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Southern Destinations: May 09, 2017

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday May 9 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Siphon raises road safety concerns Weedons Residents Association Committee secretary and resident Gary Doyle writes about his concerns on the New Zealand Transport Agency four laning development between Weedons and Hoskyns Rds The creation of the four-laning between Weedons and Hoskyns Rds, have a normal (but not required) camber at the eastern end. The Rolleston end actually has a slight reverse camber. Due to the New Zealand Transport Agency refusing to flatten the eastern end, a very expensive siphon will have to be installed. The maintenance of this will fall back on the ratepayers. NZTA flatly declined to lower the road, quoting “safety reasons” but will not discuss the reverse camber at the Rolleston end. Discussions have been held by myself with NZTA, flatly refusing to see reason but happy to cause a very possible traffic hazard which will occur when the siphon clogs up, at which time they will simply pass the buck to the district council. I await their public explanation. On a slightly different note is the lack of action with widening both Jones and Maddisons Rds to cope with the increase in traffic, especially heavy traffic. This increase coupled with the greater usage of both roads by cyclists is also a disaster waiting to happen. CONCERN: The water race which will be siphoned on Weedons Rd. New Zealand Transport Agency principal project manager Geoff Griffiths responds The works referred to are part of the NZTA’s Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 2 project (CSM2). NZTA has been approached by Mr Doyle on a number of occasions over recent years regarding the changes to Main South Rd, (State Highway 1), in the vicinity of the proposed Weedons Rd Interchange. We have explained the design to Mr Doyle several times, the latest being on March 2 this year when I and the consultant’s design manager met with him for well over an hour. He was provided with drawings and a full explanation of the design including the reasons for the geometric design of the road at Weedons and at the Rolleston end of the project. There is nothing unusual in the design and it follows conventional guidelines and standards to ensure a safe and comfortable driving outcome. The need for the siphon at Weedons was discussed at the same meeting. Again there is nothing unusual in the use of a siphon to carry the water race under a road. It was explained that the changes to the water race network were not designed in isolation by NZTA designers but in full consultation with the Selwyn District Council. NZTA has designed any changes to the water race to meet both the district council and NZTA requirements. The district council and NZTA believe that the changes to the water race network being undertaken as part of the CSM2 project will result in a more resilient network with lower maintenance costs. An example of this increased resilience is the provision at Weedons of a dual siphon rather than a single siphon to reduce the risk of blockage and subsequent flooding. Transport Agency engineers have also presented to the Weedons Residents Association Committee on CSM2. The widening of Jones Rd and Maddisons Rd is not included in the scope of the NZTA’s CSM2 project. However, the installation of a roundabout at the Weedons Ross Rd/Jones Rd intersection and the upgrading of both the Curraghs Rd/Jones Rd and Dawsons Rd/Jones Rd intersections are included. In respect to cyclists, NZTA and the district council have worked together to include in the scope of the CSM2 project improved cycle facilities between Rolleston and Dawsons Rd, Templeton. These include off-road or parallel alternative options to Jones Rd. •More local views, p10 Gloria’s Handbag A modern magical mystery with music from The Magic Flute It is 2021 in Nelson and Gloria, aged 97, hasn’t long to live. Her son Craig is pushing her to move to a “retireville” but she wants to die in her own home. On a whim, Gloria buys an extraordinary designer handbag. This purchase sets off a series of unusual events which transform Gloria’s remaining days and enable her to send a message to the future. Written by Helen Moulder and Sue Rider (Meeting Karpovsky, Playing Miss Havisham); handbag design by Gillie Coxill; First production – Circa Theatre, Wellington (March 2014) The Laboratory is opening especially on a Monday (when normally closed) so the whole venue will be given over to the show. Doors open at 5.30pm and the performance starts at 7pm running for 80 minutes with no interval. Your ticket ensures you a seat in our theatre style seating. However, the bar will be open with a full menu available on the night, so if you would like to dine before the show, please book a table by calling 325 3006. Tickets are $20 and available over the bar or online from Eventfinda “It’s imperative to have a good handbag when you are on the way out.” Monday 15 May 7pm | Starring Helen Moulder Look forward to more great performances at ticketed events at The Laboratory throughout 2017. Check out our website for these and other great community events at The Laboratory - “Highly enjoyable entertainment” Dominion Post “There are so many goodies in Gloria’s Handbag, it’s well worth rummaging through” Theatreview “Helen Moulder as Gloria is a marvel…six characters, expert storytelling, opera singing and magic tricks, all performed by a cast of one” Keeping up with NZ.

