11 months ago

Selwyn Times: May 09, 2017


13 Mini makeover gives living areas a lift Don’t let heading into winter give you the blues. Think of all the things you love about the cooler seasons and give your home a mini-makeover to make it the comfortable, warm and welcoming home you desire. Revamping your living and dining areas will give your lived-in spaces a fresh new feel. Unlike a renovation, a revamp (or face lift) need not involve a huge financial outlay. In fact it is an extremely budgetfriendly way of giving your rooms a new look as you can add and subtract pieces as the pay packet allows. Moving slowly over the next couple of months is an advantage. If you don’t, after all, like that bright pink cushion you had planned to build your new look around, you can change direction without having spent too much money. Another advantage of moving slowly to build your new look is the time it allows you to hunt for just the right pieces, or wait for the sales to offer you bargains. Also have a look around your home for items you could recover, paint or, with a little tweaking, find new purpose for. Start your facelift by deciding what sort of look you’re going to aim for. Browse magazines and the internet for ideas, check paint colour charts for the latest colour options. Visit furnishing stores and take note of the different display areas - how do they balance colour and texture? Then find an item you would like to build your new look around. This could be a treasure you’ve had for a while or something that you covet and have spotted in a shop. Your next step is to sit down with pencil & paper & plan. List what items can be changed and how, and what can’t. Think colour, shades and tones and complementary colours, think texture, think pattern, think outside the square. Think fabric, wood, plastic, old and new. That comfy old chair doesn’t need to be replaced. Buy some furnishing fabric and recover it (or have it recovered).What items have other family members put aside because they no longer need them but they’re ‘too good to throw out’? Once you’ve got some sort of plan mapped out you can start work on creating your new look. Spend time browsing the shops to see what is available in your chosen colour - candles, photo frames, vases, pot plant holders, wallpaper, fabric, large items and small. New Stage Now Open Home sites from 480m 2 - 705m 2 Priced from $175,000 First National Real Estate Sue Mullins Barry O’Neill 021 244 1325 021 364 422 Visit Us Onsite Cnr Birches Rd & Craig Thompson Dr, Lincoln, 7 days Noon - 4pm Progressive