm

117 Walkers Road

Wilton Atkins

M 027 606 0660

John Hughes

M 021 455 488


´Ambervale´ Offering Options

A four hectare property with the house set back

from the road and neatly nestled in a mature

garden setting. Permanent material offering openplan

kitchen/dining/family living with a separate

formal lounge, three bedrooms, master with en

suite and an office. Double garage with internal

access. Outside is a three-bay (one bay lock-up)

shed with power, a small cool store, chook house

and seven tunnel houses. The property has its own

well with a consent to irrigate to 2033. A great

opportunity here to grow a crop of your choice and

very close to the city and international airport. ID: DAR24714

West Melton


Plus GST (if any)

OPEN HOME Sunday, 1.00-1.30pm

1/1658 West Coast Road

Min Cookson

B 03 341 4301

M 027 249 5417

Athol Earl

Sales Manager/Auctioneer

M 027 437 6298

Min Cookson

M 027 249 5417

Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269

Karen Hennessy

M 027 967 0186

Wilton Atkins

M 027 606 0660

John Hughes

M 021 455 488

Licensed REAA 2008



Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 03 929 0306






89 Elizabeth Avenue

Situated on the main road in Rakaia with access from

Elizabeth Street this 1993sqm section has loads of street

appeal and exposure to the public.

There are options aplenty with current infrastructure in

place supporting a 9-hole Mini Golf including a 22sqm

office block with toilet and kitchenette, a large storage

shed, off-street parking and full perimeter fencing.

With only half of the section designated to Mini Golf

there is the potential to develop the remaining land

further, or ...

VIEW By Appointment

TENDER closes Wednesday 17th May, 2017 at

5.00pm, (unless sold prior)



31 Shadbolt Lane

Designed to impress before you step through the door

and it doesn’t stop there, extensive indoor/outdoor living

options, stunning central kitchen and luxury bathrooms

that are all crafted to an executive contemporary level.

• 290m2 home on 1262m2 section with extra height


• Large designated dining & 2 spacious living rooms

• 3rd living option connects the family bedroom wing

• Separate bedroom wing including a large, pampering

ensuite with double-head shower

• Access to the outdoors and the expansive lawn flows

easily from all living areas and the master suite



VIEW Sunday 14 May 2.00 - 2.30pm

DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 25th May, 2017 at 5.00pm,

(unless sold prior)

Sarah Yeates

Mobile 027 447 2719

Office 03 929 0306






Sarah Yeates

Mobile 027 447 2719

Office 03 929 0306




29 Stanford Way

Your exhaustive search could well be over…

• Trendy kitchen with huge butler’s pantry, feature

benchtops & lighting

• Two adjoining living areas each with stacker-slider

external access

• Large covered patio from a clever roofline extension

• Master with ensuite, WIR and stacker-slider external


• Heat pump and two panel heaters

• Separate toilet with basin

• Feature entrance with extra height ceilings

• Outstanding spacious section with seeded lawn

VIEW Sunday 14 May 1.00 - 1.30pm

Sarah Yeates

Mobile 027 447 2719

Office 03 929 0306




Simply book a FREE appraisal on

your property during the month of

May and go in the draw to win

a $5,000 travel voucher.

Find out what your property is worth and

be in to win! Call now 0800 FOR LAND

Promotional period: May 1 - May 31, 2017

Terms and conditions apply – visit



Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 03 929 0306



76 Finlays Road

Quite simply, it is all here at 76 Finlays Rd, West Melton.

A quality, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Peter Ray built

260m2 family home, with fantastic indoor/outdoor living

is set in an established sheltered surrounds.

The outdoor area is made for entertaining with a

stunning outdoor fireplace taking centre stage. The

plantings and trees surrounding the home, give a real

feeling of privacy and tranquillity.

The 4 hectares of land has a 7.7l/s irrigation consent and

fully irrigated with K line irrigation. The property is

surrounded by established shelter and well fenced into 7

horse safe paddocks with quality permanent fencing.

The infrastructure over the whole property is of an

excellent standard, including a quality 4 bay implement

shed complete with 1 bay being set up as a lockable


This property is situated in a highly desirable, quiet

location. If you are considering lifestyle living, then this

property demands your inspection.

The Golden Mile BUYERS $899,000+



1/546 McLaughlins Road

4.5ha property, set down a private lane in park like

grounds with mature plantings and pond offering the

ultimate country lifestyle.

• Spacious family home with new contemporary style

kitchen/living with external access to north facing patios

• 4 double bedrooms and office, 2 bathrooms

• Excellent heating options with logburner, heatpump,

nightstore and heat transfer system

• Outbuildings include a large 5 bay implement

shed/workshop plus separate 3 bay garden shed with

enclosed games rooms

VIEW By Appointment



VIEW Sunday 14 May 12.30 - 1.30pm

DEADLINE SALE closes Wednesday 31st May, 2017

at 4.00pm, (unless sold prior)


Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306





8 Walter Place

Located in heart of Kirwee is this well-appointed new

home just waiting for you to call it home. This well

designed 4 bedroom home presents a contemporary

style open plan kitchen/dining with access through large

sliders onto the sunny north facing patio. Large formal

lounge with log burner. Master bedroom enjoys a WIR &

ensuite, complemented by 3 additional bedrooms.

Internal access double garage with laundry featuring

excellent storage options.

Position of the home makes great use on the section &

allows the purchasers to add their touch. Now it’s your

turn to step up & call this place home.

VIEW Sunday 14 May 12.00 - 12.30pm







Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306

FROM $1,100,000 INCL GST



2/820 West Coast Road

This quality 4.37ha lifestyle block with a family home

that has been extensively renovated over the last 12

months, is beautifully positioned amongst established

trees and gardens, and topped off with a quality

additional dwelling. The brand new modern kitchen is

the centre of the home and the open plan living/dining

area flows around the kitchen. The living areas are all

north facing, with excellent flow to the outside deck

area, providing further options for living or entertaining.

The land is fenced into 4 horse safe paddocks with a full

water reticulation system. The hard work is done.

VIEW By Appointment




Chris Moore


027 288 0563

Sarah Yeates


027 447 2719

Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306

Our Team

Jannetta Thomas


021 256 6295

Lucinda Ebbett


027 364 7958

Sam Ashworth


027 242 3290




Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306



Michael Robb


027 436 7106

Gareth Cox


021 250 9714

Rebecca Smith


027 313 2270


Open Home

Rolleston 10 Dunlop Crescent

Designed with the ’modern’ family in mind, this home is sure

to please with its long list of admirable qualities. Sitting

proudly on its 1080m2 section, this newly completed ’up to

the minute’ property features highly desirable triple car

garaging & fabulous off street parking, perfect for all the boys’

toys. To tempt you further, the trendy kitchen features a

90cms oven with gas hobs & a walk in butler’s pantry with

sink, whilst the stylish ensuite boasts twin vanities & a double

tiled shower. Two spacious living rooms extend with ease out

to the outdoor living areas that take full advantage of their

perfect positioning for all day sun. The walk in linen room,

separate laundry, a log burner & 2 heat pumps complete the

picture of this well designed 266m2 home.

For Sale

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

Offers over $749,000

View Sunday 12.15pm - 12.45pm

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Rolleston 53 Beaumont Drive

Set on 939sqm (inc ROW), with an abundance of off-street

parking & triple car garaging, there´s room for the cars, boat,

caravan & more. This striking property was once a

Stonewood show home, it was then relocated approximately

two years ago where the fabulous extension took place.

Entering the front door, you´ll find a small office space to the

left, a cosy lounge and open plan living area which

encompasses the modern kitchen with 90cm oven & gas

hobs. The hallway leads to all the bedrooms, & at the other

end is the surprise, when you open the door to find a huge

room which is currently set up as another living area. Outside

you´ll enjoy entertaining on the elevated deck. If you want a 4

bedroom home that stands out from the crowd, then this is it!

For Sale

4 A 2 F 3 I

Offers over $619,000

View by appointment

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Open Home

Rolleston 11 Fairhurst Place

The best of both worlds!

Set on a generous & established 2548sqm section, this home combines the best of convenience & lifestyle. The large

open plan living space, with its easy indoor/outdoor flow to the BBQ area & garden, caters well for family living, whilst a

separate lounge provides for more formal entertaining. The sunny master bedroom spoils you with French doors to the

garden & has a walk-through wardrobe to the ensuite. Three further lovely, spacious bedrooms have the use of a family

bathroom with luxurious corner spa bath & shower. For practicality & comfort the home features double glazing, 2 heat

pumps & a gas fire, plus there’s also a separate laundry & two and a half car internal access garaging. With plenty of off

street parking & room to access the rear of the property, this home will suit anyone who owns a number vehicles or a

caravan/boat that they wish to store on-site. This size of section is becoming as rare as hen’s teeth, so if this is what

you dream of, we recommend quick action.

For Sale

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

Offers over $699,000

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd



Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 209a Lowes Road

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

Rolleston 9 Lawrence Drive

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

Set on a very private back section, with plenty of off street

parking, you will find a very warm and inviting 4 bedroom

home designed for entertaining. The slider window from the

dining area out to the bar leaner adds to the appeal that this

well laid out home offers. The great kitchen boasts a good

walk in pantry and bench space. Heated by a large log

burner, you will be toasty and warm this winter. There is a

great sized study nook area which will comfortably house 2

computers. The separate lounge also gives options for the

family to spread out. You are going to love the beautiful high

spec bathrooms also on offer here with the en-suite boasting

a double tiled shower and the main bathroom with the jet

shower and deep bathtub add a hint of luxury. Call to view!

For Sale


View Sunday 2.15pm - 2.45pm

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Brand new with 3 car garaging

Construction on this 230m2 home in Beaumont Park is

almost complete. You will be impressed with the excellent

living and accommodation offered by this floor plan which

features 4 good size bedrooms, including the master with an

ensuite and walk in robe, a separate lounge plus an internal

laundry. Sought after three car garaging with drive through is

also on offer here. The tandem garage could also be used as

a games room, man cave or simply for extra storage. Sliders

open off the living and lounge areas to a sunny patio, ideally

designed for entertaining. The home is nicely sited on a

576m2 (+ROW) section and comes complete with a lawn,

patio and driveway. Call now for more details.

For Sale

Offers over $579,000

View Sunday 2.00pm - 2.30pm

Amanda Cherry

027 340 6955

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 48 Overbury Crescent

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

Rolleston 51 Bradbury Avenue

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

• Set on an established, fully fenced 785m2 section.

• Double garage with drive through to a single garage

• Solar panel for hot water, HRV system

• 4 bedrooms (master with ensuite & WIR)

• Separate lounge with pellet fire

• Beautiful outdoor area with shade sail and built in BBQ

For Sale Offers over $569,000

View Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Packed top to toe with features, this beautiful new 4 bedroom

home is ready & waiting to be loved by you. Aspects to please

include... a stylish kitchen, spacious walk in pantry, wellproportioned

living areas, 2 sleek tiled bathrooms, ducted heat

pump system in the kitchen/living/dining & lounge, fully fenced

& lawned section - this is the home that you deserve!

For Sale Offers over $599,000

View Sunday 2.15pm - 2.45pm

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Rolleston 22 Strauss Drive

3 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

Rolleston 95 Fairfield Way

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

• Trendy, young 3 bedroom Mike Greer family home.

• Sunny open plan kitchen/dining/living area.

• Spacious separate lounge provides flexibility for entertaining.

• The home has the benefit of under tile heating in the kitchen

& bathrooms, heat pump, gas fire & study nook.

• Situated in Levi Park, this beautiful home shouts "buy me"!

For Sale Offers over $569,000

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

• Stunning 4 bedroom family home situated in the Millgate

subdivision & zoned for the new West Rolleston Primary.

• Generous open plan living & dining room plus a study nook.

• The separate lounge guarantees plenty of room for

entertaining & your whole family to spread out.