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Tuesday May 9 2017 5 News Seminars planned to ease water tensions • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding A SERIES of seminars are planned to reduce tensions between Environment Canterbury and residents over how water issues in the Selwyn- Waihora catchment are managed. ECan’s chief scientist Tim Davie said the seminars will be held to provide residents information on the Selwyn River – the main community concerns. Tensions came to a head at the Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee meeting last Tuesday over democracy surrounding water issues and the effects of farming intensification. About 20 residents took a stand after zone committee chairman Allen Lim complained divisions between ECan were beginning to emerge following a “Talk for Water” meeting in March. Residents were at the meeting to support ECan councillor Lan Pham after she made comments at the March meeting the about the way water is managed. Cr Pham said while she did not want to comment on the letter, she supported the community. “I completely support both the community who came out in support of a democratic voice and environmental limits, and the zone committee who have worked tirelessly in their zone to make the best of a complex situation,” she said. After the meeting Mr Lim wrote a letter to ECan chairman David Bedford complaining councillors were not collaborating together. But Mr Lim said the letter was not aimed at Cr Pham. “It was about the way we work, collaborative process means everyone is getting together at the table to talk things through . . . if you have a stance where you are not willing to compromise it does not mesh with the collaborative process,” he said. In response to Mr Lim’s letter, Mr Bedford said while the evening was “unfortunate” but he had no doubt different views will be expressed by ECan councillors on occasion. At the meeting resident Mike Glover told Mr Lim he was “out of line” for complaining about Cr Pham and the zone committee is a democratic process. BACKED UP: A group of about 20 residents attended the Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee meeting to support ECan councillor Lan Pham for speaking out about how water issues are managed in the area. “We need to celebrate the fact that somebody elected is putting her hand up and saying “hey all is not well here,” he said. Key concerns raised were over the Central Plains Water scheme which could lead to intensification of agriculture and a higher nitrogen load going into Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora. Before the 1940s it was estimated Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora had about 800 tonnes reaching it per year. Mr Lim told Selwyn Times to achieve 800 tonnes farmers in the Lincoln and Rolleston townships would need to move off the land. “Eight-hundred tonnes was never going to be achievable. When people make it sound like it is achievable that kind of annoys me” he said. Mr Glover told the zone committee the nitrogen load going into the lake needs to be changed. Mr Lim said he understood Mr Glover’s concerns but a lot of work went into deciding the pollution limits for dairy farmers and this was the result. A limit has be set under Selwyn Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora plan (plan change one) for nitrogen coming from agricultural activities with dairying required to make a 30 per cent reduction. Mr Glover said he did not want to give the impression he was against dairy farming the community should not have to fork out for the mass pollution taking place. Dates and times for the seminars are yet to be confirmed. •HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think Environment Canterbury needs to do to reduce the levels of nitrate going into Te Waihora? Email your views to georgia. Say ‘I Love You’ to the ones you cherish on Mother’s Day Wow Your Mom This Mother’s Day Sunday 14th May Everyone’s mum deserves the best. Take some time to spend with your mum. Show her how much you care by delighting her with a special buffet at Terrace Downs Resort in a magnificent setting! 11am - 1pm & 2pm - 4pm $59 for Adults, $25 for Kids u12 Booking Essential Florist | Fresh & Silk Flowers Wall Art | Clocks | Gifts | Vases | Lamps Home Furnishing | Jewellery Shop 15 Rolleston Square Rolleston Phone 03 347 1068 Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm Make your Sunday extra special with our popular Sunday Buffet Come and enjoy a delicious menu of classic and International flavours, accompanied by live music. Every Sunday 12:30pm Adults $45pp, Kids u12 only $20 Only one hour’s drive from ChCh Phone 03 318 6943 623 Coleridge Road Windwhistle, Canterbury Email: