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1910 Saltburn Races –

1910 Saltburn Races – 25 th June Map Key 6 Small Crossley Tourer Trails Talbot 2 Seater ‘Once again on Saturday the fine stretch of firm hard sands which extends from Redcar to Saltburn on the Yorkshire coast was the scene of the annual race meeting promoted by the Yorkshire Automobile Club. Without doubt this bit of foreshore provides the finest natural racetrack in the British Isles, twice every twenty-four hours the sea comes up and puts a new surface on the track, cleansing and consolidating the sands, and leaving them as dry and firm as a concrete track.’ The Yorkshire Post Monday 27 th June Due to the tide times the event organised by Yorkshire Automobile Club commenced earlier than usual. Entries were down particularly in the amateur classes and unfortunately the largest car entered, a 135 hp Mercedes did not start due to stripping its bevel gear the previous evening. Monster cars such as the 200hp Darracq of Lee Guinness were absent, however there were 81 entries in total. All events were over a measured Kilometre. Saltburn was to become a Crossley Benefit in the coming two years, however in 1910 just one First Prize the ‘Masser Cup’ was gained in the class for Four Cylinder Touring Cars with a maximum engine dimensions of 102 by 150, Woods 20hp beat Sunbeam by three lengths.

1910 Shesley Walsh –2 nd of July Map Key 7 Louis Coatalen on his Sunbeam Car at Shelsley in 1910 “At Shesley Walsh Hill Climb two of the three events were won by Star cars, which have done so well at Brooklands. The Henry Edmunds Trophy was run against the clock, five of the finest cars of 16 horse power class being entered, all in the hands of professional drivers. These in order of merit of their respective performances were the Star, the Vauxhall, the Sunbeam, the Clement Talbot, and the Crossley, the closest running between the two firstnamed, for the Vauxhall was only one second and one-fifth slower than the Star, and it was certainly doing itself justice. Again, in the open event of the Midlands Automobile club the 12 horse-power Star came first on formula, while Mr Percy Kinder’s 20 horse-power Prince Henry type Vauxhall was second, and the 12 horse-power Vauxhall was third on points.” The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, July 16, 1910 Hubert Woods entered and drove the 12/14 hp Crossley in the open event to a time of 110.8 seconds, he also drove the 15 hp in the Henry Edmunds Trophy event without success. Hubert was never to win a prize at Shesley Walsh, it would seem the course required familiarity and practice to post a good time. On paper Joseph Higginson with the la Buire in 1912 should have beaten Holders record breaking 1908 Daimler, however like Hubert it was Higginson’s inexperience which prevented La Buire from achieving a record run.

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