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January - March 2018 - Ichunes Ent. Magazine - FINAL


Mas….Carnival…| iChunes Ent. Magazine Not so much the word CARNIVAL….but it’s the SPIRIT of when the masqueraders touch the road. Celebrating 30th years of Orlando Carnival & The 4th Annual Orlando Kiddies Carnival (presented by The Trinbago Association of Central Florida) The Los Angeles Culture Festival (LACF) presented Hollywood Carnival 2017 and Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival celebrated their 13th year. (L) 2nd Annual Kiddies Carnival in Tampa Bay. (R) Miami-Broward Carnival: 2017 BAND OF THE YEAR: Big & Strong Inc. / One Island Band, “Namaste: Mind, Body, Soul” 18 January / March 2018

A WRITER’S….Opinion | iChunes Ent. Magazine THE PRESENCE OF NOW! A typical Trinidadian might say that our country is plagued by some unknown force which probably has sweet La Trinity where we are not supposed to be. But I am a twenty-seven-year-old young lady who bleeds red, white and black through my veins and I am in dire need for positive change. I yearn to live in a country…my country, where every creed and race takes full responsibility for the advancement and upliftment of our republic. At this point of our economic and social dilemma we need to be focused on solutions and not stagnant political arguments that both the leaders and citizens tend to regularly embark on. Without hesitation I would openly admit that we are afraid of change because we have become extremely comfortable saying, " Well yeah, all dem government is de same." And yes, I too have been guilty of making this remark, but I am at the critical stage in life where the need for change supersedes any negative connotation that bears no substance in facilitating this of change. Unfortunately, we the people are not yet thirsty for this change. Well, at least most of us. What we fail to realize is that it takes a single citizen to begin the change and create a movement. Believe it or not, a movement is not a political party or sitting government. A movement is me placing these words on a paper. A movement is parents setting positive examples for their children. A movement is parents ensuring respect is given from their children. A movement is citizens understanding and obeying laws. More importantly, the movement this country presently needs is citizens who are no longer self-absorbed in their own happenings of their lives. Too many of us are only interested in a matter if it impacts us or our immediate family. If we begin to see the essence of self-evaluating ourselves in terms of our work ethic, the way in which we treat those who we share this blessed land with and seek the justice that the judicial system needs to hand down to both blue-collar and white-collar criminals in a fair and impartial manner, then and only then we would start to taste progress that the republic is longing for. Some of us or I am hoping all of us, should begin to think like visionaries or respect those of us who seek to work on the growth of the country and are willing to become the new movers and shakers of the land. We can all play a part in rebuilding what can be one of the Caribbean's most progressive states. Take time to respect the nation's infrastructure, as well as its coastlines. Encourage those who represent us on various world stages and stand up to those who are bent on holding us hostage to their nefarious actions. "Trini to de bone" is not about being the land of fete and revelry, but being the land of love and respect. ~ Written by Tameeka Castillo, ichunes Ent. Magazine Contributing Writer 19 January / March 2018

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