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The Star: May 04, 2017

16 Thursday

16 Thursday May 4 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star Viewpoint Canterbury spirit shines THE NATION watched in shock at the events that unfolded in Canterbury in 2010 and 2011, changing the region forever. Hundreds of central city buildings needed to be demolished, regional landmarks were destroyed, thousands of homes suffered earthquake damage, the level of land damage was unprecedented and the future seemed uncertain. For more than six years I’ve held the role of overseeing the region’s earthquake recovery. Rebuilding Christchurch been an enormous undertaking for all those involved but we’ve managed to stave off the gloomy predictions about population flight, high unemployment and the collapse of the regional economy. I’ve been genuinely humbled at the strength and determination of Canterbury – homeowners, business owners, investors, developers, families and communities alike. While I’ve never been a fan of the word ‘resilient’, it does describe the spirit of our beautiful region, which I’m proud to call home. Since late 2010, I’ve worked with countless people from around the country and overseas who have all shared the same vision; that Canterbury will build back better than it was before. There’s been the odd disagreement along the way – many of them publicly documented – but that’s par for the course. Gerry Brownlee I want to thank every single person who has backed Canterbury’s recovery. Every single person who chose to stay and work in the region, every single person who chose to open a new business or build a new building and every single person who chose to study here – you are why our city is more vibrant and prosperous than ever before. Canterbury is in a strong position and I have no doubt my colleague Nicky Wagner will continue the good work that is already happening in and around the city. While my ministerial attention will now have a more global focus in the Foreign Affairs portfolio, I remain committed to the Ilam electorate as their local MP and to Christchurch as my home. •Gerry Brownlee is Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration EVENTS: An artist’s impression of the proposed stadium in the central city. We said: In his last act as Minister for supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration Gerry Brownlee said the Crown will fund a prefeasibility study on the controversial central city stadium. You said: Stephanie Hagerty – If we had a stadium with a roof like Dunedin, it can be used for so much more such as concerts. That damn thing we have now is no good for international games. The Lions tour bought lots of money here last time. This time, none. Plus none from the World Cup either. Cherry Cornelius – We don’t need this waste of ratepayer money. Just now, there are much more important things needed like decent parking at the hospital. Alan Wenmouth – The only “burden to ratepayers” will be if we delay building our new stadium any longer. Green light to go. Chris Farrier – We don’t need this – it’s a total waste of money. We already have a replacement, why do we need another. Get real and grow up. SLEEP WARM & coMfoRtAbLE Experience better sleep on a Dreamwool Pocketspring or Natural Latex mattress. Filled with luxurious layers of natural wool, you will enjoy better comfort and support with our unique Pocketspring systems and latex choices. Combine a Dreamwool mattress with a flexible slat frame for a modern look in your bedroom and experience even greater comfort, with easier bedmaking and more space. 22 Kennaway Rd • • Ph 343-5105

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday May 4 2017 17 Kim Henry – Christchurch needs a covered stadium. If you want to bring money into the city then get it built already. Mike Allfrey – Vbase was $45 million in the red at the time of February 22, 2011, earthquake. Tell me again how this white elephant will make the city council money? Stadiums don’t make money nor do convention centres. We said: Two segments of the Berlin Wall, gifted to New Zealand, arrived in Christchurch and have been put in storage until a decision on where they should go has been made. You said: Graeme Brown – Wow. There are people saying get rid of it. Learn your history. By having this piece of the wall here, people/children may ask what it was all about. If we don’t teach history we are doomed to repeat it. Sean Mortell – Personally, depending on their integrity, I’d like to see them adopted/enveloped into a new structure. Maybe bridge abutments for the new east/west footbridge going over the Avon River near the town hall. Down by the river it would be hard to tag. Lorraine Isaacs – I would not want to see something that caused so much suffering. The Kate Valley landfill would be a good place to put it. Aroha Jackson – Put it with the rest of the rubble being used to extend around our port. Des Wesley – Canterbury Museum, where they will be looked after and safe from vandalism and graffiti. Melanie Whitworth – It should be displayed somewhere very safe. Away from taggers. Andrea Haylings – Inside a building so uneducated troglodytes who think horrible parts of history should be ignored and people can’t deface them. Job not finished in city THIS WEEK, Canterbury has a new Minister responsible for overseeing the regeneration and recovery of our city. I wish Nicky Wagner well in this important role. Although it is fair to say Gerry Brownlee and I have not always seen eye to eye, I would like to acknowledge his service to Christchurch at one of the hardest points in our history, and wish him well for the new challenges as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Coming up to seven years on there is still so much to be done in our city. The anchor projects continue to be slow and messy. Timelines around completion of the convention centre and the fully completed East Frame are about as clear as mud. Instead of providing certainty to stimulate activity in the CBD, these projects are weighing down the city. My concern is that in allocating the portfolio to a Minister outside Cabinet is a sure sign that Canterbury is slipping down the list of priorities for National. We’ve seen this attitude developing for some time now but last week’s announcement is confirmation of a downgrading. The Government argues that the absence of a Minister at the decision-making Cabinet table who will fight Canterbury’s corner is no big deal. I disagree. I want to know that every time health funding, especially mental health funding, is discussed that someone is thumping the table and telling Ministers about how bad it is down here. I want someone there who will share the examples of our new entrants starting school with developmental delays and forcefully arguing for much needed additional mental health support down here. The job in Canterbury is nowhere near finished. There’s buildings, roads and infrastructure to complete but also the critical job of ensuring that our people are also recovering and regenerating. The test of leadership for the new Minister is to be a staunch advocate for us on these issues and reminding her colleagues this region is still a priority. Labour is committed seeing the job through with Canterbury. We know the job is far from done and our region will be a priority for a Labour government. •Megan Woods is Labour’s Canterbury spokeswoman SEVEN SISTERS Collectable Tableware Smart women bloom together Total Food Equipment GIFTWARE HOMEWARE COOKWARE APPLIANCES 218 Moorhouse Ave (by Durham St bridge) • Ph: 03 366 6912 • Heat Pump Specials Heat Pump Specials GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only $2,299 PRE WINTER GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only $2,299 GE50 HEAT 5.8kW Heat PUMP Pump SPECIALS from only $2,749 GE50 Phone 5.8kW now Heat for Pump prompt from only expert $2,749 FH50 6.0kW advice Heat and Pump installation from only $3,499 FH50 6.0kW Heat Pump from only $3,499 (we can install the same week) Technology Technology INCLUDES INSTALLATION. CONDITIONS APPLY. INCLUDES INSTALLATION. CONDITIONS APPLY. 379-3589 379-3589 Serving Canterbury for 33 years 196 Wordsworth Street, 196 Wordsworth Street, Christchurch Christchurch Heat Pump Installation/Repairs • Refrigeration Design, Build, Repairs Heat Pump Installation/Repairs Refrigeration Design, Build, Repairs