• This home longs to be lived in again....make sure it’s you!

For Sale Offers over $599,000

View by appointment

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Open Home

Family Flat

Templeton 17 Riwai Street

Room for the extra family!

• Beautiful, well maintained, sunny 3 bedroom home plus the

bonus of a self contained 1 bedroom flat.

• Newly updated including brand new carpet throughout.

• Heat pump and DVS system.

• All sited on a large 1012sqm section.

Deadline Sale

Thursday 18th May 2017 at 2.00pm

View Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

4 A 2 F 2 I

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Additional Flat

Templeton 8 Riwai Street

3 A 2 F 1 I

This property boasts two dwellings on one 1011m2 title, each

with established tenants returning $555/week between them.

A unique opportunity for the astute investor or home buyer

looking for an additional income. A charming cottage sits at

the front of the property. Built in the late 1800’s it is full of

yesteryear charm. Heated by a modern wood burner & a heat

pump, the home consists of one double bedroom, separate

living and dining rooms along with a good sized kitchen &

bathroom with separate toilet. At the rear of the property sits

the additional flat of concrete block construction with its own

power & telephone supply. There are two double bedrooms,

open plan lounge/kitchen area & separate bathroom & toilet

all warmed by a heat pump. Don’t delay in viewing!

Deadline Sale

12pm, Thursday 11th May 2017.

View by appointment

Melissa Warrington

027 279 4362

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Prebbleton 4 Florin Place

• Superior, executive 4 double bedroom family home with

impeccable detailing, top quality finishes and fixtures.

• Designer kitchen includes a walk in pantry and stone tops.

• Cosy formal lounge features a central gas fire.

• Gorgeous courtyard and outdoor entertainment area.

• This quality home is a must see - call now to view!

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

For Sale $790,000

View Sunday 3.00pm - 3.30pm

Emma George

027 555 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Open Home

Lincoln 9 Caulfield Crescent

4 A 2 F 2 I

Glentunnel 12 Homebush Road

3 A 1 F 2 I

• If you mix style, simplicity & contemporary flair, the result is

this stiking 235sqm, 4 bedroom family home on 682sqm.

• Stunning open plan living - inviting lounge with logburner at

one end plus a second living space at the other.

• The impressive designer kitchen is the central hub of the

home and enjoys easy indoor/outdoor flow to the large deck.

For Sale Offers over $669,000

View Sunday 11.00am - 11.30am

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

First home buyers, singles, couples & families should take a

look at this amazing opportunity in a delightful country town.

This charming 2/3 bedroom home + studio sits on 809sqm

section. There are 2 good sized bedrooms & a sunroom/dining

room that could be utilised as a third bedroom. The established

garden offers lots of off-street parking and plenty of space.

By Negotiation over $349,000

View Sunday 1.00pm - 1.45pm

Frank Dowle 027 528 0480

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Dunsandel 30 Hororata Dunsandel Road

4 A 2 C 1 F 2 I

Dunsandel 15 Leeston Dunsandel Road

2 A 2 C 1 F 3 I

• Generous family home featuring 4 double bedrooms.

• Large open plan kitchen/dining/living.

• Spacious, separate lounge.

• Woodfire on wetback, heat transfer system + heat pump.

• 6 x 9m garage and a fabulous full sized 1012m2 section.

• Call now to arrange a viewing or see you at the open home.

By Negotiation

View by appointment

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Affordable with 3 car garaging!

• Sizable 2 bedroom cottage in the heart of Dunsandel.

• Open plan kitchen with walk in pantry and a fireplace.

• Two separate living spaces.

• Carpeted studio which also has power.

• The sizable back yard is securely fenced off. Call now!

For Sale Offers over $349,000

View Saturday 1.30pm - 2.00pm

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Melanie Elliott

027 635 2643

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Open Home

Dunsandel 18 Highfield Avenue

3 A 1 F 2 I

Darfield 21 Piako Drive

4 A 2 C 2 F 4 I

If you’re looking for an affordable first home in a peaceful

setting, then look no further. This cute 3 bedroom home is

located at the end of a quiet street in Dunsandel, & overlooks

rural farm land. Set on a family perfect 1106m2 section, with

double garage & a separate wood/garden shed. Upon

entering the home, you’ll be impressed to see that many

renovations have already taken place, with a new bathroom &

toilet, and most areas of the home recently repainted. To

keep you cosy & warm this winter, there’s two wood burners

with the added convenience of one being on a wetback.

You’ll love the large laundry & utility area - perfect for those

mucky boots. Do not miss the opportunity to own a solid

home on a generous section like this. Call now to view!

For Sale

Offers over $369,000

View Sunday 3.15pm - 3.45pm

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Enviable Location

This home ticks so many boxes, starting with its enviable

location, surrounded by other executive homes all on

generous sized sections. This 4 bedroom home was built in

2001 & sits on 5540m2, allowing plenty of space for the kids

& pets to run around. Don’t fear the winter months here with

double glazing, log burner, heat pump & nightstore heater.

Other features include a large master bedroom with ensuite &

WIR, 2 living areas, spacious family bathroom, separate

laundry, & a private decked area - perfect for entertaining. We

can´t forget the additional double garage for the ´toys´. On the

fringe of Darfield township, yet walking distance to local

schools & shops, this certainly is a fantastic opportunity.

For Sale


View by appointment

Melissa Warrington

027 279 4362

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Open Home

Open Home

West Melton 9 Shepherd Avenue

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

• Stunning 4 bedroom, contemporary family home in a divine

location in West Melton, will leave you wanting for nothing.

• Light & bright open plan kitchen/living/dining area

• Formal separate lounge.

• Two heat pumps, log fire & under tile heating.

• Enviable 1408sqm section plus 3 car garaging.

