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The Star: May 04, 2017

22 Thursday

22 Thursday May 4 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star Seagers Gin or Ivanov Vodka 1 Litre Villa Maria Private Bin 750ml (excl Pinot Noir & Syrah) Woodstock 5% 330ml 12 Pack Bottles or Cody's 7% 250ml 12 Pack Cans Heineken 330ml 15 Pack Bottles Villa Maria Private Bin Pinot Noir or Syrah 750ml 15 .99 each Monteith's Beer 330ml 6 Pack Bottles 13 .99 pack 29 .99 each 12 .99 each 19 .99 pack 28 .99 pack Famous Grouse Whisky 1 Litre Chatelle Napoleon Brandy 1 Litre Jim Beam White Label Bourbon or Canadian Club Whisky 1 Litre Jack Daniel's No. 7 Whiskey 700ml Coruba Rum 1 Litre Jim Beam White & Cola 440ml 4 Pack Cans 34 .99 each 34 .99 each 36 .99 each 36 .99 each 37 .99 each 9 .99 pack Diesel & Cola 7% or Captain Morgan Rum & Cola 5% 330ml 6 Pack Cans Vodka Cruiser 7% 250ml 12 Pack Cans or KGB 275ml 12 Pack Bottles Long White Vodka or Mist Wood Gin 320ml 10 Pack Bottles Billy Maverick Bourbon & Cola 7% 250ml 18 Pack Cans Beck's or Oranjeboom 330ml 12 Pack Bottles Double Brown 330ml 18 Pack Cans 12 .99 pack 19 .99 pack 22 .99 pack 27 .99 pack 19 .99 pack 21 .99 pack Speight's Gold Medal Ale or Summit Lager 330ml 15 Pack Bottles DB Export Gold, Draught or Tui 330ml 24 Pack Bottles Scrumpy Cider 1.25 Litre Henry’s guide to that’s the 22 .99 pack 32 .99 pack 9 .99 each Selaks Premium Selection 750ml 9 .99 each Montana Festival Block 750ml 9 .99 each Huntaway Reserve 750ml 15 .99 each You just can’t beat a sip of your favourite tipple. From whisky to vodka and everything in between, no matter what your drink of choice, you should find it on our shelves! Collect Fly Buys or Airpoints for every $20 spent. CHRISTCHURCH: AVONHEAD • BARBADOES ST • BISHOPDALE • HOMEBASE SHIRLEY • HORNBY • MOORHOUSE AVE • PARKLANDS • ROLLESTON • TOWER JUNCTION • WOOLSTON • YALDHURST • TIMARU • RANGIORA • KAIKOURA • GREYMOUTH • QUEENSTOWN • ALEXANDRA • DUNEDIN • NELSON: RICHMOND Henry’s encourages safe & responsible use of alcohol. Shout prices run from Monday 24th April until Sunday 7th May 2017 or while stocks last.

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday May 4 2017 23 GREAT food BROUGHT TO YOU BY... Your fresh food people CHILLI LIME PINEAPPLE Ingredients BEEF MINCE NACHOS Ingredients 1 Pineapple 2 Limes, zest and juice ¼ tsp Dried chilli, chopped Directions Cut the skin off the pineapple, cut into wedges and remove the core. Rub the lime zest and chilli over the pineapple. Cook on a medium-hot barbecue, or under the grill, until golden then squeeze fresh lime juice over just before serving. BANANA PANCAKES Ingredients 3 medium Bananas 2 Eggs, separated 100g Yoghurt, plus more to serve 50g Butter, melted and cooled plus more for cooking 150 ml Milk ½ tsp Vanilla paste, or essence ½ tsp Salt 1 cup Self raising flour 50 ml Honey or maple syrup to serve Directions Mash one banana with a fork and then whisk together with the egg yolks. Mix in the yoghurt and melted butter, then add the milk and vanilla essence and whisk until smooth. Add the salt and flour and stir until just combined and a batter is formed. Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Fold into the batter half at a time trying to keep as much air as possible in the batter (if you prefer a thinner pancake you can add a little more milk). Slice the other bananas into half cm slices. Add a little butter to a medium hot non-stick frying pan and then place banana slices in groups of three for each pancake. Allow them to cook for two minutes. Pour two tablespoons of batter over each group of bananas to form a pancake and allow to cook for two to three minutes until the top has bubbles and is starting to dry out a little. Carefully flip and cook on the other side another one to two minutes. Remove, keep warm and serve in a stack with honey and natural yoghurt. 2 Tbsp Olive oil 1 Onion, finely diced 500g Beef mince 800g Whole peeled tomatoes 2 Tbsp Tomato paste ¼ tsp Chilli powder 1 packet Corn chips ½ cup Cheddar cheese ¼ cup Low-fat sour cream 1 sprig Parsley Directions Heat a saucepan, add olive oil and onion, and cook over a medium heat for five to eight minutes until softened. Add beef mince and cook for five minutes, breaking up the mince with a wooden spoon. Chop canned whole tomatoes and add to the pan. Add tomato paste and simmer for five minutes. Add chilli powder and season with salt and pepper to taste. Spoon mince mixture onto four plates and surround with corn chips. Serve topped with grated cheddar cheese, a dollop of sour cream and parsley. Bananas ....................... 1 .99 KG JAZZ Apples 1.5KG BAG . 3 .99 KG Pineapple ................... 2 .99 EACH Celery .......................... 1 .99 EACH New Season NZ Satsuma Mandarins coming soon Chicken Tenderloins 10 .99 KG Premium Beef Mince 11 .99 kg Beef Cheeks ...... 17 .99 KG All our fresh meat is 100% NZ FARMED. specials VAlid 1ST MAY - 7TH MAY 2017. ONLY AVAILABLE AT RAEWARD FRESH HAREWOOD RD, TOWER JUNCTION,& MARSHLAND RD harewood rd Mon–Fri 7.00am–6.30pm Sat–Sun 8.00am–6pm Tower junction Mon–Fri 8.00am–7.00pm Sat–Sun 8.30am–6pm MARSHLAND RD Mon–Sun 8.00am–6:00pm WWW. At we have... local FRESH produce everyday TRY A delicious SMOOTHIE .CO.NZ Tropical Citru s Smoothie 1 ora nge, peeled a nd qu a rtered 1/2 gra pefruit, peeled, qu a rtered a nd seeded 1/4 le mon, peeled, qu a rtered a nd seeded 1/2 cu p of fresh pinea pple chu nks 3/4 cu p plain gree k yogu rt Method Combine ingredients into blender. Blend together u ntil s mooth.