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The Star: April 13, 2017

16 Thursday

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The Star 17 Viewpoint IN THE wake of the Canterbury earthquakes, Greater Christchurch was in dire need of new homes. THe Government red-zoned more than 7000 properties on severely-damaged land to allow people to move on with their lives. THese land decisions and the widespread earthquake damage to hundreds of thousands of homes left the country’s secondbiggest city with a housing vacuum. Fast tracking the overhaul of Christchurch’s District Plan enabled the city’s regeneration to get off the ground more quickly and efficiently. Now, Greater Christchurch has double the amount of space it needs for new housing for the next decade and more than 130,000 building consents have been issued over the past five years. Selwyn and Waimakariri districts have experienced enormous growth since the quakes and opening up new land to development – both for commercial and residential use – has seen a construction boom in the region. I believe central and local Government have been HANDS UP if anyone in Christchurch who watched the Erin Brockovich movie back in 2000 ever imagined that this champion of the underdog would be in our city telling us to keep up the fight? Seventeen years ago, the silver screen story of a legal executive who took on the corporate might of Pacific Gas and Electric Company on behalf of the people of Hinkley, California, seemed about as far removed from our reality as a movie about a trip to the moon. This week it all changed with Brockovich’s visit to innovative and progressive in their thinking since the devastating quakes. Last year, the Riccarton Racecourse Development Enabling Act 2016 was passed to allow the development of Riccarton Racecourse land to go ahead. THis legislation is to Erin Brockovich: Warm, funny and genuinely concerned Christchurch. She spent time visiting the houses of people still dealing with insurance companies and EQC to settle their claims, repair their homes and move on with their lives. Her verdict on the situation was that the conditions they’re living in broke her heart. I had the pleasure of meeting Latest Christchurch news at www. Dire need for new homes Gerry Brownlee .kiwi facilitate the timely residential development of surplus land held by the Christchurch Racecourse Reserve Trust. THe Riccarton Racecourse Development Scheme will supply affordable housing to Christchurch with requirements that a minimum of 180 homes need to sell for less than the KiwiSaver HomeStart cap for Christchurch, which is currently $550,000. THe affordability clause is integral in providing people on lower incomes or first-time buyers with the opportunity to buy their own home. THe amount of available land in Christchurch is a huge advantage. It means we can focus on getting people into homes while making the region a place where people come to work and play. •Gerry Brownlee is Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration her on Monday night. She was warm and funny, and her genuine concern for the plight of people struggling to get their homes fixed and move on with their lives was obvious. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the well-funded Government and industry spin about how many houses needed repairing Readers respond to a legislation change that would allow the city council to decide whether electric vehicles could drive in special lanes such as bus lanes Ben Sandle – Stupid, just because it is electric with one person shouldn’t mean can use bus lane. Should make better public transportation. Tanya Hyde – Terrible idea. Just make it cheaper to own and run electric cars and easier to charge them. Besides most towns in New Zealand don’t have the infrastructure to support special lanes. Brian J. Dooley – It risks creating elites. Not many people can afford an electric car. This could have more profound negative issues than might be anticipated. Dave Moore – Yes, a special and how people need to be patient. Brockovich’s message, however, was less complicated. She saw money as the main reason the process has being dragged out for so long. People still living in broken homes needed answers yesterday, she said. I could not agree more. The fact that we have thousands of people who are yet to have their homes properly repaired is not acceptable. Even more unacceptable is the Government’s unwillingness to give any kind of timeframe to people about when they will Thursday April 13 2017 lane for less than one per cent of the driving population, a bus lane, and a cycle lane. No lanes for anything else. Genius. Graeme Palmer – No. The best thing the council can do is provide plenty of charging points around the city. Dean Pover – Great idea, now let’s pinch a whole lot of golf carts and get ourselves a convoy. Rory Kinahan – Yes. Anything to motivate people to buy more of them. Trevor Taylor – Hell no. They pay nothing towards the upkeep of our roads. They are just freeloaders. Give them nothing. Jason Gemmill – Absolutely not. finally have resolution. Just last week when answering questions from me in Parliament, Gerry Brownlee backed out of an earlier commitment from EQC to have re-repairs sorted by June this year. Instead, he refused to commit to any deadline. People still waiting for their repairs have been let down by the National Government which has instead chosen to spend time and resources telling people they should be patient, rather than fighting for them. •Megan Woods is Labour’s Canterbury spokeswoman