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6 LAW/ MIND ENDURING POWERS OF ATTORNEY WORDS FLEUR MCDONALD As many of you will be aware in 1988, the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act enabled you to appoint a person you trust to manage your affairs under Enduring Powers of Attorney (Enduring Power(s)). What you may not be aware of is that on 16 March 2017 changes were made to the Act and its Regulations, which effect how we make Enduring Powers and how these documents operate. • The Forms The most obvious change is how the new Enduring Powers look. From the 16 March 2017 Enduring Powers need to be made using a prescribed form. The new forms contain additional information in the hopes that Donors (the person giving the power) will have a better understanding of what Enduring Powers do and the implications of the documents for the Donor and their Attorney(s). • Witnessing Requirements on Mutual Enduring Powers Since changes made to Enduring Powers in September 2008, there has been considerable confusion and discussion over the witnessing of mutual Enduring Powers where a husband and wife are appointing each other. Changes to the Act clarify this position. Now where there is no more than a negligible risk of a conflict of interest, the same person can witness both Donors execution of the documents. Best practice and difficulties in quantifying what might constitute no more than a negligible risk may see your legal advisor choosing to require that separate people continue to witness each Donor’s signature. • Consultation Previously an Attorney acting under AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9664 Artwork: FG5448 Size: 18x4 Description: HARMANS LAWYERS Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: FG5448 Enduring Powers was required to consult with the Donor and any other person the Donor had specified in their Enduring Powers. The obligation to consult has now been extended to require an Attorney to consult with any other Attorney under the particular Enduring Power, along with any Attorney appointed under another Enduring Power. • Revoking the appointment of an Attorney The new forms allow a Donor to revoke an Attorneys appointment without revoking the entire Enduring Power so long as there is at least one other Attorney remaining. • Revocation of the Enduring Powers Enduring Powers can be revoked at any time by a Donor giving notice to the Attorney, whilst that Donor has capacity. If the new Enduring Powers state that they revoke earlier Enduring Powers, revocation of the earlier Enduring Powers may be effected by the Donor or someone other than the Donor. This includes notice being given at a later time in the event that the Donor becomes mentally incapable. Please note that if you have started new Enduring Powers prior to 16 March 2017, but you were unable to complete the documents, they will no longer be valid and must be redrafted in the new forms. If you and your Attorney(s) executed your Enduring Powers prior to 16 March 2017, the documents will continue to be valid. Enduring Powers of Attorney are very important estate planning tools and we recommend that everyone should have these valuable documents in place, regardless of age or circumstances. When making a decision regarding your Enduring Powers it is critical you seek legal advice from a team who understand how your decisions now may impact on you and your legal requirements in later years. Please call Fleur McDonald on 03 352 2293 to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation. ACROSS 1. Steps over a fence 6. Brute 11. Not bold 12. Home planet 13. Deeply engrossed 15. Hard to find 16. 401(k) alternative 17. Something to shoot for 19. Prohibit 20. Similar 23. First word of the Constitution quick crossword 24. Plant support 26. Word in a simile 28. Wild mandrake 31. Catch 33. "___ will be done" 34. Campaigned 35. Chinese dollar 37. Carnival sight 38. Offspring 40. Tranquility 41. Part of MGM 42. Birch relative AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9669 Artwork: FG8778 Size: 18x4 Description: LAMB & HAYWARD FUNERAL DIRECTO Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: FG8778 DOWN 1. Bacon bit 2. Beauty pageant wear 3. Bestow 4. On, as a lamp 5. Actor Asner 6. Exist 7. Canal locale 8. Saudi, e.g. 9. Hat material 10. "Ta-da!" 14. Fox hunting cry 17. Skirt fold 18. Track event 21. Chair part 22. Sass 25. Magazine feature 26. Deep cavity 27. Pizza topping 29. Medieval weapon 30. "Come in!" 32. Stride 36. "___ any drop to drink": Coleridge 37. Bus. card abbr. 39. Refusal 40. Dad

The Pure Food Co concept was born as a result of a terrible circumstance. Cancer of the jaw made it impossible for one of the founder’s loved ones to eat normal food. He required a radically modified diet that was safe to swallow which robbed him of the enjoyment and independence of eating. The team’s research revealed that for far too many people in a similar predicament, the eating experience consisted of consuming unappealing purées, baby food or worse still not consuming food at all. Sam and co founders Maia and George decided to do something about the situation and The Pure Food Co turned into a genuine market opportunity. The hugely successful and expanding brand, which now serves close to 25,000 meals each month is in major hospitals, aged care facilities and sold direct to peoples homes. The meals are served as individual components (meat, vegetables and carbs) which all look and taste like the regular meal, rather than combined into a single pureed dish. Category winners at the NZ Food Awards, they started with a philosophy that if they wouldn’t serve it to their grandparents or eat it themselves, they would not provide it to their customers. “In developing the wide range of foods, we looked to classics such as roast lamb, and introduced modern favourites such as Pet Pet friendly friendly around accommodation New Zealand AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9663 Artwork: FG5882 Size: 9x4 Description: PETS CAN COME TOO Account: Forwrd 50 Colour: F Filename: FG5882 AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9670 Artwork: FG6882 Size: 9x4 Description: AARON LODGE MOTOR