For Sale Offers over $819,000

View Sunday 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Melanie Elliott

027 635 2643

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

West Melton 36 Shepherd Avenue

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

Designed to take full advantage of the expansive rural views

out towards the Southern Alps, this magnificent 332m2

residence, boasts an enviable position on a 4235m2 section

in prestigious Preston Downs. Complete with a large walk in

pantry, double oven & purpose built bar area, the kitchen is a

home cook & entertainer’s dream. The home’s layout also

ensures that guests are well catered for, as the guest

bedroom boasts dual access to a luxurious bathroom with its

corner spa bath & large tiled shower. 4 large bedrooms in all,

a beautiful tiled ensuite, a sauna room, 2 extensive living

areas, drive through triple car garaging, heaps of storage, a

large laundry room, diesel central heating system & surround

sound complete the perfect package. Call now to view!

For Sale

Offers over $999,000

View Sunday 3.30pm - 4.00pm

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


West Melton 51 Langdales Road

• 4.791ha lifestyle block with established orchards & 8

functional paddocks

• 5 double bedrooms (master with ensuite)

• O/P living area plus a separate formal lounge

• 3 bay shed, deer fencing & access to a water race create a

multitude of options for the keen life-styler!

5 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

For Sale Offers over $989,000

View Sunday 1.15pm - 2.00pm

Melanie Elliott

027 635 2643

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections

in the Selwyn District

Sizing up a house design

Those looking to build a new home

are likely to tour show homes, checking

features, noting the number of rooms and

spaciousness of each, and making mental

comparisons with their existing living

quarters and what they perceive they will

need in their home.

There is no one ideal house size.

Determining square metre size depends

on one’s stage in the family life cycle and

lifestyle. Young couples, older people

downsizing and those living on their own

may want smaller homes whereas families

often seek space.

Visiting show homes is a good way to get

a spatial impression.

Many building companies have more

than one show home. This allows them to

demonstrate the range of work they do,

the quality of their workmanship, and to

feature house designs they have on their

books. These homes also provide examples

of the features that can be incorporated

into a new home.

Show homes vary in size. Some are less

than 200 square metres, others may be

around 210m², 220m² or closer to 240m².

For example, Artisan Homes’ Prebbleton

show home is 246m² and offers innovative

and energy efficient ideas.

The Faringdon line-up of show homes

offers comparison with homes of 184m² or

211m². Other show homes can be found

at Lincoln’s Te Whāriki and Flemington

subdivisions, in Prebbleton, as well as in

Levi Park and Goulds Road in Rolleston.

A smaller home may not always feel less

spacious. It depends on design and layout.

A larger home may offer the opportunity

for extra living area in a separate lounge, a

laundry room inside the house rather than

in the garage, wider entry and hallways,

and larger rooms overall. Extra features

such as walk-in pantries, ensuites and

walk-in robes in the main bedroom, and

additional storage cupboards can also

be accommodated as the square metres


Building smaller will not necessarily

equate to a significantly cheaper price.

While building companies work on a

square metre build figure, certain costs are

still incurred such as for the drain laying,

plumbing, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and

garage with the latter less costly to build.

Adding extra bathrooms and the like will

add more to the final price however, if the

square metres are taken up in living and

bedroom space or a wider hallway then

the cost is proportionately less. Higher

specified features will certainly increase

the cost of the build.

Making comparisons in both size and

features when viewing show homes and

house designs will help you determine

the size of home to build. Weigh your

needs and wants against any budgetary

constraints, ensuring you have all the facts

and a clear idea of costs before making

your final decision.

Brand New Prebbleton Show Home Open

This Weekend: 72 Blakes Road, Prebbleton

Open on Weekends from 12pm to 4pm

Silver medal winner in Registered Master Builders 2016 House of the Year Awards

Builders of superior homes.

Built to last.

Office & Show Home: 5 Broomleigh Drive,

Faringdon, Rolleston

New Show Home: 72 Blakes Road, Prebbleton

Phone: 03 374 9172 or Rob: 021 324 876

E-mail -


Standout Homes for

a Standard Price

Office and Showhome

2 Harvard Avenue

Wigram, Christchurch

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

New Showhome - Now Open

6 Craig Thompson Drive

Flemington, Lincoln

Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 4pm

(03) 341 3000 or 029 201 2453




Homes By Parklane

“Standout Homes for a Standard Price”


2 Harvard Avenue

Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

Flemington, Lincoln

6 Craig Thompson Drive

Sat & Sun 12pm - 4pm

(03) 341 3000 or 029 201 2453

4 2 2 2

Strategic Homes


6 Derek Anderson Drive

Longhurst Estate

Wed to Sun 12pm - 4pm

Ph 03 963 8841 or 0274 359 333

David Reid Homes


231 Highstead Road - opening June


80 Farthing Drive - opening September

Ph Jason 021 514 424

or Chris 021 192 6095

Build 7 - Christchurch

Prebbleton - Flemington

Viewing by appointment only

Ph 03 595 0894 or Jamie 021 783 001

Showhome - Viewing by appointment

Phone Jamie on 03 595 0894

Brent loves reading

the newspaper.

So we designed an extra wide bench for him

to stop his paper falling into the sink.

Start your own story

03 348 1994 |

Peter Ray Homes


28 & 30 TeRito Street

12pm to 4pm Tues to Sun

Faringdon, Rolleston

5 & 7 Stanford Way

12pm to 4pm Sat, Sun, Wed & Thurs

Wigram Skies, Wigram

32 & 34 The Runway, 12pm to 4pm

Mon to Sun (7 days)

To advertise in

The Showhome


Contact Elaine:

(03) 364 7436



Mini makeover gives

living areas a lift

Don’t let heading into winter give you the

blues. Think of all the things you love about

the cooler seasons and give your home a

mini-makeover to make it the comfortable,

warm and welcoming home you desire.

Revamping your living and dining areas

will give your lived-in spaces a fresh new

feel. Unlike a renovation, a revamp (or

face lift) need not involve a huge financial

outlay. In fact it is an extremely budgetfriendly

way of giving your rooms a new

look as you can add and subtract pieces as

the pay packet allows.

