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1911 Ironbridge – 13

1911 Ironbridge – 13 th May Map Key 3 Bianchi in the 15hp at Ironbridge ‘Success of Crossley Cars’ ‘After the success achieved by Crossley cars during last season in hill climbs and competitions, it will be of interest to the public to know that the success of the 20 h.p. Crossley in making fastest time in the Manchester Motor Club’s trials on the 13 of May was followed up last Saturday by a remarkable performance at the Ironbridge hill climb, organised by the Sutton Coldfield Automobile Club. In this competition, the 12-14 h.p. Crossley Car was first on formula and the 20 h.p. Crossley driven by Mr G. Hubert Woods, was second on time. The 12-14 h.p. Crossley was third on time and the 20h.p. forth on formula. The main Feature of Interest, perhaps is the fact that neither the 20 h.p. car nor the 14-12 h.p. were beaten in speed up the hill by any cars in the competition, with the exception of a 65 h.p. six-cylinder Napier, that has achieved some reputation in competitions on the track. Possibly nothing could illustrate the efficiency of the small modern speed engine more than this performance. ‘ Manchester Courier dated the 24 th May 1911 “This is yet another example of the extraordinary power that can be obtained with small-bore highspeed engines of up to date design. Evidently, they know at Gorton how to make long stroke engines that will “turn-round”. Mr Woods by the way, has a revolution counter on his dash-board that is calibrated up to 3000 revolutions per minute, and in timed hill climbing, I believe, the indicator is kept nearer this figure than the 2000 mark.” Manchester Guardian dated the 26 th May 1911 The 20hp could not quite overhaul the 65 hp Napier of C.A. Bird with more than twice the engine capacity, however it was apparent there was a new breed of sprint car pioneered by Crossley, and the monsters, such as the La Buires of Joseph Higginson and Hollindrake were now on notice.

1911 Heyden Bridge - 27 th May Map Key 4 Hubert Woods and passengers breaking the record for the ascent at Heyden Bridge Manchester Motor Club Held their first major hillclimb competition of the season between Woodhead and Holmfirth at Heyden Bridge when Wood’s 20hp again beat Higginson’s 13.6 litre La Buire to gain fastest time of the day. ‘The features of the afternoon were the splendid performances of A.J. Moorhouse in the motorcycle “twin” class and Mr G Hubert Woods on his 20hp “Crossley” car. On time, both these famous drivers made magnificent records in climbing the hill considering its heavy state and records which will require some beating. It seems almost a pity they were both debarred from an actual win on handicap, but they both had a good innings as regards prizes. It all goes to prove that merit in driving and experience tells heavily, and that the possession of a certain machine and given power is not everything. Then Manchester Motor Club officials are to be congratulated on inaugurating a system of handicapping on men’s previous performances and known capacity of machines in various driver’s hands, in addition to engine power and weight formula. Were one man to win all the time, entries would soon become sparse in any form of competition, and handicapping on men and machines previous performances is the only way of solving a problem. Anyway, the difference in the way both cars and motorcycles were handled and driven by the “cracks” as compared with novices or inexperienced - even where identical machines were concerned – was most noticeable.’ The Manchester Courier 31 st May 1911

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