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January - March 2018 - Ichunes Ent. Magazine - FINAL


FEATURED Entertainer | iChunes Ent. Magazine In an industry where you are only as good as your last hit, Raymond Ramnarine of Dil-E-Nadan, has managed to carve out his niche, and continue a legacy built by his father, Ramnarine Moonilal. With accomplishments that include the band, Dil- E-Nadan receiving the Humming Bird Gold Medal for culture in 2015, Raymond’s many individual accolades include, being crowned the 2013 Chutney Soca Monarch, as well as being the recipient of the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award by the Chutney Brass Organization. Let’s allow Raymond to speak for himself……. Raymond Ramnarine, aka Dah Showstopper, how would you describe YOU, the performer? Humble, fun loving but dedicated to my craft. I strive to be that perfectionist! My fans are my strength. The original Dil-E-Nadan was created by your father about 30 years ago. Describe the legacy, that you and your brothers have taken on…. and how is the band different now from when it was under your father’s guidance? My Dad was one of the co-founding members of Dil-E-Nadan and his story tells it all. His sacrifices and determination to make our band be “The Band” his mantra…..”Never give up!” He wanted DEN to be one of TNT’s prized possessions, and now the band is regarded as The World’s No.1 Chutney Soca Band. During the 60’s through the 80’s the band played 90% Bollywood music. Now we’ve spread our wings and welcomed all genres. We believe music is universal, and we focus on positive and happy music. Our vision has taken us throughout the USA, Canada and Europe. “Everybody Loves Raymond” is your annual show, are you now a separate brand apart from the band….and if so, is this a sign of things to come in the future? Dil-E-Nadan is The Brand. We’ve worked years to make this brand TNT’s preferred choice. But Raymond Ramnarine is also another brand, a product of the ultimate brand Dil-E-Nadan, and wherever I go I take the Dil-E-Nadan brand with me. Fans love Raymond Ramnarine, and eventually embrace Dil-E-Nadan. It’s an exciting time for music lovers with both brands having so much to offer, and 2018 will be the start of great things to come. 12 January / March 2018

Featured Entertainer continues | iChunes Ent. Magazine Outside of Trinidad and Tobago, there is an ongoing conversation about the fusion of Soca; the same can be said of Chutney, what is its origin and how long has it been around? Chutney music has been around since our indentured laborers settled here in Trinidad. We’ve seen in history where artistes from India were inspired by our very own Sundar Popo and did versions of our own local chutney music. So the fusion had been around, but in my opinion we have to create our own identity and NOT try to be sound like other genres. We have a unique sound and culture, and we should be proud and share it with the world. Just like Latin and reggae music for example, and they both have managed to preserve their unique sound and identity. Chutney Soca music’s place is entrenched in the Caribbean diaspora, however, what do you see as Chutney Soca music’s role in the Indian diaspora, or more importantly, what do you see as its role in the future? Chutney music should be a music that can inspire and create harmony and happiness in our lives. We as Caribbean People are a fun-loving bunch, and if we use chutney to entertain but also educate, it can prove to be very infectious. Educating the younger generation through music and making our history known is a very positive move. Topics like Indian weddings, barahees (birth of newborn), Lawa and Maticoor nights, are just some of the topics we can sing about. Continues on page 14 13 January / March 2018

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