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January - March 2018 - Ichunes Ent. Magazine - FINAL


Featured Entertainer continues| iChunes Ent. Magazine In a recent interview, you stated that Chutney music had “taken a bashing” in what context were you referring to, and how do you plan to make it an international success? There are so many loopholes in chutney music that needs revisiting, and we need to improve the standard and quality. But in order to do this we must all be on the same page; our lyrics, music production and our vocal abilities are just some of the weak areas that we must pay attention to and strengthen. As artistes we can learn so much from singers like the great Bob Marley and his message. We must get away from the stigma that is attached to chutney music where RUM seems to be the topic of the day, and in my estimation, LOVE is the perfect formula. As a lover of the steelpan, do you have plans to highlight the instrument in one of your upcoming songs? We’ve done Bollywood covers with the pan in the past and have used the national instrument on many stages before. It’s our pride and joy, so yes definitely I would very soon. ~ written by Lyma Dunbar, ichunes Ent. Magazine Editor-in-chief 14 January / March 2018

OUR YOUTH….Our Future | iChunes Ent. Magazine AT the age of 8, she began helping out her mother, Sista Sharon of Island Riddim Radio at the studio….at age 11 she became a DJ, at 12 began co-hosting the show. “It helped build my conversational skills, and interaction with the public.” Now Zaria at age 19, the last of four children and the only one to attend college, is a sophomore at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University or as it’s popularly called FAMU. She shared that she “Fell in love with the family vibe,” at FAMU after a campus tour, and knew that she would learn a lot about her culture and black history. She stated that “Being in Tallahassee, isn’t too far away from home, and it helps me make my own experiences.” The Caribbean Students Association also allows her to “tap into” her Jamaican culture, and she shared “They are like my family away from home, and were the first friends I made at FAMU.” With initial thoughts of being a pediatric neurologist, she assessed that the study process would take about 18 years. So after a conversation with her pediatrician, she redirected her study plans towards that area of medicine, and armed with the initial information she needed, it led her to her choice of……FAMU. Her plans after graduation, would be to transfer to a medical school in South Florida, as it would allow her to learn the southern part of the state. With regards to what she expects from others, she stated “Continued support from my family, because I know that it will be a long hard road. I don’t want to depend on others too much, but I know I can’t do it by myself.” As for what she expects from herself, she shared “I expect to grow as a person, mature and maneuver in ways that won’t hinder me in the future.” She further stated, “I would love to stop procrastinating as much as I do now, and get more ahead of myself, instead of working with what I have now, and thereby achieve everything I have to achieve.” In sharing the importance of good study habits, she stated they are “Extremely important! In my freshman year, I just could not get studying down at all, and I recently learned how to master it, because I was struggling so hard. Now I keep all my classes balanced and I’m grateful to sit down and manage my time, instead of studying in bulk.” Zaria’s advice for other young adults still trying to figure their lives out…..“Have a mentor. They are amazing! They help you figure out what you want to do. My mentor, Ashley helps me keep my head on straight.” She further advised that they should, “Go to an HBCU, because you learn so much about the African American culture, and how other cultures have impacted us here in the United States. GOOD LUCK DR. ZARIA RODRIQUES !!!!! ~ Written by Lyma Dunbar, ichunes Ent. Magazine Editor-in-chief 15 January / March 2018

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