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The Star: April 27, 2017


2 PEOPLE ROGER HALL’S LAST LEGS OPENS THIS MONTH The Fortune Theatre opens its 2017 winter season with Roger Hall’s new, hit comedy Last Legs. After two sold-out seasons at Circa Theatre, the Wellington company will be collaborating with Dunedin’s Fortune Theatre to stage the South Island premiere this April/May. Roger is without a doubt one of New Zealand’s most successful and beloved playwrights, having penned the Fortune’s most successful productions ever: Four Flat Whites in Italy. This production is not to be missed! The Last Legs season coincides with the 40th anniversary of Roger’s first season at Fortune, the wildly successful Glide Time. To celebrate to Fortune is hosting a number of events including playreadings, workshops and talks – check out for more information. LAST LEGS Fortune Theatre 29 April - 27 May BOOKINGS: 03 477 8323 AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9672 Artwork: FG9672 Size: 18x4 Description: FORTUNE THEATRE Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: FG9672 NOT TO BE MISSED AT THE FORTUNE THEATRE 2017 FORTUNE THEATRE MAINSTAGE SEASON LAST LEGS 29 Apr - 27 May by Roger Hall TWELFTH NIGHT 1 Jul - 22 Jul by William Shakespeare INTO THE WOODS 5 Aug -26 Aug by Stephen Sondheim THAT BLOODY WOMAN 26 Sep- 8 Oct By Luke Di Somma & Gregory Cooper ONE PERFECT MOMENT 21 Oct - 11 Nov By Ellie Smith HUDSON & HALLS LIVE! 18 Nov - 16 Dec By Kip Chapman with Todd Emerson & Sophie Roberts 5 QUESTIONS WITH...DAVID SEYMOUR - ACT leader David is an economic conservative and a social liberal. He’s a Member of Parliament for Epsom, ACT Party Leader, and Parliamentary Undersecretary to the Ministers of Education and Regulatory Reform. He’s also a mover and shaker who got the bars to stay open for the World Cup and got government to make a couple of changes to paid parental leave. Recognized as being thoughtful, mature, and articulate, opponents would be wise not to underestimate this Undersecretary. We asked him five quick questions; You’re a bit of a builder (cars, kayaks etc). Do you have any other hidden talents? Yes, some of them very well hidden, such as my guitar playing, which I still hope will take off after 24 years. I like to cook, I make pizzas from scratch, base and all. I read that you were invited and attended a flat party in Wellington. Have you received any other interesting invitations since? Did the party-goers all know who you were? I get a few flat party invites. A while ago AWAITING COPY Ad Number: BST4607 Artwork: BST4607 Size: 18x4 Third Age Tours eST Description: THIRD AGE TOURS Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: BST4607 Small Group Tours for the over 50’s Domestic and International Great Prices! england/Wales & Yorkshire Dales 24 August - 23 September 2017 enchanting Ireland & Scotland 1 June - 26 June 2017 neW curiosities of cuba May 2017 Treasures of Turkey 11 May - 4 June 2018 captivating croatia, Slovenia montenegro & Venice 16 June - 10 July 2017 neW I was sitting at home and some students across the road invited me to their party by Facebook. They are good, because 18-24 year old voter turnout is so low, politicians need to think about how they connect with younger demographics because what we’re doing clearly isn’t working. Plus they’re fun. Who doesn’t miss the student/yo-pro years of their life? Can you tell us why you support the voluntary euthanasia bill? Three reasons. It is democratically right when 75 per cent of New Zealanders want change. It is legally right when the High Court says only Parliament can make the change. Lastly and most importantly it is morally right. We allow people to refuse treatment, refuse food and water, or to be given a little too much morphine by their doctor under the ‘double effect’ doctrine. It is not illegal to commit amateur, violent, lonely suicide, either. Sadly some New Zealanders take those options, and I think we should have another option in 2017; to choose for ourselves though a safeguarded process. When you’re not working, what does David Seymour get up to in his spare time? My homemade sports car always needs TLC, I would work on it almost permanently given the chance. I try to make sure I catch up with my close friends, my school friends at least weekly. It’s important to remember who you are. If you were asked to change profession tomorrow what would you chose to be? I’d go back to being an electrical engineer. There is something deeply rewarding about using maths and science to make a better world. Vietnam & cambodia 3 - 25 October 2017 Beautiful norfolk Island 22 - 29 October 2017 Sicily, rome & Southern Italy October 2017 1999 neW South Island Tours Glorious Autumn in Arrowtown 2018 dates TBA catlins/Stewart Island 8 - 16 February 2018 White herons, Glaciers & Alpine loop Tour 28 January - 2 February 2018 PluS oTher DeSTInATIonS! For a Free InFormATIon PAck contact Brenda Third Age Tours Ph 03 379 3799 or 03 312 7050 | Freephone: 0800 927 725 |