Moving slowly over the next couple of

months is an advantage. If you don’t, after

all, like that bright pink cushion you had

planned to build your new look around,

you can change direction without having

spent too much money. Another advantage

of moving slowly to build your new look is

the time it allows you to hunt for just the

right pieces, or wait for the sales to offer

you bargains. Also have a look around your

home for items you could recover, paint or,

with a little tweaking, find new purpose for.

Start your facelift by deciding what sort of

look you’re going to aim for.

Browse magazines and the internet for

ideas, check paint colour charts for the

latest colour options. Visit furnishing stores

and take note of the different display areas -

how do they balance colour and texture?

Then find an item you would like to

build your new look around. This could

be a treasure you’ve had for a while or

something that you covet and have spotted

in a shop.

Your next step is to sit down with

pencil & paper & plan. List what items

can be changed and how, and what can’t.

Think colour, shades and tones and

complementary colours, think texture,

think pattern, think outside the square.

Think fabric, wood, plastic, old and new.

That comfy old chair doesn’t need to be


Buy some furnishing fabric and recover

it (or have it recovered).What items have

other family members put aside because

they no longer need them but they’re ‘too

good to throw out’?

Once you’ve got some sort of plan

mapped out you can start work on creating

your new look.

Spend time browsing the shops to see

what is available in your chosen colour

- candles, photo frames, vases, pot plant

holders, wallpaper, fabric, large items and


New Stage Now Open

Home sites from 480m 2 - 705m 2

Priced from $175,000

First National Real Estate

Sue Mullins Barry O’Neill

021 244 1325 021 364 422

Visit Us Onsite Cnr Birches Rd & Craig Thompson Dr, Lincoln, 7 days Noon - 4pm



Looking for a property,

what really counts?

You are in the market for a new property,

scrolling the Internet, examining properties for

sale and zeroing in on those with potential. They

might be in locations that offer cheaper land,

larger houses, or convenience to work or school.

You may have visited show homes and open

homes becoming confused, overwhelmed or

swept away with emotional factors like having

everything new, or extra features such as three

car garaging.

To be happy with your choice, list the features

that you need, considering:

• Family space – Is there room for the

children to play indoors and for television and

entertainment units? Should this be open plan or


• Kitchen – What needs to be in your kitchen?

How serious are you about a butler’s pantry? Is

it a whim or something that offers a practical

solution to the way you use your kitchen?

• Bedroom sizes – What are optimum sizes?

Smaller bedrooms may translate to slightly

lower building costs while extra space can be

useful. When looking at existing homes, consider

whether the size of each bedroom is sufficient.

• Garaging – A standard double garage once

two cars are parked there offers little space for the

toys. What toys do you have and could they live

with the lawnmower in a garden shed, a cheaper

option to three car garaging? If the budget allows

and a larger garage with workshop is important,

make it a selection priority.

• Size of land – Lifestyle properties offer

space for children, pets, hobbies, an expansive

garden and perhaps a home-run business but

they require work so are not for everyone and a

compact section might be more sensible if a tight

budget or busy lifestyle.

• Bathrooms – Second and third bathrooms are

great in homes with teenagers and a wet shower

room is ideal for young children. A bath might

be fashionable though is often not used and its

absence could mean a more spacious bathroom.

• Laundry – Would a laundry in the garage do

the job?

• Storage – How much storage do you need?

Weigh up what can truly be stored in the garage

once vehicles are in, a preference in winter.

Garages vary in size so check the size to ensure

your vehicles will fit. Look also at where else

the house offers storage capacity such as in hall

cupboards, a large hot water cylinder cupboard,

wardrobes (check their width and depth),

walk-in robe, attic storage trusses, as well as the

potential for hooks and shelving in the garage for

bikes, tools, garden equipment and even kayaks.

• Off-street parking – How many vehicles can

be parked on the driveway? Will this space be


• Garden - Is there sufficient space for your

children to play or for entertaining?

A checklist will allow you to determine what

will suit your needs, the point of the exercise,

saving you time looking at properties or potential

house designs while assisting you to decide

whether to buy a new or existing home with both

options having advantages and disadvantages.


77 Main South Road, Rolleston

26 Iraklis Close, Templeton

Fabulous Family Home!

Situated in the sought after Templeton Park and

nestled amongst other quality homes this four

bedroom, 2 bathroom home offers fantastic

family living in a desirable location. Beautifully

presented with a lovely modern kitchen with

open plan dining and living area, along with

a separate lounge, this home caters for all

occasions. This home ticks a lot of boxes, and

we expect interest to be high. Your earliest

viewing is recommended. All offers are to be

presented on 18th May. Contact Mike today for

viewing times and further information.


More Than Meets The Eye!

Situated on a family sized 929sqm section, this charming 2 bedroom home is a delight to present.

Northwest facing and ideally sited for the sun, this home is lovely and warm. With an open plan

kitchen, dining and living area at its heart, entertaining will be a joy. Lovely landscaped outdoor

living and fully fenced with an attached workshop/garage with a pit complete the package. With

off street parking for 8 – 10 cars, this property would tick both his and her boxes. Call Mike now

for further details and your chance to view.

446 Little Akaloa Rd, Little Akaloa


More Than Meets The Eye!

After a successful marketing campaign, this

secluded sanctuary set amid 40,143m2 of

picturesque scenery is now SOLD! The

vendors are delighted with the outcome

and the purchasers are looking forward to

enjoying this unique property.

If you are contemplating selling and would

like to know how we can help you achieve the

results you deserve, contact Mike today for

a no obligation appraisal and to find out how

we do things differently.