CARAVAN PARK Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: FG6882 THE pure food co 8% of all people have some form of eating disability requiring texture modified foods. barbeque chicken. It’s a collaborative process with chefs, dietitians, textural experts (Speech Language Therapists) and food techs to developing the meals. Whilst they must have excellent nutrition, the right texture and mouthfeel, ultimately if the foods don’t look, smell and taste excellent, we have failed!” The products key focus is addressing eating disabilities and malnutrition. “Eight percent of all peoplbe have some form of eating disability requiring texture modified foods - this percentage is greatly increased in aged care where conditions such as neck and throat problems, cancer treatment and strokes all require a special textured diet. The conventional puree food or protein drink options are extremely limited and do not encourage sustainable diets.” Malnutrition is a major problem across all residents in the aged care sector. “Studies indicate that as many as 47% of people entering aged care are already malnourished and the majority of other residents have some risk indicators. Our food is the best of real foods and natural fortification to provide clinical benefits. There is increasing evidence from international studies that malnutrition has a massive impact on many other factors related to aged care i.e. weight management, falls and incidents, ward care days, cognitive condition, nursing support, well being and quality of life and this has a major impact of peoples quality of life, and the business of around New Zealand If your family includes a If your family includes a If your dog, dog, family cat, cat, bird includes bird or or other other a dog, furry furry cat, bird creature or other then furry we creature have some then some we have good some news good for news you for you Pets Can Come Too has a long list of holiday Pets Can Come Too has a a homes throughout New Zealand that will give long list of holiday homes your whole family a warm welcome throughout New Zealand that that will give your whole family a warm welcome family warm welcome Ph 04 293 2705 Ph 04 293 2705 Ph 04 293 2705 Enjoy Dunedin with us Aaron Lodge TOP 10 • Heated Swimming Pool • Pentanque Court • Playground • Barbeques • Activities Booking Service • Reading Room • TV Lounge • Spa Pool • Mini ‘Park Golf’ Course • Under 5’s Playroom • Picnic Tables • Games Tables • Internet Station • Laundry care.” As if any extra street cred was needed for the brand, Pure Food Co supporter and influencer Kaye Dennison, a leading Dietician who has experience in ageriatric nutrition, foodservice and malnutrition has recently partnered with the company. “This is a natural next step for us to involve Kaye more closely in consulting on food nutrition, reviewing our results from data with users of the food, helping us engage the wider community of clinical professionals regarding our nutritional foods.” There are many people who need better nutrition and the company want to find more ways of reaching them with their foods so they can eat well and thrive. In Christchurch the range can be found at Nurse Maude at 285 Wairakei Road, a number of careproviders and is available to purchase online. AWAITING COPY Ad Number: FG9721 Artwork: FG9721 ARTHRITIS AID AND CIRCULATION BOOSTER Size: 18x4 Description: AIRCYCLE LIMITED Account: Forward 50 Colour: F Filename: The FG9721 following are a few of the hundreds of references received: • “I’ve had my Aircycle for 7 weeks and use it regularly each evening while watching the 6 o’clock news and again for 10 minutes before bed. Often when sitting down with a cup of tea I’ll treadle for 10 minutes. I haven’t had any sign of cramp, which was so painful, for the last 7 weeks. Besides that both my ankles are back to normal and not swollen anymore!” Margaret, Rangiora • “I’ve been using my Aircycle for 2 months. I’ve had arthritis in a couple of fingers on each hand, also both wrists and shoulders. Since using, I have no more pain in my shoulders (better sleep) and my wrists have improved no end – as have my fingers.” Maurice, Hamilton • “The Aircycle is even better than the information says. The pain in my knees has gone and although I use a walker I don’t need it around the house anymore. I can move more freely and have much less pain in both my hands and feet. My feet are warmer too and now I don’t need bed socks which I’ve worn for years” Gay, Rotorua Registered with medsafe and shown by hospitals, rest homes, diabetes clinics, podiatrists and physiotherapists to be helpful for a variety of circulatory and joint problems in hands, shoulders, feet and legs, the AIRCYCLE helps strengthen muscles for improved balance and mobility. RRP $39.90. See stockists below or or 0800 14 14 15 CUISINE / EVENTS 7 IT’S ALL ABOUT brass bandS Resurgam ‘I shall rise again’ is a brass band concert being performed by the New Zealand Army Band. The concert is taking place at The Piano,156 Armagh Street, Christchurch at 4.00pm on Sunday 30 April. Door sales are available if not sold out prior to the event! The 137th NZ Brass Band Championships are also taking place in Wellington this week (19-23 April). If you can’t be there in person to support the Woolston Brass and Woolston Concert Brass live, you can watch them live streamed via quick crossword solution • “What a bargain and what a success. My wife uses it everytime she sits down. It’s so gentle on her aching feet and legs which have now greatly improved. We cannot speak too highly of the benefit she has received from the Aircycle.” Jack, Piha. Keep your joints and muscles moving gently while sitting having coffee, reading, watching TV, working at a desk or travelling by car or plane. It’s so simple and inexpensive and it works! Great Mother’s Day Gift idea! Helpful for: • Arthritis and stiff joints • Diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS & Stroke rehabilitation • Building muscle to prevent falls • Cramps and restless legs • Aching hands and feet • Swollen ankles • Deep vein thrombosis Available from pharmacies, Diabetes Christchurch, More Mobility, Aspire Christchurch or by calling 0800 14 14 15 •