TRAVEL 3 cruising CUBA Montercristo cigars, Salsa dancing, beautiful beaches and don’t forget the rum! Cuba is a magical country which is truly stuck in a time warp. From the moment you set foot in Cuba, life seems brighter and more energetic. The music and dancing is everywhere – in the plazas, in the courtyards, in the bars, in the clubs, and on the street corners. There are a few international standard hotels outside the beach resort areas. Varadero, Cuba’s most popular beach resort town is dotted with the majority of these all-inclusive hotels. If relaxing on the beach or free drinks by the pool are high on your holiday priority list, you won’t be disappointed. The sun-drenched coastline, warm weather and turquoise waters are pinch yourself amazing. Those wanting a more authentic Cuban experience will find the treasure trove of fascinating architecture of old Habana the best base to explore from. The old squares are like walking back in time to the colonial era. Here you’ll find plenty of casa particulars, which are state approved private homes with licenses to rent rooms to tourists. Staying at a casa particular, is a good way to get to know Cubans and every day life in Havana. It’s the AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9667 Artwork: FG9667 Size: 9x4 Description: CANTERBURY DISTRICT HEALTH BOA Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: FG9667 AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9673 Artwork: FG9673 Size: 9x4 Description: MELROSE KIWI CONCEPT CHAIRS Account: SELF Forward PROPELLING 50 Colour: F Filename: LIGHT-WEIGHT FG9673 SELF PROPELLING WHEELCHAIRS • Pop off wheels • Removable leg-rests • 14”, 16” or 18” seat width • Weight with wheels and leg-rests removed is only 10.9kg • Folds for storage or transportation • Maximum user weight 100kg Lightweight WHEELCHAIRS PHONE 354 5616 108 Sawyers Arms Rd, Papanui, Christchurch people of Cuba that really makes a visit to the island unique. Since Cuba hasn’t been crushed with an overwhelming influx of tourism - yet, having visitors is still special for them. Don’t expect to be wowed by Cuba’s gastronomic delights. The food is relatively basic. Pork is the main protein and the most popular way you’ll see it served is in simple sandwich form. And black beans are served with everything. They’re like the gravy of Cuban food. To find the most flavoursome food, paladares, which are family owned and operated is the best option. You’ll be able to judge the quality by the number of locals lining up outside. Cuba has no multinational franchises such as McDonalds, KFC or Starbucks. You can’t buy Coca Cola and, for the great majority of travellers, this is an essential part of its charm. What the food may lack in pizzaz, the alcohol definitely makes up for. Mojitos, cuba libres, cubanitos and are plentiful. You will be wanting to stuff your suitcase with Cuban rum. There’s also no shortage of colourful 1950’s American cars cruising the streets. These cars have become a part of Cuba’s identity that visitors want to see and experience. 10% Off for SUPERGOLD card holders Conditions may apply Regardless of political changes, we can assume the cars will remain part of Cuba’s automotive workforce. From Havana in the north to Santiago in the south is a 15 hour bus ride, so if you only have a week you’ll want to spend the majority of time in Havana. From Havana you can do day trips. Matanzas (2 hrs to west) has caves and is not far from the resorts of Varadero. Vinales (3 hrs on the bus) to the west of Havana, has beautiful countryside and is the heart of Cuba’s cigar country. A visit to a cigar factory is a must. Cigars from different batches are actually blind tested by a team of ‘professional smokers’, whose sole job it is to assess qualities such as aroma, how well it burns, and how easily it draws. Now is the best time to get to Cuba. Airplanes full of tourists are landing for the first time in over 50 years, opening up a floodgate of incoming dollars. And it’s not Amricans, it’s everyone else trying to get there before them. While there are direct flights from the US, Americans still cant travel to Cuba independently, only on organised trips. But this will likely soon change and so too will Cuba. AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9668 Artwork: FG9321 Size: 9x4 Description: ACORN STAIRLIFTS Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: FG9321 AWAITING COPY Ad Number: MMA2119 Artwork: MMA1875-V2 Size: 9x4 Description: MERIVALE HEARING CLINIC Account: Ultra Forward discreet 50hearing solution Colour: Latest F technology Filename: MMA1875-V2 Ready to wear in one visit You can’t see it, but you can hear the difference! Comfortable, secure fit EASY TO USE! FREE Lend me your ears and listen for yourself* Book today, limited offer Merivale Hearing Clinic 24b Church Lane. Call now: 356 2324 things to know... Best time to go; Mid-November to March is the coolest, driest, and busiest season. May to November it’s wet and hurricane season. Take cash; It’s still largely a cash economy but they are starting to accept ATM withdrawals (for non-American card holders!) There are two currencies; The National Peso and the Convertible Peso. It’s the Convertible Peso that you need. The National Peso is mainly used for transport, restaurants and shops by locals. Food and water; Drink bottled water! Technology; You will have a hard time finding an internet cafe and don’t count on roaming on your phone. Varadero Regain the freedom of your home Simple, safe and stylish, Acorn Stairlifts give people the chance to enjoy their own homes once again. • For straight or curved staircases • Indoor and outdoor lifts • Free home assessment • Fast installation • Safe and reliable 0800 223 062 CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE BROCHURE & QUOTATION * Conditions apply. Offer valid till April 30th 2017 Greg Foote, Audiologist FREE DVD Guide to Stairlifts!