68 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

0800 645 346

Mike Goatley

027 249 5561

Chris Finnerty

021 274 6041

Trevor McIvor

027 444 2814

Stephen Ferguson

021 224 2000

Nicola Curtis


Julz Sibbe


Real Estate Specialists Ltd Licenced REAA (2008)


This Week’s



LINCOLN 45 Vernon Drive

Thurs 11th May, 3pm -4pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge,

682m2 section. $694,000, Deadline sale, all offers presented

3pm 17 May (USP) Harcourts

Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731 – Yolanda 027 321 0569

MERIVALE 2/28 Aikmans Road

Thurs 11th May, 12pm -12.45pm, 2 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1 living, 1 car

gge. Deadline Sale: all offers presented 4pm 30th May 2017. Harcourts Rolleston – Shona

027 229 3657

ROLLESTON 16 Bavaria Drive

Thurs 11th May 1.15 -2pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 3 car gge,

1133m2 section. Deadline Sale, all offers presented 12pm 23

May (USP)., Harcourts Rolleston

– Natalie 027 943 6413

ROLLESTON 16 Armack Drive

Thurs 11th May, 3pm - 3.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car

gge. Deadline sale, all offers presented 4pm Thursday 18 May

(USP) ID#RL1657Harcourts Rolleston –

Shona 027 229 3657


DUNSANDEL 15 Leeston Dunsandel Road

Sat 13th May, 1.30pm – 2pm 2 bed, 2 living, 1 bthrm, 3 car,

1009m2 section. Offers over $349,000

Ray White Rolleston

HOON HAY 49 Rowley Ave

Sat 13th May, 2.45pm – 3.15pm, 3 bed, 1 bthrm, w/in panty, 2

car, 612m2 section. Deadline sale, Ray White Rolleston

KAIAPOI 12 Fairweather Crescent

Sat 13th May 12.30pm -1.15pm3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 living, 2+ car

gge, 683m2 section. By negotiation ID#RL1648.

Harcourts Rolleston – Kaye 027 686 6941

LINCOLN 45 Vernon Drive,

Sat 13th May, 3pm -4pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge,

682m2 section. $694,000, Deadline sale, all offers presented

3pm 17 May (USP) Harcourts Rolleston – Mary

021 557 731 – Yolanda 027 321 0569

MERIVALE 2/28 Aikmans Road

Sat 13thMay, 12pm -12.45pm, 2 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1 living, 1 car

gge. Deadline Sale, all offers presented 4pm 30th May 2017. Harcourts Rolleston – Shona

027 229 3657

ROLLESTON 117 Walkers Road

Sat 13th May 1.30pm – 2.30pm, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home

on 2.43ha, four-bay horse stables, truck shed, irrigated dressage

arena Deadline Private Treaty closing 1pm, Tuesday, 16

May DAR25964 PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Ph Wilton Atkins

027 606 0660 or John Hughes 021 455 488

ROLLESTON 16 Armack Drive

Sat 13th May, 3pm - 3.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge

Deadline sale, all offers presented 4pm Thursday 18 May (USP) ID#RL1657Harcourts Rolleston – Shona

027 229 3657

WIGRAM 148 Kittyhawk Ave

Sat 13th May, 1.45pm – 2.15pm, 3 Bed, 2 Bthrms, W/I Pantry, 2

Car, 208m2 Section Offers over $625,000Ray White Rolleston


DUNSANDEL 18 Highfield Avenue

Sun 14th May, 3.15pm – 3.45pm, 3 bed, 1 bthrm, 2 car, 1106m2 section

Offers over $369, 000, Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston.

GLENTUNNEL 12Homebush Road

Sun 14th July, 1pm – 1.45pm, 3 bed, 1 bthrm, 2 car on 809m2 section

Set Date Of Sale, Ray White Rolleston


HALSWELL 41 Stallion Ave

Sun 14th May, 3pm – 3.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car on 806m2 section

Set Date of Sale , Ray White Rolleston


ILAM 15 Powell Cres

Sun 14th May, 10.45am – 11.15am, 5 bed + study, 1 bthrm, 2 car,

637m2 section. Offers over $790,000, Ray White Rolleston www.

KAIAPOI 12 Fairweather Crescent

Sun 14th May 2.30pm -3.15pm3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 living, 2+ car gge,

683m2 section. By negotiation ID#RL1648.

Harcourts Rolleston – Kaye 027 686 6941

LEESTON 38 Spring Place,

Sun14th May, 1pm – 1.30pm, Large 4 bed, 3 living room home in

quiet street. Neg over $499,000 Stephan Knowler 027 2299522 Matson & Allan, www.marealestate.

LEESTON 21 Woodville Street

Sun 14th May, 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed immaculate home on 759m2.

Neg Over $499,000 Cameron McRae 027 7696696

Matson & Allan,

LEESTON 28 High Street

Sun 14th May, 1.45pm– 2.15pm, Character home on 1382m2 with

3 car garaging Neg Over $499,000 Stephan Knowler 027 2299522 Matson & Allan, www.marealestate.

LEESTON 63C Station Street

Sun 14th May, 3.15pm – 3.45pm, Neat as a pin 2 bed 114m2 home.

$349,000 Stephan Knowler 027 2299522 stephan@marealestate. Matson & Allan,

LEESTON 19 Mountain View Place

Sun 14th May, 2.30pm – 3pm, 4/5 bedroom home with WOW factor

on 1021m2. $535,000, Stephan Knowler 027 2299522 stephan@ Matson & Allan,

LINCOLN 9 Caulfield Crescent

Sun 13th May, 11am – 11.30am, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, Sep laundry, on

682m2 land Offers over $669,000 Ray White Rolleston www.

LINCOLN 45 Vernon Drive,

Sun 14th May, 11am - 12pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge,

682m2 section $694,000, Deadline sale, all offers presented 3pm 17

May (USP) Harcourts Rolleston –

Mary 021 557 731 – Yolanda 027 321 0569

LINCOLN 34 Sunline Avenue,

Sun 14th May 12pm -12.30pm, 4 bdrm, 3 bthrm, 3 living, 2 car gge,

760m2 section Price by negotiation

Harcourts Rolleston – Natalie 027 943 6413

PHILLIPSTOWN 1/ 10 Percy Street

Sun 14th May, 4pm – 4.30pm, 3 bed, 1 bthrm, large courtyard, single

garage Offers over $279,000, Ray White Rolleston,

PREBBLETON 695 Springs Road

Sun 14 May 2pm – 2:30pm 3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 2 Car Garage,

Section 1,391m2 Deadline sale closing 4pm, Thursday 1STJune

2017. Farmlands Real Estate Tracy Stevenson 0275439029 LN1498

PREBBLETON 4 Florin Place

Sun 14th May, 3pm – 3.30pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 3 toilets, 2 Car,

700m2 Section $790,000, Ray White Rolleston, www.rwrolleston.

