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Be Cautious of Scammers on Hotmail Posing as IRS

Get comprehensive support and guidance to be aware of the scammers on Hotmail Posing as IRS to secure your information from stealing. Dial Hotmail password support number +1-800-853-9701 toll-free to get expert’s suggestion. Visit Us:

Be Cautious of Scammers on Hotmail Posing as

ong>Beong> ong>Cautiousong> ong>ofong> ong>Scammersong> on Hotmail Posing as IRS The IRS is a warning ong>ofong> a phishing email scam that targets the Hotmail patrons to snip their personal and financial information. The false email subject line reads “Internal Revenue Service Email No. XXXX | we’re processing your request soon | TXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX”. The email then reminds taxpayers to sign in to a fake Microsong>ofong>t page and then asks for personal and financial information. The IRS has conventional more than 1000 complaints about the scam that seemingly only targets Hotmail users. The apprehensive websites linked to the scam have been shut down, but taxpayers should be aware ong>ofong> the option ong>ofong> similar schemes. In order to have more information, connect our customer service to have Hotmail Technical Support. Tax specialists should be aware ong>ofong> phishing emails. Prong>ofong>essionals who do have data breaches should contact the IRS through their Stakeholder Liaison. Rendering to the IRS publication “Data Theft Information for Tax Prong>ofong>essionals”, tax prong>ofong>essionals should review their security methods. Here are few tips for tax prong>ofong>essionals to avoid or report data breaches: Use security song>ofong>tware on all computers and devices Continuously you need to perform deep scans to diagnose the malware or other malicious content

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