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The Star: April 06, 2017

16 Thursday

16 Thursday April 6 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star Viewpoint Vision for future land use MARKING AN important step forward for Christchurch, I’ve approved the first phase of regeneration planning for the largest and most central of the city’s residential red zones. THis is first of future land use decisions for Christchurch’s Avon River Corridor red zone, and is an exciting moment in the regeneration of Christchurch as a whole. THe Crown owns more than 5400 properties in the area, and has spent over $1 billion purchasing homes on severely damaged land to allow people to move on with their lives after the earthquakes. THis is one of the most important Regeneration Plans that Regenerate Christchurch will be responsible for so it’s essential both the process and the product are robust. Regenerate Christchurch will develop a plan for the area of the residential red zone that stretches from the central city to Bexley, along the Avon River. The outline details the agency’s intent to involve the public and stakeholders throughout the process. They will also include a vision and spatial plan for the area as a whole and identify the location of long-term land uses and activities. I expect the development of the draft plan will happen this year before being finalised and released to the public early next year. A community day was recently held in the red zone, Gerry Brownlee providing an opportunity for the public to get together and talk about their overarching vision and desires for the future of the Otakaro Avon River Corridor. It’s a special place for many people and it’s important that the community is involved in its regeneration. The red zone covers a large geographical area meaning there can be a variety of future land uses. Now that demolitions are completed, land has been cleared and areas made safe, I encourage Cantabrians to explore the Avon River Corridor once again. As a city, we have a wonderful opportunity to create a lasting legacy in our corner of the world. •Gerry Brownlee is Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Readers respond to a multiagency group looking into altering the amber traffic signal by up to a second in a bid to curb the city’s red light-running problem David Marra – The ludicrous suggestion that tinkering with traffic light phases will stop obnoxious red light runners illustrates the nonsensical belief that technical fixes solve social, attitudinal and behavioural problems. Technical fixes are seductive because they avoid the fear and embarrassment over confronting good people about their bad behaviour. However unpalatable, attitudinal and behavioural change only happens when courageous people confront antisocial attitudes and behaviours. This was illustrated by the courageous and largely successful drink driving and speed campaigns. Amid the indignation and cries of dismay we have seen massive attitudinal and behavioural change. The only way to stop red light-runners is to monitor their behaviour, enforce the law vigorously and impose meaningful penalties while engaging in saturation social marketing campaigns that aims to make red light runners the social pariahs drunk drivers are today. Gavin Yates – The suggestion simply won’t work as the limit will continue to be pushed. How about increasing the green light phase to more than five seconds as it is at some controlled intersections. This increases frustration levels as the first driver is either asleep, texting or too indecisive and invariably leads to them being the only car to make it through the change. What I do is drive through the intersection, do a U-turn back into the same intersection, as do others. Not ideal is it, but frustration can lead to silly decisions. Also a lot of Christchurch intersections have right turn arrows that aren’t used leading to right turn traffic spilling across into adjacent straight ahead lanes turning a dual carriage way into a single lane road. Eggstravaganza BuffE t april 16 th 14-30 APRIL loads of school holiday fun! details aT The best thing about Easter is being with family & good friends. So get every bunny together for Easter Eggstravaganza. Savour a sumptuous family brunch with traditional delicacies alongside splendid selection of world cuisine. 11am–1pm & 2pm–4pm $59 per Adult $25 per Kids under 12 EastEr Egg Hunt for kids Bookings Essential Only one hour’s drive from ChCh Phone 03 318 6943 623 Coleridge Road Windwhistle, Canterbury Email:

