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1911 1911 –

1911 1911 – Competition Success For 1911 Crossley Motors undertakes a more comprehensive schedule of events. Here is a map showing the extent of coverage during the 1911 season.

1911 Betws-y-Coed – 13 th May Map Key 2 The Reliability trial is the season opener and is well attended with 55 cars competing. As part of the Manchester Motor Club reliability trial centred in the Betws-y-Coed area a Hill Climb was included, which hill was used is not given. It is now obvious from the period publications that the press is now coming to terms with the performance of the ‘new type’ engines built by Crossley and Vauxhall. ‘The fastest car on the hill was Mr Woods Crossley, which was over 6 seconds faster than its nearest rival, although owing to its comparative light weight it was beaten on formula by two other cars. It is particularly interesting to note how the modern fast running engine of a comparatively small bore has revolutionised hill-climbing speeds. Formally the principle advantage of having large engines was that one could maintain a high-speed uphill, but a comparison of times taken by the cars in section A (over 25.6 hp) with those of the 4in bore in the two lower capacity B sections will show that the bigger cars could all have been easily passed on the hill by the smaller.’ Manchester Guardian dated the 17 th May 1911

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