PREBBLETON 16B Crown Close

Sun 14th May, 3.15pm – 3.45pm, 4 bed, study nook , 2 bthrms 2 car,

on 552m2 $697,000, Ray White Rolleston,


ROLLESTON 17 Greenstone Street

Sun 14th May, 11am – 11.30am, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, build 2013,

712m2 section Offers over $539,000 Ray White Rolleston, www.

ROLLESTON 50 Stonebrook Drive

Sun 14th May 11am – 11.30am, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car, 1257m2 section

Offers over $579,000, Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston.

ROLLESTON 47 Strauss Drive

Sun 14th May, 11.30am – 12pm, 4 bed , W/I pantry, 2 bthrms, 2 car on

600m2 section Offers over $599,000 Ray White Rolleston, www.

ROLLESTON 68 Shillingford Boulevard

Sun 14th May, 12pm – 12.30pm, 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 407m2

section Offers over $519,000, Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston.

ROLLESTON 606 Selwyn Road

Sun 14th May, 12pm -1pm, 8 bdrm home, self-contained 2 bdrm

studio, garage/workshop for 8 cars, salt water pool, entertaining

area & gazebo, 1.12ha private grounds,established shelter Price By

Negotiation LEE25832, PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Ph Wilton Atkins

027 606 0660

ROLLESTON 11 Fairhurst Place

Sun 14th May, 12pm – 12.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, sep laundry, 2

car on 2548m2 Offers over $699,000, Ray White Rolleston, www.

ROLLESTON 22 Strauss Drive

Sun 14th May, 12pm – 12.30pm, 3 Bed + Study, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car,

641m2 Section Offers over $569,000 Ray White Rolleston, www

ROLLESTON 38 Rembrandt

Sun 14th May 12pm – 12.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 living, 3 car,

750m2 section Offers over $569,000, Ray White Rolleston www.

ROLLESTON 3 Bavaria Drive

Sun 14th May, 12.15pm – 12.45pm, 5 bed, 2 bthrms sep laundry,

2 car, 947m2 section By Negotiation, Ray White Rolleston www.

ROLLESTON 10 Dunlop Crescent

Sun 14th May, 12.15pm – 12.45pm. 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car 1080m2

section Offers over $749,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 740 East Maddisons Road

Sun 14thMay 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed + 1 bed cottage, 3 bthrm, 2 car, on

1292m2 Offers over $799,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 58 & 60 Liddington Drive

Sun 14th May 1pm -1.45pm, 2 units - 2 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1 living, 1 car

gge $418,000 each, ID#RL1663/1664 Harcourts Rolleston – Mary

021 557 731 – Yolanda 027 321 0569

ROLLESTON 48 Overbury Crescent

Sun 14th May, 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, sep laundry, 3 car on

785m2 section Offers over $569,000, Ray White Rolleston www.

ROLLESTON 73B Fairfield Way

Sun 14th May, 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, on 1088m2 section

Offers over $619,000, Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston.

ROLLESTON 8 Berlini Lane

Sun 14th May, 1.15pm – 1.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, on 1027m2

section Offers over $589,000 Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 16 Bavaria Drive

Sun 14th May1.15 - 2pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 3 car gge, 1133m2

section Deadline Sale, all offers presented 12pm 23 May (USP) www., Harcourts Rolleston – Natalie 027 943


ROLLESTON 117 Walkers Road

Sun 14th May 1.30pm – 2.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm home on 2.43ha, 4

bay horse stables, truck shed, irrigated dressage arena Deadline Private

Treaty closing 1pm, Tuesday, 16 May DAR25964 PGG Wrightson

Real Estate, Ph Wilton Atkins 027 606 0660 or John Hughes 021 455


ROLLESTON 5 Duggan Close

Sun 14th May, 1.45pm – 2.15pm, Adorable affordable family living.

Neg Over $525,000 Jackie Derrick 027 6363576 Matson & Allan,

ROLLESTON 11 Salisbury Drive

Sun 14th May, 2pm - 2.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 car gge, 1116m2

section $659,000 Harcourts Rolleston

– Shona 027 229 3657

ROLLESTON 6 Bethany Road

Sun 14th May, 2pm - 2.30pm, New 4 bdrm, 1 living, 2 bath, 2 garage

turnkey package $539,000 Stephan Knowler 027 229 9522 Matson & Allan, www.marealestate.

ROLLESTON 9 Lawrence Drive

Sun 14th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car garaging with

drive through Offers over $579,000 Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 26 McCauley Street

Sun 14th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm 2 living, 2 car, 651m2

section Offers over $518,000 Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 209A Lowes Road

Sun 14th May, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 874m2 section

$649,000 Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 51 Bradbury Avenue

Sun 14th May, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, 4 bed , 2 bthrms, Sep Laundry,2 car

on 613m2 sectionOffers over $599,000 Ray White Rolleston, www.

ROLLESTON 31 Campion Place.

Sun 14th May, 2.30pm - 3pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car

$535,000Immediate possession available. Heather 021 318 260

Mike Pero Real Estate

ROLLESTON 91 Strauss Drive,

Sun 14th May, 2.30pm – 3pm, Contemporary Opulent 4 bedroom

living. Neg over $639,000 Jackie Derrick 027 6363576 jackie@

marealestate. Matson & Allan,

ROLLESTON 32 Stanford Way

Sun 14th May, 2.30pm -3pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge,

801m2 section $565, Harcourts

Rolleston – Natalie 027 943 6413

ROLLESTON 101 Shillingford Boulevard

Sun 14th May, 3pm – 3.30pm 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 727m2 section

$585,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 16 Armack Drive

Sun 14th May, 3pm - 3.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge

Deadline sale, all offers presented 4pm Thursday 18 May (USP)www.