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday April 6 2017 17 Don’t get me started with those who don’t understand the left/ right turn of two vehicles into a dual lane carriageway but are either too timid or half-witted to do or know so. I’d like to think the above issues aren’t news to the road designers, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Graham Alexander – Presently, I am a part-time driving coach, training to become a instructor. In my opinion since the 2010/11 earthquakes there has been a steep incline of dangerous driving through all types of intersections. And I have been more aware of the dangerous driving through red lights since I have been training students. In my opinion, changing the time delays to try and curb redlight runners will not stop this dangerous manoeuvre, or curb any other dangerous manoeuvres that occur at traffic light intersections. What I see is a lack of knowledge of the road code, lack of knowledge of the consequence’s of their actions, lack of patience and total disregard to all other road users. What is required is for those who are caught like drink driving, is to confiscate their licence and also have some remediation lessons on the road code and ethics. CASH FOR STAMPS We Buy and Sell “Old Stamps and Collectables” Call us on 0800 EXCHANGE ( 392 426 ) Or, visit our store next to Riccarton Mall. 134a Riccarton Road. Two doors down from the House of Travel. For large collections or, if you can’t travel we can come to you. Neville Howarth – Playing with the length of amber lights just goes to highlight the idiots we have put in charge of our roads. If the police had the courage – instant loss of licence for 28 days – is the only way to go. But then, I guess we need a Government that really wants to make a change and there isn’t one. I challenge NZTA/police/ Government to look at the mess they have made of the streets and the new layout of city streets in Christchurch planned by city planners, it makes me wonder if any of them actually drive. They continue to waste taxpayer money. Education of the idiots they allow to drive would get better results. The timing on traffic lights throughout the country should be the same and consistent. A lot of it comes down to talking/texting and other distractions such as GPS screens in drivers’ eyesight. It just goes to prove how idiotic the police/NZTA and others have become. 25 % off 30967 CHS Bringing people together I STARTED my political career as a member of the Spreydon Heathcote Community Board. It was there that I developed a deep and ingrained appreciation of the ability of everyday actions and people to do extraordinary things to improve the lives of people around them. So, last week I was thrilled to spend time with a group who were born out of the aftermath of the earthquakes but are still finding a way to bring people together and improve lives. On Wednesday morning my day started not in Parliament but in a church hall in Hoon Hay. I was helping out with packing fruit and veges for the South West Fruit and Vegetable Collective at their packing centre. Every week people around the city get together and bag up packs of seasonal produce that others can buy. I had a wonderful time chatting to the volunteers who all told me their stories of why they were involved. As I was bundling up the silverbeet and the carrots I was struck by where this fantastic organisation that provides affordable fruit and veges for hundreds of people across the city came from. Resene Premium Paints, Wood Stains, Primers, Sealers, Wallpaper, Decorating Accessories and Cleaning Products Come in and see us today at your local Resene ColorShop! Addington, Ferrymead, Hornby, Lichfield Street, Northwood, Rangiora, Shirley, Tower Junction 0800 RESENE (737 363) Discounts off the normal retail price of Resene premium paints, wood stains, primers, sealers, wallpaper, decorating accessories and cleaning products until 18 April 2017. Available only at Resene owned ColorShops and participating resellers. Paint offer also available at participating Mitre 10 MEGA and selected Mitre 10 stores. Valid only with cash/credit card/EFTPOS purchases. Not available in conjunction with account sales, promotional vouchers/coupons or other offers. Excludes trade, ECS, WallPrint, wall decals, Crown products and PaintWise levy. I distinctly remember, as a newbie candidate for the Wigram electorate, driving through Addington around February 25, 2011, and seeing a man taping flyers to lamp posts. I stopped and talked to him and he told me that he and a group of locals were going and helping neighbours make their homes safe and secure. I offered to help and was given some jobs. This man was Mike Peters and it was from here Addington Action was born. Once the houses were secure, Mike and the Addington community continued to think collectively and came Beautiful Teeth Meet the Owner Ryan Carlton Natural Smile HELP: Packing veges for the South West Fruit and Vegetable Collective. up with the idea of the fruit and vege collective. From the lamp posts in Dickens St, to kitchens and plates all over the city, Mike and his passion for working together have endured. Six years on and here I was helping pack what is more than just produce but a wonderful legacy of how people, neighbourhoods and communities can come together to make life better in small but hugely important ways. •Megan Woods is Labour’s Canterbury spokeswoman Free Consultation, No Obligation • Full Dentures • Dentures Repaired • Implant Assisted Dentures • Injection Moulded Flexible Partials • Relines • Mouthguards • Additions/Repairs • Purchase cleaning and care products from our website. All dentures personally designed and created to ensure a comfortable natural fit. DENTURES PLUS (2014) LTD Denture Clinic and Laboratory 396 Innes Road, St Albans. Phone 385 5517. 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