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January - March 2018 - Ichunes Ent. Magazine - FINAL

FEATURED Women | iChunes

FEATURED Women | iChunes Ent. Magazine HARD WORK…...DETERMINATION….. Leads to SUCCESS….. JODI Lewis, Public Relations and Marketing Director of the Jodi Lewis Group, is a young business professional motivated by the goal of “Growing old, not having to depend on others, and never wanting to be above the age of 70, while depending on the system to make it.” Quite a mouthful but understandably so. This drive comes from her earlier experiences of being pregnant at a very young age while in college, and instead of dropping out she returned to her studies at the university, to graduate in 3 years. Now with two Masters under her belt, this dynamo continues to excel in business. Based in Bermuda, The Lewis Group is a full service Marketing and Public Relations company, which in addition to winning ‘The Bermuda’s Best Awards 2016, Best PR firm in Bermuda, has a stellar list of clientele and has successfully managed the following marketing programs over the past 5 years: • The Uber Soca Cruise, that featured over 60+ entertainers from around the world. • Ritz-Carlton’s Caroline Bay-America’s Cup Super Yacht. • Twinning of the Cities initiative for the City of Hamilton and Black River, Jamaica. • A national awareness campaign, which changed the national conversation concerning casino gaming in Bermuda. • Assisted the previous newly formed government in power with winning the 2012 election in Bermuda. • Organized ESTU’s 50th year anniversary featuring Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. • Lobbied the Bermuda Government to change the Human Rights Act to add the rights for those who suffer from mental illness in Bermuda. 8 January / March 2018

Featured Women continues| iChunes Ent. Magazine • Successfully managed a local Bermudian artiste's BET campaign. • Plus over 40 events in a span of 4 days for two consecutive years. As a current Board Member of the Bermuda Metal Health Foundation, whose mission it is to promote the preservation of mental health services in Bermuda, Jodi is very active in advocating for, and promoting various events and activities to highlight the plight of those with a mental health diagnosis. Wait…..there is more. She has coined a workshop entitled ‘Invest in Planning’ where she has self-published a workbook with the mission of helping students strategically plan how to achieve their goals. This 4-8 week course allows participants to attend the class with a goal and leave with a strategically planned document, similar to what she would draft for her own clientele. She articulated "If you ask someone if they have a goal, most will say yes, but if you then follow that question, with how many of you have actually taken the time to develop a plan to achieve that goal, most will say… No.” She continued on to state, “Businesses pay thousands of dollars to have professionals like myself, draft a marketing strategy that guides their business to success, so why can’t we do this in our own lives…." Jodi has also recently completed her second book that is set to be released late 2018. The book combines her years in counseling and personal experiences, as well as her unique experiences working with many different kinds of clients. Ultimately she states, “The book challenges readers to stop living distorted realities, and helps readers navigate through the ways they can embrace their reality, and change negative self-damaging behaviors.” ~ Written by Lyma Dunbar, ichunes Ent. Magazine Editor-in-chief 9 January / March 2018

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