ID#RL1657Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027 229 3657

SOUTHBRIDGE 11 Brook Street

Sun 14th May 12pm – 12.30pm 4 bedroom character lovers home

on 868m2. Neg Over $299,000 Stephan Knowler 027 229 9522 Matson & Allan, www.marealestate.

TAI TAPU 233 Hudsons Road

Sun 14th May 11am -11.30am ‘As Is Where Is’ Lifestyle 4ha, 5 bed,

3 bthrms, barn, yards, chicken coop, own well and septic system

$505,000 Incl GST, LEE25598 PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Ph Wilton

Atkins 027 606 0660

TAI TAPU 15 Riverside Lane

Sun 14th May, 1.30pm – 2pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms,sep laundry, 2 car on

701m2 Offers over $810,000 Ray White Rolleston

TAI TAPU 716 Christchurch Akaroa Road

Sun 14th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 3 bed + study 1 bthrms, 2 car on

809m2 section Offers over $537,000Ray White Rolleston www.

TAI TAPU 40 Michaels Road

Sun 14th May, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, updated 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car on

825m2 Offers over $565,000 Ray White Rolleston

TEMPLETON 17 Riwai Street

Sun 14th May, 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed, 1 bthrm, 2car, 1 bed flat on

1012m2 section Deadline Sale ,Ray White Rolleston

WEEDONS 528 Jones Road

Sun 14thMay 2pm - 2.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge,

4.1480ha Deadline Sale: all offers presented 3pm 31 May 2017 (USP) ID#RL1665 Harcourts Rolleston – Katie 021

135 0887

WEST MELTON 38 Preston Ave.

Sun 14th May, 1pm -1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car on

1141m2. $749,000 Heather 021 318 260 Mike Pero Real Estate

WEST MELTON 1/1658 West Coast Road

Sun 14th May, 1pm - 1.30pm, Handy location, 3 beds, 2 bthrm on

4.21ha, 7 tunnel houses Negotiable Plus GST (if any) DAR24725 PGG

Wrightson Real Estate, Ph Min Cookson 027 249 5417

WEST MELTON 51 Langdales Road

Sun 14th May, 1.15pm – 2pm, 4.791ha, 5 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car, Offers

over $989,000, Ray White Rolleston


WEST MELTON 9 Shepherd Ave

Sun 14th May, 2.30pm – 3pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, sep laundry, 3 car,

1408m2 section Offers over $819,000 Ray white Rolleston www.

WEST MELTON 36 Shepherd Ave

Sun 14th May, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car, 332m2 on

4235m2 section Offers over $999,000 Ray white Rolleston www.

WEST MELTON 8 Rotherham Drive

Sun 14th May, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bed, study, 3 bthrms, pool, 4 car on

4001m2 land By Negotiation Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston.

Check out The Selwyn Times Property Directory every Tuesday for the Best of property in the Selwyn District.


Four Seasons

Deadline Sale

All offers presented

18th May 2017

(unless sold prior)

16 Armack Drive


4 2 2 1 2

Location and Lifestyle!

5 minutes from Rolleston, yet a world away from the hustle and bustle. Modern

contemporary home designed for sun and tranquil views. Spacious kitchen/ dining with

two living areas. Fully fenced paddocks with orchard, pinenut grove & 2 bay barn.

View at: ID#RL1657

Shona Robb 027 229 3657

2 1 1 1 3

Rolleston Investment Opportunity -1 or 2

Exciting opportunity for the astute investor. On offer is the chance to secure one or

both of these units, each on their own separate freehold title of 277m2. Offering fixed

term tenancy of $400 per week until early 2018. Strolling distance to new South Point

complex in Faringdon.

View at: ID#RL1663

Yolanda Smith 027 321 0569 | Katie Harrison 021 135 0887

For Sale


58 & 60 Liddington



Deadline Sale

All offers presented

17th May 2017

(unless sold prior)

45 Vernon Drive


For Sale


79 Shepherd Avenue

West Melton

4 2 2 1 2 4 2 2 1 2

All the Bells and Whistles

4 car garaging - 300m2 plus home!

This stunning property in Te Whariki is currently being used as the Generation Homes

show home. It is now for sale well under the current G V of $730,000. Selling below

replacement value. All appliances are as new and the garage door will be reinstated.

Walking distance to the local shops and university. Priced at $694,000 with a deadline sale.

View at: ID#RL1661

Mary Westwood 021 557 731 | Yolanda Smith 027 321 0569

View at: ID#RL1660

Richard Tait (Tattie) 027 777 8080

Granite bench tops, butler’s p[pantry, 2 spacious living areas, 2 heat pumps and wood burner.

High spec chattels and bathrooms. This home needs to be explored to be fully appreciated.

Call now for an appointment to view.

proud to sponsor

2017 NZ Rural Ambassador Awards

Harcourts is teaming up with the NZ

Royal Agriculture Society for their

Rural Ambassador Awards. The

awards target contestants who are

actively involved in the A&P movement

and aged between 20 and 30 years.

Contestants are nominated from

their region and the winner from the

region, goes forward to compete at the

nationals and from there to represent

NZ at the Australasian championship.

The Canterbury region has put forward

four contestants, with three of those

from our local Selwyn area.

The Awards will be held on

Wednesday 17th May at 5:30pm,

If you would like to attend

please contact Ross Mitchell

(limited seats available).



your locals

Ross Mitchell

027 222 9495

Richard Tait

027 777 8080

Katie Harrison

021 135 0887

Fergus Spain

027 608 4768

Shona Robb

027 229 3657

Mary Westwood

021 557 731

Rolleston Office Shop 13, Rolleston Square 03 347 4711


Natalie McLean

027 943 6413

Yolanda Smith

027 321 0569

Eddie McLean

027 600 4007

Kaye Isaacs

027 686 6941

Caine Hopcroft

027 330 1002

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

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